Rosneft without conflicts

The head of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin is known for his uncompromising attitude to conflicts of interest in state-owned companies. Vedomosti decided to look for such conflicts in Rosneft itself, among its board members. 
Builder Andrew Votinov

At the beginning of 2013 member of the board of "Rosneft" and its vice president of capital construction became a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Region on the "United Russia" Andrei Votinov. He used to be a state-owned company is not for a stranger: since 2008 Votinov led "daughter" of state-owned companies - "RN-Tuapsenefteprodukt", and since 2010 - owned "Rosneft" Tuapse refinery.

Close to the "Rosneft" People say that Sechin, becoming president of state-owned companies in 2012, during the formation of the team managers bet on new people, including the regions. In Votinova, according to them, there are merits to "Rosneft" - he could participate in the return under its control Tuapse Refinery and "RN-Tuapsenefteprodukt". Previously, the company owned stakes in these enterprises (35.7% in the Tuapse refinery and 38% of "RN-Tuapsenefteprodukt") indirectly - by the same name of, among whom were the owners of the company associated with the former top managers of these companies.

However, the representative of "Rosneft & raquo; says Votinov here at anything: the assets, "Rosneft" has consolidated in 2006, offering shareholders "daughters" to exchange their shares in the state-owned paper. A Votinov while chief engineer "Tuapsenefteprodukt" dealt with a "production-technical issues" and "related to the reorganization did not have."

Whatever it was, in addition to production and technical issues Votinov as found "Vedomosti", engaged in the construction business, and he was the sole owner of the Tuapse LLC "Group" All people are equal "(hereinafter - SPARK data). In 2008 Votinov headed "RN-Tuapsenefteprodukt" from August 2009 the sole owner of GC "All men are created equal" was his sister Irina Paley. By the end of 2011, when Putin and Sechin chastised supply power engineering for a conflict of interest ( "very oborzeli already ... he directs himself its affiliated structures gives money", ETC.) 100% GC "All men are created equal" passed to "Orsell EQUITIES" from the British Virgin islands. Now the sole owner of GC "Inie men are equal, "including its CEO Alexander Firichenko.

Under the leadership structure Firichenko GC "All men are created equal" build office buildings for the needs of the Tuapse Refinery and "RN-Tuapsenefteprodukt" said her sub-contractor; receptionist refinery and the head of one of the departments of the tender committee refinery is confirmed. The latter explained that he was in the tender committee of the matter was not engaged, and the construction is "on the other in some contracts."

In 2011-2012 gg. Group financial performance in the past belonged to Votinova significantly improved. Revenues most GC "All men are created equal" has grown almost four-fold revenue participated in the construction of buildings for the "daughters" of "Rosneft" company "STROYTSENTR" (abolished in December 2013) - 13 times the revenue a real estate company "Consortium" - more than twice. The latter two companies were, as the parent company of the group, designed to "Orsell EQUITIES" and got Firichenko.

In total, revenues of these companies and the materials supplier, also owned FirichenkIn 2012 exceeded 1.16 billion rubles.

"Normal build, operate, do not call me anymore," - he told "Vedomosti" CEO of GC "All men are created equal" Firichenko. His friends say that for a long time Firichenko owned GC "All men are created equal", built or under construction, and the group company "STROYTSENTR" administrative buildings belong to him, some of the "daughter" of "Rosneft" rent one of them. And Votinov has nothing to do with it, says his friend.

Do Votinova reason to fear a conflict of interest? "Rosneft" representative believes that there is. He told "Vedomosti" that "from October 2007 to August 2009, Votinov really was the sole founder of LLC" GC "All men are created equal", but at that time the company's financial and economic and other activities are not carried out. From August 2009 to January 2010 the company was founded Paley (sister Votinova), and from January 2010 it bought the share Firichenko. "" Votinov or his relatives beneficiaries of "Orsell EQUITIES" does not consist. LLC "GC" All men are created equal "is not acceptedscarlet and does not participate in competitions and tenders for the construction of facilities of JSC "NK" Rosneft "in Tuapse and other regions of Russia, including the construction and reconstruction of" RN - Tuapse Refinery ", - said the representative of" Rosneft ", noting that "in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents" Votinov not currently owned by GC "All men are created equal."

Lawyer Larisa Calanda

Vice-President of "Rosneft" Larissa Calanda included in "Rosneft" board and is headed "Rosneftegas", through which the state owns the "Rosneft" and "Gazprom". Calanda charge of cooperation with the authorities, and until 2012 was engaged in legal support. Her husband Vladimir Calanda - first deputy director of the Federal Service for Drug Control - considered a proxy service director Viktor Ivanov, a longtime colleague of Putin's KGB (ibid served and Calanda).

A person close to "Rosneft", and entrepreneur who has worked with the state, say that Calanda always zealouslyHe saw to it that the rights and image of "Rosneft" are securely protected. For example, say these sources, at the urging of Calanda group Gunvor old acquaintance of Putin Gennady Timchenko even changed their trading companies to work with "Rosneft". So in 2010 the British Virgin Islands company originated Warly International, which at the same time has become a feature in "Rosneft" statements instead of Gunvor. Warly - 100% "daughter" of the Geneva Gunvor SA.

Why might need to be replaced? Sources say that "Rosneft" did not want the state company and of Gunvor "once again discussed in the press," also referred to the legal reasons related to possible lawsuits by former shareholders of Yukos.

"Vedomosti" found that Calanda was the founder of "Interlegalservisis" (ILS) with her daughter Alina Kalandia and Alexandra Maydannik - the wife of a member of the Board of "Rosneft", Vice-President for Legal Support Igor Maydannik that, before come to "Rosneft "in 2013, he led the unit of legal support TNK-BP.

ILS (accountinglegal services) is located at the same address and have the same phone as the Moscow City Bar Association (MGKA) "del credere" created Maydannik and Olga Renova - the wife of former First Deputy Minister of Justice, former deputy chairman of the Supreme Arbitration Court of Edward Renova. The rule of "Rosneft" is a former colleague and Renova - Yuri Kalinin, he worked as Deputy Minister of Justice at the same time as the Renov.

"Rosneft" A former employee said that no "del credere", or HUD never served nor "Rosneft", TNK-BP's neither, "to avoid any conflict of interest." Neither the "del credere" nor HUD had no contracts with "Rosneft", said the representative of "del credere".

But among the clients board "del credere", which are referred to on its website, is "Gazprom", which the state-owned stake in the state "Rosneftegas", and it is headed by Calanda. Conflict of interest in this, because Calanda does not affect the decision-making in "Gazprom", sure of her friend.

Among the clients of "DelkrDere "listed as" KazMunayGas "group of companies" Renova "and a group of" Synthesis ". Whether to participate "del credere" or advocates of the board in support of transactions or in litigation of these companies, which were in some way connected with "Rosneft"?

Common things these companies were. So, "KazMunaiGaz", "Rosneft" and "KazTransOil" in November 2013 signed a preliminary agreement on the transportation of oil to China through Kazakhstan. In 2012, "Rosneft" has bought a group of "Synthesis" "Arktikshelfneftegaz" and "Sintezneftegas". They owned the license to develop the Admiralty and Pahtusovskogo areas in the Barents Sea. Rosnedra would take away the license in favor of "Rosneft". But the "Synthesis" for several years successfully defended their rights in the courts. As a result, "Rosneft" was able to get "Sintezneftegas" and half "Arktikshelfneftegaz" at the beginning of 2012, paying a "synthesis", though small, but the money (3.5 billion rubles., The value of historical cost, as "Kommersant" wrote). In the past year, "Rosneft"I have completed the purchase of TNK-BP, where he came Maydannik.

"Neither I nor other members MGKA" del credere "never provided legal services and did not work in the interest of" Rosneft "and TNK-BP, both before and after the takeover. Also, we are not against the interests of business and those companies. It was and remains our common position of principle, for the realization of which I am responsible as the chairman of the presidium of our board. Comments on the cases of other companies - clients of lawyers MGKA "del credere" we can only give to the clients' consent. It is expressly provided for in our agreements on the provision of legal services. All activities for the provision of legal services is carried out only within the framework of MGKA "del credere". Other companies [HUD] never paid legal services are rendered and Legal Services activities were not "- said" Vedomosti "Alexander Maydannik.

A person close to the "Renova", said that on their part, "del credere" deals "are not followed exactly." The rest of the listed company's request "Vedomosti" on the subject tifiesorirovali.

Peter Lazarev Finance

Chief Financial Officer, Member of the Board of "Rosneft" Peter Lazarev began working in the state-owned company since 2000, Head of Financial Department. In June 2004, Lazarev led the Treasury of "Rosneft", and on the board went into 2011

Prior to that, he completely owned two Moscow companies - OOO "Energy-Alliance" and LLC "Georesurs", which, according to registration data, are engaged in the extraction of stone monuments. In 2011, both these companies have changed ownership: their owner became a subsidiary of the investment company "Region".

"Region" has been cooperating with "Rosneft" - in particular, in 2012, he gained control of the company that manages the funds of "Rosneft", the pension fund - "Neftegarant" (now this company is called "Region of Trust").

Why it took a large investment firm Lazarev quarrying? Neither the "Region" or in the "Energy-Alliance", "Vedomosti" were not able to answer this question.

The story of two firms quarrying is not completedIt familiarizes. At the end of 2012 - beginning of 2013 the owner of the "Energy-Alliance" and "georesources" became Coal Industry Company (SPC). Shortly before that, in September 2012, NPC was accredited by the "Rosneft" and was included in its database of potential suppliers. Group Company NPK - "NPK-engineering", as stated on its website, conducts against a subsidiary of "Rosneft", "Neftepromleasing", "Engineering and consulting support services on financial leasing of equipment, the design and construction of industrial facilities", and " developing its industrial and financial leasing ", in partnership with a group of companies" Region ".

Neither the CEO and sole owner of NPK Dmitry Kotenko, no comments Lazarev "Vedomosti" did not give.

Representatives of the former top manager of "Rosneft" and the current president of the Independent Oil and Gas Company (NOC) Eduard Khudainatov always denied that he or his family were beneficiaries of the oil companies at a time when he was one of the leaders of "Rosneftand". But the sources of "Sheets" is confirmed.

In late 2006, Eduard Khudainatov, headed at the time, "daughter" of "Gazprom" "Severneftegazprom", along with former deputy chairman of "Gazprom" Alexander Ryazanov and several partners acquired the company "Severneft", told "Vedomosti" sources close to "Gazprom" and "Rosneft". One of them specified that a controlling stake "Severneft" Ryazanov has received, and the rest got Khudainatov and its partners.

The main asset of the company, established in 2000, has a license for the Western Yaroyahinsky plot in YaNAO with recoverable reserves of 25 million tons of oil and 17 billion cubic meters. meters of gas and commercial production of 1 billion cubic meters. meters of gas per year. Beneficiaries "Severneft" is not disclosed; on the registry data, it belonged to the Swiss Krini Holding and British Soulstar Trading.

In 2008, Igor Sechin, while Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Energy, invites Khudainatov in "Rosneft" the vice-president. In 2010, Hudaynatov becomes president of "Rosneft".

Owners' Severneft "laneeoformili license for his "daughter" "Severneft Urengoy" and in late 2011 sold its "Evrokhim" for $ 400 million At the same time heir to the Latvian Parex banka -. Reverta filed a lawsuit (first Riga, and later Russian) on recovery with "Severneft" $ 75 million under a contract of guarantee for its structure, the company "Severorgsintez", which received in 2006 the bank loan for the construction of gas processing plant in Novy Urengoy. According to the bank guarantee agreement signed by his brother Eduard Khudainatov - Jean. He was the CEO of "Severneft" from August 2006 to August 2010, should be of his own explanations to the court on this case. Jean Hudoynatov also said that there were no contracts of guarantee for the obligations of CJSC "Severorgsintez" before Parex banka did not sign.

Representatives of the "Severneft" the court said that there was not any contract of guarantee.

Hudaynatov Edward and his family do not own "Severneft" and its structures, its representatives said.

In May 2013, after the appointment of Sechin, the president of "Rosneft", Hudaynatov became his first deputy.

In July 2013 Hudaynatov left "Rosneft" and created the NOC in a few months, which bought JSC "Geoteks" (working in the Saratov region) and JSC "Payyaha" (the Krasnoyarsk Territory).

"All men are equal" - the so-called construction firm, not a foreign member of the board of "Rosneft" Andrew Votinova. This name refers to the aphorism of the works of George Orwell's "bestial corner". Let us recall the context in which it occurs, this aphorism.

"Benjamin felt like someone's nose poked him in the shoulder. It was Hrumka, her eyes were almost unseeing. Silently she pulled him by the mane, and he obediently followed her to the big barn. They stopped in front of a wall with seven commandments. A minute or two they beheld tarred black wall, which stood out white lines.

- Just something I was blind - broke the silence Hrumka. - Actually, I was always in a document are not powerful, but it seems to me, before the text looked like something was wrong. Look, Benjamin, everything is in place the commandments?

For the first time in the life of an old donkey I have changed its rule - ie read aloudThat there was no time to write a business. Actually, from what is written it remains the one and only commandment, and it sounded like this: "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

After that, no one is surprised when the next day the pig, is carried out field work supervision, armed with whips. Not surprised that the pigs have subscribed to the "Daily Mirror", "John Bull" and "tidbits" that they bought a radio and have agreed to install the phone. Do not be surprised if a Napoleon, strolling in the garden with a pipe in his mouth. Do not be surprised, even when pigs showed wardrobe former owner of the farm, when Napoleon appeared before their eyes in leather leggings and a black coat on top of overalls (Mr. Jones in her usual Morillo rats), and his favorite pig got on the watered silk dress which Mrs. Jones wore on Sundays.

A week later, the yard filled with two-wheeled carriages - a farming neighbors accepted an invitation to explore the 'bestial corner ". They were delighted by what he saw, especially from the mill.Animals, diligently engaged in weeding, did not dare to raise his eyes; I do not know who caught on them longer fear humans or pigs.

The whole evening in the house of songs and laughter, familiar and unfamiliar voices mingled. And then suddenly seized animals burning curiosity: what can there be between them and us, first met on equal terms?

Without saying a word, they quietly sneaked into the garden adjacent to the house. Before the gates they were srobeli but Hrumka decisively led them away. They tiptoed closer to the windows, and those who were taller, looked into the living room. At the long table sat six people and offers the same amount of pigs from the nearest environment of Napoleon himself Kabanero held the place of honor at the head table. Sitting on chairs pigs was clearly not the first time. There was a card game, but this time the players were interrupted to make a toast. Big pitcher went in a circle, mugs filled with beer. Nobody felt fixed on their views.

Finally Mr. Pilkington rose, the owner of "Foxwoods". "Before we drink - he said - let me say NESCOlko words. " For him, said Pilkington, as probably for everyone else, happily aware that put an end to a long period of mistrust and misunderstanding. There was a time when respective owners "bestial corner" farmers glances - to present, of course, he does not say - not that hostile, but with a certain wariness. separate incidents existed perverse views took place. The very existence of the farm where the animals are all filled in, it seemed something unnatural, and in addition a threat to the entire region. Many, without giving trouble to understand, decide that such a farm must reign supreme moral decay, and carelessness. Farmers feared bad influence on their livestock and even their employees. But all doubts were dispelled today. Today they visited the "bestial corner", examined all the details - and what happens? They saw not only the best practices of farming, but, more importantly, this iron discipline, a labor discipline, which should serve as an example for them. Without much risk to make a mistake it could be argued that the LAQ &uo; bestial corner "inferior animals worked twice and ate half as much as their counterparts all over the county. In short, people have something to borrow, and the sooner they do, the better.

Finally, Pilkington said, he would like to emphasize once again the importance of good neighborly relations between the "bestial area" and other farms. People and pigs have nothing to share. They have common concerns, common problems. Is not the owner prior to each question is how to make others work for themselves? Here Mr. Pilkington, it seems, was ready to screw harvested sharpness, but before he was amused that the words stuck in his throat. He shook his long crimson chin and finally somehow forced himself: "You have your cattle, we have our own!" Bonmo was greeted with friendly laughter. Mr. Pilkington congratulated the pigs on the successful introduction of the extended working day and normalized power, as well as the ability to keep a tight rein on weight. Then he asked everyone whether filled circles, and offered a drink while standing.

- Gentlemen! - He raised his voice. - Gentlemen, I drinkfor the prosperity of "bestial corner"! "