Rosneft has threatened Kommersant with trial for an article about retaliatory sanctions

Rosneft has denied the information published in Kommersant newspaper that the state-owned company had prepared proposals for retaliatory sanctions, and announced that it intends to defend its business reputation, including in court. The statement was posted on the company's website on Wednesday, October 29.
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The statement noted that the state company "very surprised" by the appearance of the publication in the newspaper and sees it as "an attempt to provoke a new round of Western sanctions against Russia's business." "Rosneft", "encouraged and calls for the abandonment of political sanctions broadcast on the corporate level," the statement said.

"The publication of this kind of" suggestions "is detrimental not only to the company and its shareholders, but also in the whole of the Russian economy", - summed up in the company.

For information "Kommersant" also denied the president's press secretary Dmitry Peskov. "This is absolutely not true, this is information that allegedly" Rosneft "has prepared some proposals antisanktsionnogo character" - quoted Peskov TASS.

Statements Peskov and "Rosneft" were made approximately 30 minutes after the news in the film "Interfax" for subscribers, it was reported that the presidential aide Andrei Belousov confirmed the receipt of proposals for an anti-sanctions from the "Psnefti ". Belousov noted that the oil company offers are "in the process of learning." "I would say that the radicalism of the proposal is higher than the sharpness of the current situation", - said the assistant head of state.
In addition, the presence of the proposals also confirmed the Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev. "It is very complex document, slozhnosochinenny. I do not think that is the basis for making any decisions ", - quotes its" Interfax ".

assistant to the president's words said on the radio station Business FM vice president and press secretary of "Rosneft" Mikhail Leontiev. "The company does not know what Belousov said. It is, so to speak, is on the conscience of the Belousov. I do not know how it is said and why. It is unknown to us ", - said Leontiev. He also stressed that "Rosneft" is not prepared and is not going to prepare any retaliatory sanctions.

The newspaper "Kommersant" for October 29, published an article with the headline "" Rosneft "rebelled against the West." The publication, citing several sources to write,that the state oil company has sent to President Vladimir Putin multipage list of proposals for action in response to sanctions imposed by the United States against Russia and the European Union. From the words of publication sources indicated that "Rosneft", in particular, proposes to transfer gas deliveries to the EU at full advance payment and to freeze the construction of the gas pipeline project "South Stream", in which "Gazprom" plans to supply gas to Europe, bypassing Ukraine. In addition, "Rosneft" has proposed to ban export of Russian oil and gas equipment, delivered to the imposition of sanctions - that is, essentially expropriating equipment from Western companies, said one of the sources. One of the interlocutors of the newspaper said that the prepared "Rosneft" list was sent to Vladimir Putin, then got on the table Andrei Belousov, and now analyzes in line ministries.