Roscosmos swells on management staff

A corporation that suffers permanent failures will have several more highly paid top managers.
In the "Roskosmos" completed the formation of the management team. As it became known to “Kommersant”, in the near future, the state corporation will replace the vacancies of the chief financial officer and deputy director of the development of launch vehicles. The first post will be occupied by the deputy head of Sberbank Capital, Dmitry Belenov, the second - by the deputy head of the Vympel MAC, Alexander Lopatin. The final organizational structure of Roscosmos is planned to be approved at a meeting of the supervisory board. It is scheduled for October 26th.

The fact that two new top-managers will appear in Roskosmos, “Kommersant” was told by several industry sources and confirmed by the interlocutor in the state corporation. According to them, Alexander Lopatin, deputy head of the Vympel (engaged in the development and creation of rocket and space defense systems), will become Dmitry Rogozin's deputy in terms of homing, and Dmitry Sberbank, deputy general director, will take the position of chief financial officer. Officially, the "Roskosmos" this information is not commented. These two appointments should complete the staff reshuffle block in the Roscosmos leadership.

Previously it was planned that launch vehicles (launch vehicles and booster blocks) would be managed by and. about. First Deputy Mr. Rogozin Nikolai Sevastyanov. However, according to Vedomosti, he did not work with the staff of Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov (he heads the supervisory board of Roscosmos). He also did not find a common language with other deputies Dmitry Rogozin, a top manager at one of the enterprises states: “Therefore, he was sent to an independent area of ​​work - to the Central Scientific Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering (TSNIIMash.-“ Kommersant ”)”. After that, the search began for a new person in the field of launch vehicles. Alexander Lopatin for the industry is his. From 1974 to 2009 he served in the army, at Baikonur, he went from a group engineer to the deputy head of the cosmodrome for scientific and testing work.

In 2004–2005, he was Deputy Head of the Mozhaisky Aerospace Academy (St. Petersburg). After he served as deputy commander of the space forces for weapons. In 2009–2011, he worked as deputy director general for flight tests of manned complexes at TsNIIMash, and in 2011–2013 he worked as deputy head of the Federal Space Agency (first Anatoly Perminov, then Vladimir Popovkin). It is said that after the resonant crash of “Proton” with three GLONASS satellites in 2013, Mr. Lopatin, who was in charge of rocket science, immediately filed a resignation report, de facto taking the blame. He left the agency only after Mr. Popovkin’s dismissal: with Oleg Ostapenko who replaced him, Mr. Lopatin could not work. Subsequently, he was employed at the Vympel IAC, where until the last moment he worked as a deputy. The manager of one of the enterprises of the military-industrial complex says that there was talk about his return a long time ago: “He was going to return.”

According to Kommersant sources, the positive role of Dmitry Belenov from several structures played a key role in choosing a new financial director. He is characterized not only as a strong manager and financier, but also as a person who can find a common language with the First Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. A source in Kommersant in Sberbank said that the main task of Dmitry Belenov was “to build a transparent accounting and reporting system for subsidiaries and their financing, to restructure problem loans”. “His experience in communicating with the heads of large corporations helped him successfully solve the most difficult financial issues,” the source said. In the “Sberbank Capital” refrained from official comments.

According to "Kommersant", these are one of the last personnel appointments in the management of "Roskosmos". Officially, the deputies of Mr. Rogozin will be approved at a meeting of the state corporation's Supervisory Board, which is scheduled for October 26.