Rosgosstrakh demanded from Danil Khachaturov to return the company "Medis"

Khachaturov withdrew this company from the structure of Rosgosstrakh shortly before the deal to sell it to FC Opening.
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The subsidiary structure of PJSC Rosgosstrakh, CJSC Capital Re, filed an action with the Moscow Arbitration Court to invalidate the agreement on the transfer of 100% of OOO Medis to the authorized capital of RGS Med Invest, which remained among the assets of the former principal owner of Rosgosstrakh »Danila Khachaturova. In parallel, the plaintiff expects to invalidate the contracts with Medis, which specializes in industrial medicine, for a total of more than 1.6 billion rubles.

The conflict is connected with the change of shareholders in Rosgosstrakh, which in August 2017, from the submission of its main owner, Danil Khachaturov, came under the control of FC Otkritie Bank. It was soon reorganized, so all assets were in the consolidation fund of the banking sector of the Central Bank. The new management of "Otkrytiye" conducted an audit and started work on the return of assets, it is wrong, in his opinion, alienated Khachaturov on the eve of the deal.

The head of the "Discovery" Mikhail Zadornov then said that the company "from top to bottom reigned theft." Moreover, a criminal case was opened on the embezzlement, on which the brother of Danil Khachaturov, Sergei, the former vice-president of Rosgosstrakh, was arrested.

Those involved in this conflict were medical assets owned or close to Rosgosstrakh of the times of Danil Khachaturov. In his portfolio, for example, remained LLC RGS-Medicine "- an appreciable operator in the market of compulsory medical insurance. Now Rosgosstrakh disputes the transfer of this company rights to the trademark.

OOO Medis is the largest specialized company in the market of industrial medicine. According to SPARK-Interfax, in 2017 its revenue exceeded 1.3 billion rubles. The company has 125 health centers and 15 outpatient clinics, acting as an outsourcer of the largest enterprises like Lukoil.

According to Rosgosstrakh, on the eve of the deal with the "Discovery" 100% of Medis transferred to the charter capital of RGS Med Invest, the parent company of which is the Cyprus RGS Holdings Limited, previously RBC called it related to Khachaturov. This agreement in Rosgosstrakh is planned to be declared invalid and to return the company to its disposal.

With a suit on August 14, CJSC "Capital Re" applied, Vademecum was informed by Rosgosstrakh. In parallel, the company filed another claim - to LLC RGS Med Invest, LLC IC RGS-Life, LLC Capital-Life - on the invalidation of a number of contracts of these structures with OOO Medis for a total of 1.6 billion rubles. "Together, the agreements form a major deal for ZAO" Capital Re ", but the decision to properly approve the interconnected large transaction was not taken in accordance with the law," insisted Rosgosstrakh.

CJSC "Capital Re" demands the return of 100% of shares in Medis LLC, and also collects 480.96 million rubles from LLC "IC" RGS-Life ", with Kapital-Life - 59.2 million rubles. In the file of arbitration, both claims have not yet been registered.

Earlier, the court granted the claims of another "daughter" of Rosgosstrakh, ZAO Capital Reinsurance, to Dauru Jenia, former director of Medis LLC, to recover 827.6 million rubles. The plaintiff and the court evaluated the losses caused by the company because 100% of Medis LLC was transferred to the charter capital of the NGO RGS Med Invest.