Rosgosstrakh could not shake off 1.6 billion rubles from Yevgeny Giner

The insurer wanted to challenge the transactions concluded under the former co-owner of Rosgosstrakh Danil Khachaturov.
On Friday, the Moscow Arbitration Court rejected Capital Reinsurance, a company owned by Rosgosstrakh, in a lawsuit against Capital Life, RGS Life (renamed Capital Life Life Insurance) and RGS Med-Invest, transferred TASS (more Quotes on the agency). The plaintiff tried to challenge the transactions made before the change of ownership of "Rosgosstrakh".

In 2016, the co-owner of Rosgosstrakh, Danil Khachaturov, agreed to exchange the company for a stake in Otkritie FC, but never received it. In August 2017, the Central Bank took “Otkritie FC” to reorganize into its Banking Sector Consolidation Fund (FCSM), along with it was Rosgosstrakh.

The representative of the plaintiff said on Friday that the amount of the claim amounts to 1.6 billion rubles, and “all the defendants represent one person - Mr. Khachaturov Danil”.

"Capital reinsurance" filed a lawsuit against companies on August 14, follows from the court file. The subject of the dispute is not cited there, and the cash and settlement center of the Central Bank's headquarters in the Sakhalin Region is involved as third parties.

As the representative of Rosgosstrakh explained to Vedomosti, before the company passed under the control of Otkritie FC, the Insurer's subsidiary's subsidiary, Capital Re, made deals that were sent to withdraw property and cash from the company. Among such transactions are the transfer of shares in the medical company Medis in favor of the RGS Med-Invest, the purchase of bonds from the RGS Life bankrupt RGS Real Estate, and the purchase of Eurobonds of Otkrytie FC from Capital Life. He believes that the transactions resulted in losses for Capital Re.

“The listed transactions are interrelated and constitute a single transaction. Kapital Re declared claims for invalidation of the transaction, application of the consequences of invalidity in the form of returning shares in Medis, as well as cash in the amount of 540.19 million rubles paid for securities, ”the representative of Rosgosstrakh explains the subject of the claim .

But the court refused to satisfy the claims. Within a month, the claimant may appeal the decision to the Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal. A representative of Rosgosstrakh said that the company would appeal the court’s decision.

A spokesman for Capital Life stated that Rosgosstrakh’s claims on the company were not authorized, which was once again confirmed by this court decision. The representative of FC Otkritie says that the bank is not satisfied with the decision of the court and will support colleagues from Rosgosstrakh in their actions to protect the interests of the company.