Rosgazfiction on a large scale

The ex-head of Rosgazifikatsiya is charged with attempting to cheat in the amount of $ 2.5 billion.
As the "Kommersant", the Central Investigation Office (CSO) of the capital cupola MIA completed basic investigative actions in the criminal case against the former General Director of JSC "Rosgazifikatsiya" 57-year-old Valentina Gmina Izbicko. He was charged with attempted theft by fraud and with the help of foreign partners of the property in the amount of $ 2.5 billion. The protection of the accused claims that he prevented the damage to the state.

Investigators GUS GU MVD in Moscow presented Valentina Gmina Izbicko accusation in the final version of an offense under Part. 3 tbsp. And 30 h. 4 Art. 159 (attempt to fraud committed by a group of persons by prior agreement on a large scale) of the Criminal Code. He is charged with attempted embezzlement of "Rosgazifikatsiya", which he led from 2002 to 2012. The amount of damage that could cause the former general director of JSC, is, according to investigators estimated that $ 2.5 billion, or 64 billion rubles. CB 2007 to the course. It is expected that in the coming days will be officially announced the completion of the preliminary investigation, after which the victims - representedItel "Rosgazifikatsiya" and protection Valentine Gmina Izbicko - will get acquainted with the case materials. At the same time from the already virtually finished work will be allocated in separate manufacture materials for possible accomplices of Mr Gmina Izbicko - foreign partners "Rosgazifikatsiya".

Gmina Izbicko Mr. GUEBiPK was detained by the Interior Ministry in November last year, and c of the Tver district court sanctions put in jail, "Sailor's Silence", where he is now. At the time of his arrest, he has not served as CEO of "Rosgazifikatsiya". At the time, Valentin Gmina Izbicko was a career officer of the Foreign Intelligence Service, resigned from in 1996. Then he became vice-president of the company "Transneft", where he worked until 2002, when he moved to "Rosgazifikatsiya".

Claims relating to the investigation is the latest company, a controlling stake in which belongs to the state "Rosneftegas", and its management is 1% of the shares of "Gazprom". According to the original version of the investigation, in 2005-2008 Valentin Gmina Izbicko, "with the intent, napsystematic way to commit fraud, conspired with unknown persons from the staff of foreign companies, "the purpose of which was" the removal and treatment of fraudulently 1% of shares of "Gazprom" worth more than $ 2.5 billion, held by JSC "Rosgazifikatsiya" in its favor and the benefit of third parties. "

According to the plot of the case, in 2007, "Rosgazifikatsiya" entered into agreements with foreign companies and RNK Capital Cor Carbon Group, which were to modernize the gas transportation system in 12 regions of the country to reduce harmful emissions under the Kyoto Protocol. Under the terms of the contracts the responsibility to investors "Rosgazifikatsiya" guarantee of their property, including shares of "Gazprom".

As considered in GUEBiPK, foreign investors have listed the Russian partners of the funds, but due to the fact that the projects were not implemented, there were conditions for the possible disposal of shares of "Gazprom" in "Rosgazifikatsiya". "The actions of the former head of" Rosgazifikatsiya "to conclude safeguards could cause damage predpryatiyu in the amount of 100% of the then assets, as investors in the future have the right to sue for compensation are not income received by them ", - stated the representatives of the Ministry of Interior, Submitting to the investigators.

Foreign investors invested by 2008 in the case of the order of $ 100 million, really started to sue "Rosgazifikatsiya" at the London international arbitration court and won the case, having seized by about $ 125 million in fines and penalties. But the defendant has made through the Moscow guarantee contracts recognize the arbitration court as invalid, refusing to RNK Capital eventually Cor Carbon Group in the performance of arbitral awards.

However, Valentin Gmina Izbicko was charged. Over the nine months of the investigation to incriminate him attempt of theft registered shares of "Gazprom". However, the final version of the charges we are talking about this property "Rosgazifikatsiya" in the amount of 64 billion rubles. generally. In addition, the investigation has clarified why Mr. Gmina Izbicko not brought his criminal intent to end. It turned out that he was prevented from stealing implement decisions of arbitration courts.

According to the lawyer in theLentini Gmina Izbicko Vyacheslav Novozhilov, his client categorically does not recognize his guilt, saying that the projects with foreign partners have not been implemented because of their "frozen by order of the structures of" Gazprom "."

"In fact, nothing new, confirming the guilt of my client, the investigation has not mined," - said "Kommersant" defender. Innocence is Mr. Gmina Izbicko, according to the defense, it proves that it was he who initiated the arbitration procedure for recognition of contracts with foreign investors invalid. And besides, according to defense, it simply was not possible to organize the theft of shares in state companies. In the most "Rosgazifikatsiya" comment yesterday abstained.

What is "Rosgazifikatsiya"

Company profile

JSC "Rosgazifikatsiya" was created in accordance with the presidential decree of 8 December 1992 to manage the state shares of gas distribution organizations (GDO). Is the successor established in 1948 on gasification of the RSFSR cities main control (Glavgaz). "Rosgazifikatsiya" nObtain the jurisdiction of 65 and 8 of the federal state unitary enterprises, created by the transformation of state-owned enterprises of gas distribution - gorgazes, and regional gas mezhraygazov involved in gasification and operation of gas facilities.

The largest shareholder of "Rosgazifikatsiya" is a state-owned company "Rosneftegas", which owns 74.55% of the shares. The rest of the paper are distributed among private shareholders. In November 2010, the government approved the sale of "Gazprom" 72 GRO owned "Rosneftegas". The relevant transaction cost 25.9 billion rubles. It was signed in April of 2013. Total revenue "Rosgazifikatsiya" in 2013 amounted to 1.4 billion rubles, net profit -. 1.08 billion rubles.