Rospechat financed TV channel Rain in the amount of 30 million rubles

Deputy head of the agency Vladimir Grigoriev actively allocated money to the media with a distinct anti-state position.
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From 2010 to 2014 the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications (Rospechat) makes significant financial contributions from the state budget in the media whose editorial policy was a pronounced anti-state position. As shown by the investigation conducted by "Izvestia", the budget money is actively mastered the "Moskovsky Komsomolets" newspaper, radio station "Echo of Moscow", RBC-TV and "Rain". Last of all received more than 30 million rubles for 2 years, that at the rate at the time was $ 1 million.

Rospechat in the period from 2010 to 2014 based on the decision of the expert council of the agency had government support "Moskovsky Komsomolets" in the amount of 17.9 million rubles LLC "TV channel" Rain "- the sum of 30.6 million rubles, JSC" Moscow Echo "- amounting to 15 million rubles, CJSC "RBC-TV" - the amount of 4.5 million rubles.

The former head of the Public Council under the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications Anatoly Lysenko told "Izvestia":

- They need support, they offered some of his interesting projects. Tip nI rinyal decision for themselves, that they should be supported.

Experts also claim that in the fat years for the state was the norm to financially support a substantial number of the most raznooobraznyh media.

- Financing of the media in the years when the budget is sufficiently filled, it is a normal phenomenon, - says president of the Center for Strategic Communications Dmitry Abzalov. At the same time he believes that in times of crisis and reduction of budget expenditures media owners must learn to do without state support - to make a subscription and attract advertisers.

As stated by one of the former members of the expert council on the allocation of funds above the media actively insisted deputy head Rospechat Vladimir Grigoriev.

According Rospechat, "Rain" in 2011 and 2012 (this was the period of the most active opposition movement -. "Izvestiya") has received funds for social advertising production cycle rollers "Everyone is different. All Equal ". The state paid for seven clips for 60 seconds by 1.3 million rubles for each.

TV Program "Books"; on the TV channel "Rain" also received a grant of $ 2 million. In 2013, state support "Rain" has not received as the channel's website moved to a paid mode.

Despite the fact that at the beginning of its launch "Rain" received considerable sums from the state for its development, the general director of TV channel Natalia Sindeeva does not mince words and accused the authorities of pressure, while it did not extend to the theme of getting money from the state budget.

"Initially, I had my own money. Not much, but enough to start a niche cable channel. In the process, we began to build the channel, paint scheme, realized that, of course, we do not build a niche channel, but something much more massive. My money ran out quickly. And then Sasha (Alexander Vinokurov - the husband and the investor Sindeeva channel - "Izvestia".) Said: "Of course, I will not leave you." Further funding has been the main Sasha ", - she said in an interview.

Editor in Chief of "Echo" Alexei Venediktov has repeatedly accused the government and shareholders to put pressure on editorial policy,which often was clearly anti-Russian. Suffice it to recall, as the station site has been published with the video recording of the Ukrainian journalist Alexander Gorobets. It accused the Ukrainian journalist LifeNews employees who worked in the Donbass, in that they allegedly coordinate fire and supervise the actions of other militias. Almost immediately it became clear that on the video, posted on the blog, there is no television journalist, and all orders of the commander gives the DNI with the call Motorola. Movie with commentary Ukrainian journalist was published at a time when a prisoner of the SBU were two employees LifeNews.

As analysts say, "Rain", RBC TV, "Echo of Moscow" and "Moskovsky Komsomolets" after a coup in Ukraine actively supported the actions of the new Kiev authorities. Member of the Public Chamber, a political analyst Sergei Markov said that the opposition leaders had their adherents in Rospechat guide who helped them to receive funds from the state budget.

- It is obvious that the support goes to the opposition and all editions that have received money areopposition. Rospechat actually necessary to support regional media outlets that publish the schedule of trains, carrying on garden plots, texts, how to calculate pensions and properly recorded in the clinic, and not obviously biased political projects. The more that the same "Rain" - is the clearest example of a completely anti-Russian policy, the policy of serving the interests of our country's geopolitical competitors. Such media as "Rain", have the right to be, but receive state support - this is strange, - he says.

This Markov noted that it may well be close to reality version that gave out grants Rospechat such media in order to "not touch themselves."

Head of "Political expert group" Konstantin Kalachev believes that in this way Rospechat guide secured the loyalty among opposition publications.

- If you give money, it seems, we tried to provide at least some control. I do not think that money is given just like that, without conditions - not the money that would be the media.But on what projects - is necessary to look in detail, - said Kalachev.

Strategic Communications Center President Dmitry Abzalov said that support for the printed media (MC - one of the largest media circulation) is still possible to rationalize, but the funding niche channel, such as "Rain", raises many questions.

- In the TV channel "Rain" - the coverage is very narrow and the target, and broadcast via cable in its entirety almost was not conducted. It is not clear why he was allocated funding, - says Dmitry Abzalov.

The expert noted that he sees no particular need among residents presented.

- In terms of media support system is seen a clear bias. The sample is not very large in scope "rain" of at least strange. It is not clear - why? Why not spend that money to help the regional media? - Says Abzalov.

It is worth noting that oversees Rospechat distribution of financial support to the media Deputy Minister Vladimir Grigoriev. This is not the first time that Rospechat in his face opposition favorsnnym figures. As previously wrote "The News", in Moscow for a few years, the structure of the civil spouse of the head of the Fund to combat corruption Vladimir Ashurkova - Alexandrina Markvo (among them were the "Office 17" and OOO "Glory") organized for the city hall and Rospechat events totaling 100 million rubles. Ashurkov at this time was an assistant Alexei Navalny and actively participated in his political actions. Tenders won Markvo companies, namely supervised Vladimir Grigoriev. In addition, for several years Markvo structure won in tenders organized by the Moscow department of media and advertising, led by Vladimir Chernikov.

In December 2014, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against Markvo, Moscow's Basmanny court issued a warrant for arrest in absentia Ashurkova girlfriend. At the beginning of March 2015 the wife of the executive director of the Fund for the fight against corruption has been declared the international wanted list through Interpol.

According to "Izvestia", now the police are checking tseUse the left Rospechat allocated funds in the following media: "Moskovsky Komsomolets", the radio station "Echo of Moscow", RBC-TV and "Rain".