"Rosneft": the battle for the Far East?

The shipbuilding market sees the continued confrontation between the two Russian state corporations, "Rosneft" and the United Shipbuilding Corporation. 
New scandal in this corporate war broke out after the "Rosneft" has decided to take control of almost all enterprises of the Far USC units, reported correspondent The Moscow Post by independent experts.

Rosneft "derbanit" USC?

It seems that the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) may lose not only the "super shipyard" under the name "Star", but also a number of other shipyards and shipyards in the Far East. these assets are, in turn, wants to get a consortium of "Rosneft" and Gazprombank (GBO).

And now, other than purely profit oil "Rosneft" is rumored to be targeting the state defense order. After all, work in the framework of the state defense order (SDO), according to media reports, the Far Eastern shipyards, as well as participate in the defense of federal target programs (FTP), and so can provide additional revenue to the consortium. Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting on August 30 shipbuilding estimated volume of orders for offshore up to 2030 6.5 trillion rubles.

And in 2012 the amount of work vypoUnited USC companies in the Far East amounted to about 10 billion rubles.

Of course, it's a lot of money for "Rosneft". However, a right to work in the field of defense procurement has the right oil company, when it was created for USC? !!

As raiding "the interests of the motherland" cover?

Meanwhile, the media are already known to those assets that "snip off" a consortium led by "Rosneft". Thus, the consortium will get control of the newly built "Star", as well as the North-East Repair Center (SVRTS) in the Kamchatka region and the 30th Shipyard in Primorye

As a "bonus" state company "Rosneft" can get their hands almost all other businesses of the Far Eastern Center of Shipbuilding and Ship Repair (FECSR) USC. They are mostly engaged in military orders. In this case it is the center of ship repair "Dalzavod" and 92 th shipyard in Vladivostok and a military factory "Star" in the closed city of Bolshoi Kamen, on the basis of the same name which is based civil "super shipyard."

But that's not all! After all, "Rosneft & raquo; can "chop off" the Amur and Khabarovsk shipyards.

But whether the state will not lose by giving Far Eastern shipbuilding in the hands of oil companies, which are not really obviously Shipbuilding engineer? But this scheme will allow "Rosneft" organize "subcontracting scheme", to attract third-party management companies and artists. Recall that this scheme is particularly good for "cut"!

By the way, perhaps, it is the "saw cut" and other personal interests Sechin called the seizure of assets of USC. And for the Protection of Homeland oboronosobnosti also out of the question here!

However, experts have no doubt that now, "Rosneft" will take control and civil shipbuilding. Moreover, the head of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin said that soon to work on the development of the shelf company will need 500 units of marine equipment.

For what "left" Dyachkova?

Thus, it is clear why "Rosneft" wants "razderbanit" USC. After Sechin just needed ships for the transportation of oil and the development of the shelves! And it seems that the IMEcontinuously for that Sechin and "shifted" the former head of the USC Andrew Dyachkova. It is no coincidence then, "Rosneft" and gradually began to select assets from USC.

In this sense, it is indicative of the attack on the "Star". Recall that the August 19, 2013, Dmitry Rogozin during a visit to the plant located in Primorye "Star" unexpectedly criticized the progress of construction, and laid the blame on the United Shipbuilding Corporation.

"It became clear that the delay in the construction of the plant is 14 months. Today was basically raised the issue, we discussed it with leading customers - Gazprom and "Rosneft". It became clear that the tension that has arisen in a situation with USC, has reached its climax. In the spring it became clear that nothing happens here. The government sent some photo reports, almost a photomontage. I had to ask for release from the office of President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation Mr. Dyachkova. Tolerate that stood for months without the production of the factory, has degraded so great, in fact,project, just no way, "- said Dmitry Rogozin.

However, it was to blame for the head of USC Diachkov ?! Yes, the construction schedule was broken, but it was broken because of problems with financing. After USC worked with borrowed funds, and banks were taken to 9 billion rub., Then the project is estimated at 111 billion rubles.

But it seems that if Diachkov not find money for the "stars", that Sechin with its lobbying capabilities can easily find any amount! That alliance with Gazprombank (GBO) helped.

Information raiding.

Recently, due to the resumption of the criminal case against the founder of "Vkontakte" Pavel Durov has information online that a deal to sell 48% stake in "Vkontakte" fund United Capital Partners (UCP) was in charge of former deputy prime minister, the head of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin.

The UCP has repeatedly denied the rumors about the political motives of the transaction. It is known that Igor Sechin is familiar with managing partner Ilya Scherbovich UCP, which is included in "Rosneft" board of directors.

In April, UCP has bought shares in the co-founders of "Vkontakte" Lion Levieand and Vyacheslav Mirilashvili. The transaction amount was not disclosed, but is rumored to be about $ 2.2 billion. According to media reports, Pavel Durov did not know before about her appeared in the press.

Immediately after that, there is information about the "raider seizure" network "Vkontakte" people Igor Sechin on the Internet!

Sechin acts by proxy?

However, it seems that Sechin regularly uses its close to "questionable dealings"!

For example, journalists reported that Sechin was involved in buying shares on the stock exchange of large Russian (including oil transport) corporations. The scandal took place in January 2012. As it became known from sources close to the investigation, whereas the ultimate beneficiary of operations for buying securities on the stock exchange was a man Ilya Scherbovich - the former head of ZAO "United Financial Group", and now - the owner of United Capital Partners. In this case, the competent authorities found, buying shares on the stock exchange, he carried out on the personal instructions of Igor Sechin.

So it seems that Sechin and Scherbovich able to make serious cash on the stock exchangesevyh fraud!

Land Sechin.

It is obvious that, due to the active "raider practice," Sechin wealth seriously increased! Moreover, he even found himself a large landowner on the ruble!

As it became known to journalists, not so long ago acquired Sechin rather big piece of land 4 ha in one of the most prestigious areas - Rublevo Assumption highway, not far from the notorious store Dreamhouse. area cost $ 100 million. That is quite a lot, even for ordinary inhabitants Rublevki.

This is not the only area of ​​expensive land, owned by the current head of "Rosneft" - in his possession for a long time is a little over polugektara in Serebryany Bor (this, in particular, has "Kommersant" wrote that managed to get acquainted with the land owners registry in this prestigious area ). The miser is the declaration of income and assets, which publishes the government and the presidential administration, Igor Sechin in possession of the results of last year were listed land size of 1.5 thousand sq. M (0.15 ha) and a modest car Subaru Legacy (1.15 mln. as standard) .In 2010. this list was impressive, but Igor last year divorced his wife and left her home in the 1.4 thousand. sq.m, garage and other land to the same 1.5 thousand sq. m.

With all due respect to Mr Sechin, there is an involuntary question - where did the official with the declared official annual income of 3-4 million rubles. taken such expensive property? For the salary of Deputy Prime Minister was impossible to get at least that got in return !!!

Thus, inadvertently pose the question: "Does not cost money Igor bought all this wealth? !!"

And now, when some government agencies actually "raid" state corporations, controlled by Sechin, inadvertently pose the question - as to whom works Sechin? At the State or of himself? !!

It seems that in this matter it is high time to understand the prosecutor's office ...

Sechin in "maelstrom of corporate raiding."

Note that Sechin has repeatedly criticized the fact that it uses the powers for their own benefit. Moreover, opponents of Sechin, as wouldwas shown above, are often the victim of corporate raiding. To understand this it suffices to recall the fate of former Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodarkovsky whose oil assets too smoothly "spilled over" in sechenskuyu "Rosneft"! Although the oil market is replete with examples and other "victims" Igor Sechin!

So in June 2006, Sechin allegedly wanted to "cannibalize" the head of LUKOIL Vagit Alekperov, who saved from the siloviki current mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin.

By the way, according to media reports, between sections and Sobyanin as there is a serious conflict.

And in late 2012 escalated confrontation between the head of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin and oil trader Gennady Timchenko. And earlier, according to "the WikiLeaks", Sechin was a serious dispute with the head of "Gazprom" Miller.

But the worst thing that, according to the media, Igor Sechin, there is a serious conflict with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, as well as with the "energetic" the vice-premier - Arkady Dvorkovich!

Sechin brought out "Rosneft" 9.1 billion rubles under the guise of bonuses?

Just a lot of fear is the factsThat Sechin allow ourselves to use the amounts that are clearly above the income of civil servants! So, for example, recently the head of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin has recently acquired 0.0075% of the shares of his company in the amount of about 186 million rubles.

Then it became known that Igor Sechin, has increased its stake in the company more than 11 times - up to 0.0849%. The market value of dokuplennogo package is almost 2 billion rubles. Many observers immediately raised the question: how did a former official money?

The answer is simple ... As it turned out, in 2012, "Rosneft" has paid bonuses to its top executives in the amount of 9.1 billion rubles, and in just the past three years, payments increased nearly four-fold. What exactly was Igor Sechin, is unknown, but it is obvious that his "salary" in such amount of total costs for salaries of managers is quite allow him to buy more than one package of shares of "Rosneft". And then there is another logical question: how justified are such gigantic rewards management company, majority-owned by the state?

Furthermore, there can not beBvin Sechin in bringing 9.1 billion rubles of "Rosneft" under the guise of payment of bonuses to top management? !!

It seems that these suspicions once again prove already sounding above conclusion that Sechin actually turned the "Rosneft" in a kind of "private shop" and continues to use state-owned resources for their own selfish purposes.