Rospotrebnadzor: inspection at Roshen was conducted "in the non-business and unfriendly atmosphere"

Russian inspectors left Ukraine on Friday without saying anything; on Monday it turned out that Roshen products are made under obsolete regulations.
Checks Rospotrebnadzor Ukrainian enterprises were Roshen "in the non-business and hostile environment created by the leadership of Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, who made a statement aimed at discrediting the experts", reports "Prime". This is stated in the statement of the Russian authorities, which was made public on October 28. Rospotrebnadzor inspectors worked in Ukraine from 22 to 24 October. October 25, Russian officials have left the country, not failing and not announcing the results of any inspections, he said that day the First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Ivan Bisyuk.

October 28 proved that the inspection revealed problems in the Ukrainian confectionery enterprises. "As a result of the inspection found that the Ukrainian confectionery products are made based on outdated standards and does not meet the sanitary requirements of Russia in terms of microbial spoilage - the content of yeasts and molds for several groups of confectionery products", - said in a statement Rospotrebnadzor. However, the re-inspection agency agreed to hold "Only after changing the position of the Ukrainian authorities to the Russian experts" as well as change their position "regarding the elimination of violations and to ensure the proper course of verification activities."

October 25 Bisyuk said Russian inspectors "do not bring the results, joint act and do not consider going to fly back." Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine regarded the rejection of the publication of the results of the preliminary inspections as a violation of previously reached agreements and has already sent a letter to the Federal Service.

On the same day the head of the association of the largest Ukrainian manufacturers of confectionery "Ukrkondprom" Alexander Baldinyuk expressed concern about the refusal of Russian officials to disclose and discuss the preliminary results of the inspection and that Roshen company has not received an inspection report. Baldinyuk said that according to the Russian standards inspection report is issued immediately after its completion, and the undertaking is entitled to make its objections to the provisions of the act, to sign it and get a copyof the document. "We are concerned that such a breach inspection procedures may be indicative of the desire of some Russian officials to tighten the process of opening the Russian market for the production of the corporation Roshen», - said chairman of Confectioners Association.

Baldinyuk added that part of the inspection Rospotrebnadzor included representatives of the rival Russian company. According to the head "Ukrkondproma" it threatens the use of these checks as a tool of industrial espionage against the Ukrainian enterprises. The appearance of the enterprises Roshen representatives of Russian chocolate company said last week the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Mykola Prysyazhnyuk. He could not understand why this is happening. "Is that a food inspection or espionage?" - He asked journalists.

Import of Russian confectionery Roshen is prohibited from the end of July 2013 because of the claims of Rospotrebnadzor to their quality. Official Kiev considers these claims to be unfounded.