Roskosmos to create its own insurance broker

The new entity will take care of all the security issues of enterprises of rocket and space industry.
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The state corporation "Roscosmos" create your own security center. This was at the conference "The aviation and space insurance," said advisor to the general director for the organization of insurance Valentine Rakitin.

- Today, the conclusion of contracts of insurance enterprises of space-rocket industry taken control of state corporation, - she says. - We check all contracts entered into by companies, and collect information about the already concluded. In the future we plan to create a center of competence in the corporation on insurance. professional team will be recruited insurers, which have long been working with industry. The accumulation of all businesses needs insurance will achieve economies of scale.

According to Valentina Rakitin current amount of insurance "Roskosmos" - 3.8 billion rubles.

- The state corporations there are different approaches to security of centralization today. The most successful model is the creation of insurance department as a separate legal entity - an insurance broker,- She explains. - That is a professional participant of the insurance market, with a license from the chart of accounts and reporting to the Central Bank. We will not reinvent the wheel, and is likely to go down that road. As it has already passed the "Rosatom" and "Rostec". The effectiveness of this model can be considered proven.

The competence insurance "Roscosmos" units will all aspects of security, including assistance to companies for losses Regulation, giving insurers more information on space programs, etc.

- Centralization of security processes started "Roskosmos" in December 2015. Most of the industry now, guided FZ-223 and the scope of its provisions on procurement, insurance contracts are often given to a single vendor, - says Valentina Rakitin. - This is not a competitive procedure. And we plan to introduce compulsory competitive procurement procedure. At the same time we decided to abandon the old practices of the gross insurance - all starts a year in advance. To insure we will continue to try all the launches, but kady separately.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Finance in the process of harmonization of the draft document entitled "Space Risk Insurance Concept" (he agrees departments more than a year) insisted that compulsory insurance for the state account all starts within the PCF does not encourage risk reduction and improving the reliability of equipment. If you look at the statistics of failures in the past year, experts from the Ministry of Finance are right: increase reliability of equipment is not observed, rather the opposite, beating records on the accident. Five confirmed cosmic accidents per year, of which four have become uninsurable ( "Proton" with Mexican companion, "Progress" and two failed in orbit foreign satellites of Russian production - EgyptSat 2 and AMOS 5) - This is a record for our space industry.

Last year, the alliance SOGAZ and "Ingosstrakh" for 3 billion rubles has insured all the starting program "Roscosmos". The sum insured by the contract amounted to 33.1 billion rubles. This year it was decided to insure launches separately, all starts, "Roskosmos & raquo; yet it is not able to insure. Among other things, this is due to the period of the reorganization of the Federal Space Agency of the state corporation "Roscosmos". The space agency has already been eliminated, and the corporation while not functioning - its terms of reference have not yet defined, besides the Ministry of Finance does not give "Roskosmos" to dispose of the budget allocated to space activities.

- "Roskosmos" is going to bring order to the insurance, and this commitment is welcome, - said Vice President of "Ingosstrakh" Alexander Podchufarov. - However, the effectiveness of measures too early to say - everything will be clear in a few months after registration of the new structure. How will it work in terms of information, in legal system. We need to understand what function the broker will take and how it will implement them.