"Rosseti" continues to pay salaries to the imprisoned top manager

Arrested in May 2018 CEO "IDGC of the North-West" on suspicion of "kickbacks" the company in violation of the employment contract left without pay. According to journalists, Letyagin's daily income was at least 42,000 rubles a day.
Syktyvkar City Court extended until September the arrest of the head of PJSC "IDGC of the North-West" (controlled by the PJSC "Rosseti") to Alexander Letyagin, who has been in custody since May 15. The top manager is a figurant of the criminal case on "kickbacks", which, according to the investigation, received energy from the local contracting companies in Komi. The extension of the arrest did not become an occasion for the employer Letyagin, the state corporation Rosseti, to send him into retirement.

Last week, at a meeting in the Syktyvkar City Court, the general director of IDGC of the North-West, Alexander Letyagin, asked him to release him under house arrest. But the court rejected the request of the top manager and prolonged his detention until September 13. He will return to the SIZO, located in Syktyvkar village Chov. Thus, the court listened to the investigation, which believes that Letyagin in case of changing the measure of restraint to a softer can continue to engage in criminal activities or put pressure on witnesses.

Alexander Letyagin charged under part 4 of Art. 204 of the Criminal Code (commercial bribery committed as part of a group of individuals, in a particularly large amount). According to the version of the Investigative Committee of Russia, the energy sector received kickbacks from business structures in the Komi Republic for assistance in concluding contracts, unhindered acceptance and payment of work. When receiving illegal remunerations, the power industry observed strict rules of conspiracy - in particular, they resorted to encryption of their conversations. So, the transfer of kickbacks, they called "homework." "When businessmen did not provide them with agreed money on time, which the investigation then qualified as commercial bribery, the defendants called the partners and said that they were not doing their homework on time," a Kommersant source familiar with the investigation said. "Kommersant" from 16/05/2018).

In total in the criminal case, six figurants. In addition to Alexander Letyagin and the deputy director for economics and finance of IDGC of North-West Pavel Shiryaev, this is the head of IDGC's branch in Komi Valery Drydt and his deputy Yevgeny Sesyuk. Figures are also local businessmen, representatives of the companies of "Mechanized Column No. 24" LLC and "Tyumensvyaz" LLC. "The total amount of transferred kickbacks was estimated at more than 5 million rubles.

Despite the prolongation of the arrest of Letyagin, he is not going to dismiss him yet. "The appointment and dismissal of the general director is in the competence of the board of directors of IDGC of the North-West." There were no new decisions on this issue, "the press service of IDGC of the North-West told Kommersant on Friday. Of the 11 elected members of the board of directors of IDGC of the North-West, seven work in Rossetakh. Accordingly, the dismissal of Alexander Letyagin is the competence of the state corporation. On June 8, the head of Rossetei Pavel Livinsky, on the question of journalists, whether confidence in Alexander Letyagin was lost, answered: "There is an investigation, while it is too early to draw any conclusions."

"Before the dismissal, the employer must fulfill all obligations to the employee without violating the terms of the employment contract, which means that all payments provided for by the contract are to be implemented unconditionally," said Dmitry Gorbunov, partner of the legal company Rustam Kurmaev and Partners.

The press service of IDGC of the North-West refused to answer Kommersant, whether Alexander Letyagin continues to receive his salary while in jail, calling this question incorrect.

The "IDGC of the North-West" reports do not disclose the size of the personal compensation of Alexander Letyagin. However, its approximate level is easy to calculate on the basis that last year the members of the board of the network company earned together 96.7 million rubles, taking into account premiums and other payments. A total of six people - it turns out that one earns an average of 15.4 million rubles a year. This suggests that for each day Alexander Letyagin received from Rossetei 42 thousand rubles each. This amount is almost 40% ahead of the average monthly income per capita, which is given in the May Rosstat data.

It should be noted that the total remuneration paid to the members of the IDGC of the North-West Board of Directors grew by 6.1% in 2017, despite the fact that last year the company finished with a loss of 2.17 billion rubles against net profit of 585 million rubles a year earlier.