Rosbank vice president's plea bargain did not convince prosecutors

The prosecutor's office did not approve the indictment against the former Vice President of Rosbank Tamara Polyanitsyna on assistance in commercial bribery, and returned the case for further investigation.
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The biggest defeat suffered investigators on the case of corruption in Rosbank, which are accused by ex-Chairman of the Board Vladimir Golubkov and his subordinate, former vice president Tamara Polyanitsyna. She made a deal with the investigation and was the first to go on trial, but prosecutors declined to approve its indictment. Case Polyanitsynoy returned the investigation, which is now to unite it with the core business. March 26 Presnensky district court in Moscow also refused a request to limit the investigation to Golubkov timeline study the case.

Back in September 2013, all the major investigations in the case of Tamara Polyanitsynoy been completed. Former senior vice president of Rosbank was charged under Art. 33 and 204 of the Criminal Code ( "aiding and abetting commercial bribery"), for which she faces up to 12 years in prison and a fine up to 50 times the size of the bribe. Investigators believed that she was an active participant in the history of extorting money from businessmen Tatyana and Andrey Kovalev.

At the TFR was enough evidence against her, so she nervogo days cooperated with the investigation, pleaded guilty and testified against his boss. Polyanitsynoy matter isolated from the ground. For help investigators she could expect a more lenient punishment - not exceeding two-thirds of the maximum term of art. 204 of the Criminal Code.

Special investigators calculation made on the principle of prejudice: if Polyanitsyna received a court conviction, it would mean virtually guaranteed and the guilt of the Golubkov.

Polyanitsynu were condemned before the end of 2013, however, investigators, prosecutors plan to change. They refused to approve her indictment and returned the case back. The formal reason for failure is not yet known. Now, the TFR would reunite her case with the basic.

In mid-December 2013 the investigation filed GOLUBKOV final charge for hours. 3, art. 204 of the Criminal Code. All investigations fit in 17 volumes. Then GOLUBKOV started to get acquainted with the materials, and the investigators were hoping that they already send the criminal case to the court in January 2014. However, these plans were not realized until now.

According to TFR, Guoubkov and his lawyers too slowly read the case file, so the investigators went to court to limit them in the timeline. Golubkov lawyers rejected the investigators claim.

- Restrictions want to enter into a situation where it has no objective reasons - all quietly read the case file. For example, I looked nine volumes. In fact, all these restrictions have nothing to do with who and how to read. The investigator is trying to meet the procedural deadlines, which he appointed superiors, so hurry - he told "Izvestia" lawyer Timothy Gridnev.

Presnensky District Court of Moscow, considered the request to limit the investigation Golubkov and his defenders on terms of familiarization with the case until April 7 rejected it.

Vladimir Golubkov was arrested May 15, 2013 in Moscow. According to investigators, the head of Rosbank learned that one of the bank's borrowers - the metropolitan LLC "Prestige Auto 1" (specializing in real estate transactions) - in talks on restructuring its debt to the bank. CEO of the company was then a thiefYana Kovalyova and deputy among its former spouse Andrey Kovalev. Businessmen want to extend the maturity of the loan, which they took in Rosbank in November 2007, as well as to reduce the interest rate. According to investigators, GOLUBKOV through Polyanitsynu businessmen promised to soften the terms of the loan, but it is requested for a major pullback.

Initially Golubkov was placed under house arrest. However, in August 2013 Presnensky court changed the measure of restraint for him by sending in jail. The reason for this was the request of the investigator, who believes that GOLUBKOV not comply with the terms of house arrest: communicated to the driver and unknown people broke the rules of the road. All known investigators property of ex-banker, currently under arrest.