Roshvardiya was offended by Obid Yasinov

Honored builder of Russia tried to throw Victor Zolotov's department into 400 apartments for the siloviki.
The defendant was Obid Yasinov, co-owner and head of ZAO Mosstroymehanizatsiya-5 (MSM-5), one of the oldest Moscow construction companies. According to the investigation, because of the frauds of Mr. Yasinov, Rosgvardia employees did not receive about 400 apartments. The builder did not recognize the blame, and the court did not send him to the SIZO at the investigators' petition, confining himself to house arrest.

Last Tuesday, 65-year-old honored builder of the Russian Federation Obid Yasinov was summoned for questioning to the investigative department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This happened in the framework of the investigation of the criminal case under Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud in a particularly large amount). Speech in it, according to Kommersant, that the organization headed by Mr. Yasinov did not fulfill the conditions for the construction and commissioning of the residential complex "Leonovskiy Park" in the Zheleznodorozhny suburb near Moscow, which is now part of Balashikha.

After questioning, Obid Yasinov was told that he was detained as a suspect. He spent the night on Wednesday in a temporary detention facility on Petrovka, 38. On May 16, the investigator appealed to the Tverskoi District Court of Moscow with a motion to arrest Mr. Yasinov. The arguments were given standard - it may disappear, put pressure on witnesses or otherwise impede the proceedings. The defense of the suspect objected to the strictest measure of restraint. As a result Obid Yasinov was sent under house arrest. "The court has sorted out the situation, and this is only the first step to victory," lawyer Yasinov Ruslan Golenkov told Kommersant. "Now we are going to challenge the validity of the criminal case itself. In our opinion, there is no criminal component in this matter - there is only a civil-law dispute. " The lawyer Golenkov refrained from discussing the details of the crime charged to Obid Yasinov.

According to Kommersant's information, this criminal case was initiated in March 2018 on the application of First Deputy Director of Rosgvardia Sergey Chenchik. The siloviki were co-investors in the construction of the "Leonovskiy Park" housing estate, where they were to receive about 1 thousand apartments. However, in 2016, when the term of the contract expired, the builders were due to the Russian guards about 400 apartments. The resulting damage is still estimated at 167 million rubles. True, it is not a question of possible theft of funds, but of the use of low-quality or cheaper materials in the construction process than is recorded in the contract. In Rosgvardia, Kommersant announced yesterday that while the investigation of this criminal case is underway, the department will not comment on the situation.

Let us note that the construction of the LCD "Leonovskiy Park" began in 2003. In addition to several residential buildings, schools, a kindergarten, a sports and health complex were planned on its territory, shops, a beauty salon, a bank branch and a medical center were to appear on the first floors of the houses. Co-investors of the project were the notorious "Social Initiative" and the Social Protection Fund "Veteran". After the "Social Initiative" went bankrupt, and its leader Nikolai Karasev sat down for ten years, the large-scale construction was frozen. Then it was transferred to ZAO Mosstroymehanizatsiya-5, but it did not manage to complete the project either. In the fall of 2014, the head of the Moscow construction complex, Marat Khusnullin, for the first time mentioned problems with the company's performance of contractual obligations to the city. And in the spring of 2015, the Moscow Arbitration Court received the first application for recognizing ZAO Mosstroymehanizatsiya-5 bankrupt. However, from the claims of OJSC Mosenergosbyt to 32.3 million rubles. builders managed to fight back. However, this was followed by similar statements from several dozen private and public organizations, the consideration of which is still ongoing in arbitration. At the same time, as the source of Kommersant, who is familiar with the activities of ZAO Mosstroymehanizatsiya-5, notes, the company is still continuing to build facilities, including the Leonovsky Park. "Monthly, the company transfers to the shareholders 40-50 apartments, and the last building there is ready for 98%," - said the source "Kommersant."

CJSC "Mosstroymehanizatsiya-5" is considered one of the oldest construction companies in Moscow. It was formed on the basis of the trust of the same name, which has been operating since 1967. MSM-5 was one of the major contractors of the Ministry of Defense, for which the company built housing for the military in Podolsk and facilities for the Vostochny cosmodrome, and the Moscow City Administration, for which apartments were built in Kuntsevo and Izmaylovo, and peat bogs in the Moscow suburbs were flooded. In 2013, the company's order book was estimated at 25 billion rubles. Now there is no information on new projects on the MSM-5 website. The company's report for the fourth quarter indicates that Obid Yasinov is the main shareholder of MSM-5, which controls 62.3% stake in the structure. Another 17.8% from Tatyana Chalykh, 11% - from Vladimir Khusainov.