Roskomnadzor began cleanup of websites with erotic services

A number of online catalogs of prostitutes may be closed by the court for the dissemination of personal data, as the agency received dozens of complaints.
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Roskomnadzor filed in Russian courts a number of claims about the blocking of websites promoting sex services. Office beginning of the judicial campaign resources closure of violating the law on personal data - this area is the responsibility of Roskomnadzor.

The struggle with the marketing of prostitution on the Internet as a general rule deals with prosecutors - but as "News" told the Roskomnadzor, the Office received dozens of complaints from Russian models. Offended girl participated in photo shoots spicy in the hope of a career in the beauty industry, but then found themselves in a completely different industry, stating that he had never engaged in prostitution. And on sites with photographs frequently featured their real names, but all of this is obviously used to attract customer audience. A spokesman for Roskomnadzor Vadim Ampelonsky stressed that in the digital age need to be as careful when distributing your personal information, images and contacts, so as not to be in this situation.

In particular, in Krasnogvardeyskiy District Court of St. Petersburg Roskomnadzor demands to close website sexa **. net (hereinafter addresses are partially hidden at the request of Roskomnadzor). Location is currently in the page-sex salon with a single phone for the order. . Domain sexa ** net is registered to a certain resident of St. Petersburg Natalia Ivanova - she is a defendant in the case. Roskomnadzor also requires a court to close two other similar site -.. Spbsexy ***** ru and kurort ***** ru, but at the moment they are switched off. The ministry said that, nevertheless, will bring business to these resources to the end, because there have been instances when the portals, such as to remove the disputed information, the wrong personal data appeared again; while the actions filed in time for such worst offenders.

The Tagansky District Court of Moscow Roskomnadzor demands to close the online catalog of explicit photos of models and stars of Russia and Ukraine -. Shock ***** info and his two "mirror". Here the photos are accompanied by banners with prostitutes sites, and for a fee the owners promise contact data models. The Roskomnadzor noted that some of the complaints to sex sites were anonymous, some formalized.

The erotic salon commentin the abandoned. Lily, an administrator product catalog, on the question of placing the personal data of others without permission, outlined the "Izvestia" his version of events.

- There is just the opposite: rather powerful lobby traffickers today took over our resources, because we are the only in RuNet, who provided a list of elite prostitutes and pornomodeley and accordingly imposed a shadow on their employers. When you publish links to photos of the open source and just konstatiruesh name, this is not the use of personal data, it's just a different analytical processing of information flows in the network, - said the representative of a resource. - And it is unlikely the matter is that we are competing with the pimps of these girls. Just escort agencies are not interested at all in the publication of its individual workers in RuNet, they are often engaged in prostitution and pornography in Europe and are not interested in any popularity at home.

The leader of the unregistered association of sex workers Russia Irina Maslova in the conversation with "Izvestia" stressed that conflicts with photosE "vneshtatnits" are fairly common and can not be said that they have recently increased. By Maslova address such problems at least once a month. She noted that part of the complaint may be the former site of female employees for sex salons to their employers. As for the photographs sources, it is particularly highlighted the social network. The interviewee recalled when the photographer in salons sent the former boyfriend of a girl who was in no way connected with the sex industry. Much more association of sex workers worried about video raids by police and reporters, who then without any legal basis was spread videos and personal information of prostitutes.

Intimacy portals usually drawn either with the protection of information on domain owners, or on the nominees - in Roskomnadzor expect that nobody from the representatives of the defendants in the process does not appear. The ministry said that a few months ago, began to sue over closure resources that violate the laws of privacy: initiated 70 processes currently closed 12 sites - mostly floordatabase.

First department experts are trying to contact the representatives of the portals through feedback forms and contacts indicated in the whois-services, then expelled "letter for assistance to stop the activities of the portals' hosting providers. But, for example, a resource shock ***** server info is in Belize, owned by server hosting company KoDDos: on the company's website states contact the Hong Kong legal entity allegedly Esecurity SA, but the Hong Kong register of legal entities of such company does not have - the following projects are in Panama. offshore. It is known that KoDDos prefer to use online financial pyramids.

As explained by the lawyer of the Association of Internet users Sarkis Darbinyan, Roskomnadzor without a court can make in a single register of banned sites and resources close to child pornography, extremist and comments (the media), as well as information on children affected by the crime. At the request of other departments Roskomnadzor introduced blacklisted sites with drug propaganda (Federal Drug Control Service), suicide (Rospotrebnadzor), extremist (prosecutor's office). staffs data in these lists are not included - require a court decision. Darbinyan noted that if the defendants in such cases would risk to appear in court, it is perhaps their only chance to win - to prove that the victims gave written consent to the use of personal data (written consent is required by law).

With this summer's judicial blocking sites with advertising erotic services took Safer Internet League - with the help of the prosecutor's office. The organization said that today its cooperation with the Prosecutor General's Office is as follows: League sends to the prosecutor information about Internet sites that contain advertisements for sex services, and the prosecutor's office on his behalf initiates investigation of these sites.

- We sent the Prosecutor's Office the materials of our investigation (they contain content analysis of the 96 heavily visited sites Runet with sex-service advertising) with the request to take action prosecutorial response to recognition refers to them information gap and to make these sites the registry banned, - told the press -service bezop Leagueasnogo Internet. - As a result, currently blocked by the third site from the list of LBI. Claims submitted by regional offices of the prosecutor's office.