Rosneft and gas: Igor Sechin creates a competitor to Gazprom

Rosneft may create a gas subsidiary, Rosneft gaz.
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As found Forbes, the "Rosneft", you may receive the gas "Daughter" - "Rosneft gas." Headed by its most likely of "Gazprom" a former top manager.

Gas Business "Rosneft" can be separated into an independent subsidiary, told Forbes two people familiar with the details of the process. According to them, the new "daughter" can get the name of "Rosneft gas" and its head should be Vlada Rusakova - Vice-President of "Rosneft", head of the department of development of the gas business. Prior to joining the oil company in April 2013. Rusakov worked for many years in "Gazprom", and was a board member of the monopoly since 2003.

"Rosneft" representative declined to comment on the question of the allocation of the gas business in the subsidiary. But a source close to the company, explains: "The idea of ​​allocation of separate areas into independent businesses discussed in the company." While the president of the company Igor Sechin, the idea of ​​"actively considering, though it is really a lot of lobbying" gas business, Forbes says one of the interlocutors.

Oil and gas business have a number of significant differences, said consulting partner WhiteWaters Paul Achikyan: different engineering solutions, investment costs, financing costs, return on investment, taxes, consumer base, transportation system and a number of significant business processes. "In other words - gas assets have their own specific set of risks. In this connection, the division of cash flows from different directions Celes Businessbrazno, first of all, in terms of risk management, as well as the optimization of economic performance, governance, management and controlling ", - he says.

Highlight areas of economic activities into separate companies - a common practice for major oil and gas business. "At the same time, as a rule, in such a structure is created for corporate control system by the parent company. At least - clear rules of major decisions, the presence of the management of the parent company in the subsidiary's management bodies ", - said Achikyan.

"The gas business - independent and require their own budgets. This trend needs to be more independent and shall not affect the entire business of the oil company ", - said the managing director of consulting company RPI Vladimir Bobylev. According to him, financing in this version management more flexible, it is useful for the development direction. That is why many companies gas business there on their own.

"For example, in the TNK-BP's gas business management was vnutWhen the company, but the assets are separate legal entities, and their possession was organized through offshore companies. This allowed the assets exist separately and attributed them to the category of perspective. Operations with them did not affect the financial performance and results of the entire company - says Bobylev. Simultaneous could attract funding for specific projects aiming. In addition, the preservation of assets of a little "aloof" in the event of a conflict with "Gazprom", allowing them easier to sell or trade. "

Isolation of gas business may mean that "Rosneft" is preparing for the abolition of the monopoly of Gazprom's gas export pipeline, the director of East European Gas Analysis Mikhail Korchemkin. According to experts, the abolition of the monopoly "Gazprom" - a variant of circumvention of the "Third Energy Package". For example, gas is "Rosneft" will be able to complete the second half of the power OPAL (tap "Nord Stream"). "By the way, filling the OPAL - the fastest and cheapest way to reduce transit through Ukraine", - reminds Korchemkin.