Roman Trotsenko and Viktor Vekselberg will figure out for two in Omsk

Omsk Airport will be transferred outside the city, and the vacant 650 hectares of the territory will be built up with residential and commercial real estate.
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The Novaport company by billionaire Roman Trotsenko and the company Regional Airports of Renova Group Viktor Vekselberg can become investors in the project to build one of the largest Soviet long-term protracted projects - Omsk-Fedorovka Airport. The total investment of the project exceeds 27 billion rubles, the vice-premier Vitaly Mutko told Forbes in the press service.

The day before, in the Government House, the Deputy Prime Minister held a meeting at which issues of transport provision for the population of the Omsk agglomeration were discussed. The meeting participants suggested recognizing the inappropriate construction of the Omsk metro network. This object is known as one of the large-scale long-term construction. The idea of ​​building a subway in Omsk due to the long distance of the city along the Irtysh was discussed as early as the 1960s. The work started in 1992 was never completed. Construction stopped due to lack of funding and the bankruptcy of the developer NPO Mostovik. Oleg Shishov, the former owner of Mostovik, was sentenced to four years in a penal colony on tax evasion and fraud on a large scale during the construction of the oceanarium.

The region has no funds to complete construction. As a result, the meeting recognized the construction of a system of metro lines in Omsk inexpedient. Metro stations will be mothballed.

The current airport "Omsk-Central" is planned to be taken out of the city for 15 km to the territory of another large-scale Soviet long-term construction project "Omsk-Fedorovka".

The decision to build a new airport in Omsk was made in 1979 by the USSR Council of Ministers. By 1989, construction was not completed and actually stopped by 1991. Attempts to build a new airport were resumed in 1996, 2001, 2005, and 2008. The same NPO “Mostovik” was engaged in construction.

The airport within the city is inconvenient to regional authorities. “The seventh zone of the airfield area covers one third of the urban territory of Omsk, where more than 600,000 people live. In this zone, the construction of new facilities is not permitted, ”said Alexander Burkov, the governor of the Omsk Region, at a meeting.

Another reason for the transfer of the airport is the limitations of the existing infrastructure of the Omsk-Tsentralny airport to increase passenger traffic. In 2018, the airport took 1 million passengers and is already close to the limit - 1.15 million people. According to Burkov, passenger traffic may increase in two years to 1.5 million, which will already be critical for a regional airport.

Another important reason for the transfer of the airport authorities called the restriction of the city development. “When transferring the Omsk-Tsentralny airport in the city, about 650 hectares of land are vacated, where part can be used for the construction of residential and non-residential real estate,” Burkov said.

The project of reconstruction of the airport "Omsk-Fedorovka" received a positive conclusion from the Ministry of Transport. The ministry and the region plan to attract investors for the construction of airport infrastructure and the reconstruction of previously constructed facilities. In the government of the Omsk region, the total cost of the project was estimated at 27.2 billion rubles. At the same time, according to Burkov, 5.3 billion rubles for the construction of the engineering network of the airport the region is ready to allocate from the regional budget. Another 11.2 billion rubles for the construction of the runway and navigation infrastructure Omsk region asks the federal budget. Objects built with this money will become federal property. The remaining 10.7 billion rubles, according to Burkov, could be provided by investors interested in the project, including Novaport and Airports of the Regions.
Forbes sent a request to the company with a request to comment on its participation in the project. The company "Novaport" promptly failed to respond to the request.

“We previously voiced our interest in participating in the project to build a new Omsk airport,” said Evgeny Krasikov, Director for Strategic Communications at Airports of the Regions. - At the same time, we took into account the level of economic development of the region, the potential of the airport and our experience in implementing airport greenfield projects (Rostov-on-Don and Saratov). In this sense, our position has not changed - we are interested in participating in this project. But to talk about the specific investment parameters of this project is now premature: the issue of financing the airfield infrastructure must be resolved, the conditions for participation in the project are formulated, and appropriate competitive procedures are held. ”

Holding “Airports of Regions” includes Koltsovo Airport (Yekaterinburg), Kurumoch International Airport (Samara), Nizhny Novgorod International Airport (Strigino) and Platov International Airport (Rostov-on-Don), Gagarin Airport "(Saratov), ​​airport" Yelizovo "(city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky), Airport" New Urengoy "(city of New Urengoy). At the end of 2018, the total passenger traffic of all the holding’s air ports was about 15 million people, which is 14% more than a year earlier.

Novaport is Russia's largest network of regional airports in Russia, including 16 airports in cities such as Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Perm, Volgograd, Astrakhan, Mineralnye Vody, Vladikavkaz, Tomsk, Kemerovo, Chita, Ulan-Ude, Murmansk, Kaliningrad, Barnaul and Stavropol.