Rosgosstrakh will force the RCS Life change its name

The company does not want the former "daughter" to be associated with it. Rosgosstrakh is concerned that there are two unrelated companies with similar names on the market.
The new management of Rosgosstrakh intends to obtain from Rosgosstrakh Life (RGS Life), so that she stops working under the trademark Rosgosstrakh, a man who knows about this from a Rosgosstrakh employee told Vedomosti.

"CSG Life" was not included in the deal with the bank "FC Otkrytie" and unlike Rosgosstrakh did not get into the Fund for the consolidation of the banking sector of the Central Bank. Danil Khachaturov, who previously controlled both insurance companies, sold the "CSG life" to his friend Alkhaz Sanguliya before the deal with FC Otkritie. The companies have different owners, but they continued to work under the same trademark - Rosgosstrakh.

Rosgosstrakh is concerned that two unrelated companies with similar names operate on the market, this misleads customers, says Rosgosstrakh representative: the trademark belongs to the insurance company, the insurer uses the brand in other fields. The same position was expressed also by the representative of the shareholder - the bank "FC Otkritie".

The representative of Rosgosstrakh believes that the issue of the work of two different companies with a similar name bothers the Central Bank, but his representative left Vedomosti's request unanswered.

 "CSG Life" uses the trademark on the basis of the current license agreement, said the representative of the life insurer, and refused to answer questions on substance. The license for the use of the trademark for seven years, "RGS Life" received from Rosgosstrakh on August 3, 2017, ie, a few weeks before its owner became the Central Bank, which took "FC Opening" for refurbishment, should from open registries of Rospatent. The trademark went to the "CSW of life" on non-market terms, a person close to FC Otkritie knows, and a person close to Rosgosstrakh. The representative of "CSG life" does not comment on this.

The license agreement, as a rule, can not be unilaterally terminated: most often - by agreement of the parties, unless there was a gross violation of the terms of the contract, explains the partner of the law firm "Andrey Gorodissky and partners" Elena Gorodisskaya.

"Rosgosstrakh" can create an insurer of life, the representative of the company said in February: this segment of the insurance market is interesting - it is growing rapidly (+ 53.7% over 2017, 331.5 billion rubles collected - bonuses given by the Central Bank).

If now Rosgosstrakh will register another company "RGS life", then it will not be possible to use such a name, Gorodisskaya believes: the priority right to this is the brand name of the "CSG life", it was registered earlier than the trademark in 2004, and the commodity sign in 2010

"Rosgosstrakh" in February, sold customers policies "RGS life", but now does not cooperate with this company, said a representative of Rosgosstrakh. They stopped selling the policies of RGS Life and the banks of FC Otkritie: RGS Bank, Otkrytiye Bank, Binbank (its Central Bank was going to be attached to FC Otkritie). Representatives of banks and Rosgosstrakh do not say why they stopped selling the policies of the "CSW of life". And her representative said that the partner banks are operating with the listed banks, and the company does not comment on the operational activities of these banks.