Rosneft will pay Moscow 4.5 billion rubles for its new home

Rosneft will have to pay almost 4.5 billion rubles for panoramic views from its new Moscow office. 
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So much the Moscow government has asked the oil company for a six-year lease area of ​​5 ha on Kutuzov Avenue, which will house the new home of "Rosneft". Experts called the price too high.

Who is the head of "Rosneft" office is located directly opposite the Kremlin. But the company, whose business from the beginning of the 2000s, has grown more than 10 times, it became close to its headquarters at the Sofia Embankment: several units of the oil giant huddle in different parts of the capital.

Earlier this year, it became known that "Rosneft" was able to find a suitable for the construction of a new office area of ​​5 ha on Kutuzov Avenue, overlooking the Moskva-City and next door to the Stalinist "skyscrapers» Radisson Royal Hotel (former hotel "Ukraine"). The owner of the site is the Moscow government, which agreed to provide the oil company of its rent. As reported by "Vedomosti", "Rosneft" is going to build a new office area of ​​200 thousand sq. M in this area. m.

Terms of the deal with the Moscow authorities have so far been unknown, but the other day, "Rosneft & raquo; posted online public procurement notice of conclusion of the contract for the rental of the site at Kutuzovsky prospect, ow. 12 and 14A. Term of land lease - 6 years, the land is intended for capital construction. Rental price - 741 200 000 rubles per year, for a total of 6 years, "Rosneft" will pay almost 4.45 billion rubles.

The price seems a bit high, says senior consultant of the "NEO Centre" Ivan Mishulin. The standard size of the annual rent for the land under the design and construction of multifunctional complexes is 1.5% of the cadastral value. Based on data from Rosreestra for "Rosneft" section of the annual rent was to be 67 million rubles., Calculated Mishulin. But state-owned company will pay 11 times more. will pay about $ 2.5 thousand. per square meter, which is comparable to the cost of selling the site for construction, adds Vladimir Sergunin, Regional Business Development Director of Colliers International for six years, "Rosneft".

Most likely, this amount (4.45 billion rubles) "sewn up" payment for changing the permitted use(SSA) plot involves Mishulin; it can be divided into lease term. In this case, the amount of payment for the change of SSA - 4 billion rubles. Given the location, this amount is adequate, he said.

In May, during the St. Petersburg Economic Forum Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and President of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin signed a cooperation agreement, under which the government promised to capital, among other things, help "Rosneft", "in dealing with land and property issues and administrative procedures." It is possible that it was just on the ground for the new office. This site is located on the territory of the former factory producing pencils, "Sacco and Vanzetti" and Badaevsky brewery (total area - 14 ha), which until recently has been controversial. Even 10 years ago it was decided that the building of the area, but the project was never realized, and the land returned to the ownership of the city. And in January 2014 the former investor "Park City Investment" project tried to collect from the government of Moscow, the factory and the factory 1.957 billion rubles. butAlso in March, the bankruptcy manager of the company-developer has submitted an application for rejection of the claim, and the case was dismissed, the materials Arbitration Court of Moscow.

RBC appealed to the representatives of "Rosneft" and the Moscow mayor's office, but they have not yet provided comments for this article.

tax haven

But "Rosneft" will be able to save on taxes in Moscow. In May, the Moscow City Duma passed a law granting oil companies to register in the capital, benefits to pay income tax. Previously, "Moscow" had to allocate oil to the budget 20% of the profits, including 18% to the regional budget, but now the region's share under certain conditions can be reduced to 13.5%. The preferential rate will be applied not to the entire profit, amounting to growth of profit for each year in comparison with 2014 year. Of the major oil companies are registered in Moscow, "Rosneft", Lukoil, "RussNeft", which, thanks to benefits will save billions of rubles. Earlier, a representative of "Rosneft" told RBC that the company participated in the drafting of this bill. In prowhat the company pays taxes not only in Moscow, but also the place of business of his "daughters."