Rosgeology and VEB spoil Lake Baikal

How the state corporation received and distributed the funds of the national project “Ecology”.
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The authorities decided to change the waste disposal contractor at Baikal. For two years, the state corporation Rosgeology unsuccessfully engaged in the project, reassigning the work entrusted to it to the company of the notorious Ruslan Gorring and the structure of VEB Igor Shuvalov. But the work did not start - the national project “Ecology” of Vladimir Putin was in jeopardy.

Take money, transfer time

Rosgeologia wants to remove the state corporation from cleaning Baikal from industrial waste from the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill for disrupting the deadlines, the Governor of the Irkutsk Region Sergey Levchenko reported.

Rosgeo was appointed executor of the Baikal pollution control contract in 2017. In the same year, the first tranche was transferred - 287 million rubles. In 2019, the state corporation was to receive another 1 billion 786 million. The rest of the contract was intended for 2020-2021. But two years after the signing of the contract for 5.9 billion rubles, the corporation failed to advance in cleaning up Baikal.

Rosgeologia was supposed to neutralize the hazardous industrial waste accumulated during the work of the BPPM - more than 6 million tons of hazardous substances. For about 50 years, the plant's waste was dumped into special storage cards - the lakes, which received the names of the Solzansky and Babkhinsky landfills.

The problem is that, according to scientists, in the area where the polygons were arranged, mudflows occur periodically, due to which waste that is hazardous to nature can get into Baikal. The territory of Baikal is characterized by high seismicity.

They should be aware of:
- Russian President Vladimir Putin
- Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev
- Head of the Ministry of Environment Dmitry Kobylkin
- Head of the Accounts Chamber Alexey Kudrin

Rosgeology has repeatedly asked the customer - the government of the Irkutsk region - to postpone the deadlines for the work under the pretext of finalizing the project documentation that was acquired from VEB's subsidiary VEB-Engineering. The latter was removed from cleaning up Baikal after its waste disposal method was considered inappropriate.

Contract carousel

A year after the start of the “work” on the contract, Rosgeology commissioned its predecessor to “bring to mind” the project purchased from it. VEB's daughter was supposed to offer a new way to clean the BPPM waste. In September 2018, Rosgeologia concluded a contract with it for the amount of 195 million rubles, of which 58 million rubles were transferred immediately, as an advance.

However, the contractor also found it necessary to use assistants, and a month later he reassigned the task to an unknown contractor, paying 80.5 million rubles (government purchase dated October 10, 2018). Data on the contractor in the procurement are not given.

The decision to transfer the work on the project to the structure of VEB in Rosgeologia was taken by Ruslan Gorring, who was the first deputy director of the corporation at that time. In any case, his name is listed in the contract with VEB-Engineering. On the part of VEB’s daughter, the document was signed by CEO Oleg Kalugin.

The same Gorring was also responsible for the practical part of the project - the company RG-Ecology, which is controlled by it, Rosgeologia transferred most of the work on cleaning Baikal worth 3 billion 480 million rubles.

Rosgeologia also transferred part of the work to its subsidiary, JSC Tula State Oil and Gas Research Institute, and signed a contract with it to “revise the project” to eliminate the BPPM waste in the amount of 26.9 million rubles.

After his dismissal from Rosgeology, Gorring came under criminal prosecution. FSB officers arrested him in March at Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport. The fact is that until 2011, Gorring bore the name of Ganizhev and in the same 2011 he became a defendant in a case of a bribe of 5 million rubles. The future top manager of the state corporation was detained for extortion, gave confessions during interrogation, but after he was released on bail, he disappeared and was put on a wanted list. In his native Ingushetia, Ganizhev received new documents and became Gorring.

The former deputy head of Rosprirodnadzor, Oleg Mitvol, in a conversation with PASMI, said that Rosgeology initially planned only to get money, not understanding how to clean Baikal.

The government of the Russian Federation developed the BPPM cleaning program back in 2012. 4.2 billion rubles were allocated for this purpose. Most of the money allocated to save Baikal is 2.7 billion rubles, according to the Accounts Chamber, in 2016 it returned to the federal budget, with the exception of 131 million rubles spent by VEB-Engineering for the preparation of project documentation. In 2017–2018, another 1.3 billion rubles were allocated to the budget of the Irkutsk Region to clean up Baikal. What happened to this money is not clear.