Rosnano head Chubais's income exceeded 1 bln rubles in 2015

As Forbes found out, head of Rosnano Management Company, Anatoly Chubais, earned an income of more than 1 billion rubles in 2015. This is, as a minimum, 5 times bigger than his annual income for the previous 5 years. 
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Last time the head "Rosnano" publicly disclose their income in 2014, when declare 207 million rubles, including 13.6 million rubles received for the main place of work.

Since 2015 Chubais is not obliged to disclose information about their income in controlling state-owned assets due to changes in legislation and the transition to the Management Company "RUSNANO" JSC "Rosnano". Last year, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has changed the procedure for the disclosure of income heads of state-owned companies. Required to do so publicly and leaders of state-owned corporations, is 100% owned by the state. However, the management company "Rosnano" belongs to the state only 99%, an additional 1% Chubais.

Without these changes, Chubais still could be considered the head of state corporation with the largest income. As a result of declaration of 2015, following the Chubais - the chapter "Rostec" Sergei Chemezov, who earned 168 million rubles (his wife - 117 million rubles). In third place - the head of "Rosatom" Sergey Kirienko with an annual income of 134 million rubles.

Income at the main place of work is not the main source of income Chubais. Almost everything he earns, "Rosnano", he spends on charity. According to the website of the state corporation, in 2010-2014 he received for his work 102 million rubles, of which 81 million rubles donated to good causes.

According to Forbes, in 2015 the main income Chubais brought securities transactions. More than 1 billion rubles he received from the sale of property FTRA "Advanced Company", closed at the end of 2015. Other shareholders of the Fund have been his friend and co-founder of Boris Mints, as well as belonging to "Telecom-Soyuz" last pension fund. "At the close of FTRA income distributed to shareholders, which I declare and pay the tax to them all," - Chubais said.