Roskosmos again kicked out of the presidential administration

Assistant Vladimir Putin Andrei Belousov criticized the "Roskosmos" for lagging behind the Ilona Mask.
Assistant to the President of Russia Andrei Belousov criticized Roskosmos for the late launch of the satellite Internet access system and cited the example of American competitor - SpaceX Ilona Mask. This, according to "RIA Novosti", Belousov said at the conference "Roskosmos".

Earlier, the holding "Russian Space Systems" (RCC) presented the project of the new Russian satellite system of global communications "Ether". The system will consist of 288 satellites with an orbit height of 870 km. Expand "Ether" structure of "Roskosmos" plans by 2025.

Belousov supported the project, calling it "some kind of analogue of what Mask does." "I can only say that it's too late, unfortunately," complained the presidential aide. He stressed that the project, prepared by 2025, can count only on a "penny share in the market". "Those figures that you brought, they are impressive against the background of zero, but against the background of the market that will be by 2022-2025, this is very small," Belousov criticized.

The new satellite system will provide, among other things, "Internet of things" for monitoring transport and unmanned vehicles, the RCC press service reported. The project is primarily interested in extractive and energy companies, utilities, agriculture, transport, e-commerce, medicine, education and entertainment, the press release said.

Evgeny Nesterov, the Director General for Strategic Development and Innovation of the RCC, noted that the project, designed to compete with the Mask development, will require about 300 billion rubles. "We will work out the detailed estimate in the next four months. The project will be implemented in broad cooperation with attraction of extrabudgetary funds, "he added.

SpaceX launched the first satellites as part of the "global Internet" Starlink project in February. According to Ilona Mask's idea, the gradually formed satellite constellation should provide quick access to the broadband communication network for almost the whole population of the Earth. In total, by 2024 SpaceX plans to have 4,400 Microsat satellites of traditional Ka- and Ku-bands and 7,500 V-band satellites in low orbits. Approximate cost of the project Mask - $ 10 billion. Similar projects interested Google, the Japanese SoftBank and Richard Branson, who supports the European OneWeb.

In December 2017, Belousov criticized Roskosmos for not making a profit on commercial services. The presidential aide declared that the organization has been living off the budget since Soviet times. The official also reminded that 220,000 people work at Roskosmos enterprises, 20% of which are "not the most stupid people" at the age of less than 30 years. "And this huge mass of people can not earn money. Is this normal? "Belousov wondered.