Rosaviatsiya suggested "Saratov Airlines" stop flying

According to the agency, the carrier's management is irresponsible to the issue of flight safety.
Rosaviatsiya proposed to the airline "Saratov Airlines" voluntarily to cease operations. This is stated in the letter of the head of the department Alexander Neradko to the general director of the carrier Alexei Vakhromeev.

"Taking into account the unprecedented, irresponsible attitude of the management of the airlines of JSC" Saratov Airlines "to the issues of flight safety, I propose to apply for the cancellation of the operator's certificate," - says the text of Neradko's letter, a copy of which was reviewed by Interfax. The representative of Rosaviatsia confirmed the authenticity of the letter to Vedomosti.

Rosaviatsia suggested that the airline's management "focus exclusively on airport activities". In 2017 Saratov Airport, owned by Saratov Airlines, received 481,503 people (data from the Federal Air Transport Agency).

The text of the letter says that on March 15 "Saratov Airlines" filed an application to Rosaviatsia signed by Vakhromeev to remove restrictions on the validity of the operator's certificate. "Analysis of the filed application for the removal of restrictions ... shows a formal approach and indicates an inadequate state of the organization and lack of control by management," the document says.

The list of aviation personnel in the application of "Saratov Airlines" indicates the crew members who died in February of this year in a plane crash, as well as "An-148-100V aircraft with registration number RA-61704, lost in a disaster," the letter says. Further consideration of the carrier's application is not possible, concluded Neradko.

Earlier Rosaviatsiya ordered the airlines to eliminate the violations revealed during the unscheduled audit by the end of April. The head of Rostransnadzor Viktor Basargin said in March that a number of instructions have been prepared for the carrier. He claimed that the control over the safety of flights in "Saratov Airlines" was inadequate. The airline then denied this information. On Monday evening, the airline did not answer the call of the correspondent of Vedomosti.

February 11 in the Ramenskoye suburbs area crashed An-148 aircraft. On its board were 65 passengers and six crew members. On the fact of the incident, a criminal case was instituted under Part 3 of Art. 263 of the Criminal Code (violation of the rules of traffic safety and the operation of air transport, which caused the death of two or more persons by negligence).