Rost Bank kicks the bucket

The holding is suspected of withdrawal of assets with the assistance of the "black banker" Korneshov.
To media reports According , the Bank of Russia is to address close e-a Decision on Reorganization, "the bank's growth." It Comes amid a recent the downgrade, "the bank's growth» of of Standard & Poors international rating of this agency of a to the pre-the default. Of As Noted in the publication of newspaper "Vedomosti", in addition to Pressing Issues of the sharp deterioration in the assets of the bank regulator in any claims against the loans related to the shareholder, "the bank's growth." in other words, it seems that the credit institution, which recently became known as "holding zhivopyrok" full speed is displayed on the side of the assets through fictitious loans of one of the owners.

According, the main beneficiary of the Group "Growth" Oleg Karchev decisive question "curve" import companies owned by him "of MERLION" (ranked in the top - 50 Russian companies according to Forbes), using a scheme to provide loans firmam- "ephemeral" in "the growth of the bank" and their subsequent withdrawal abroad. This amount alone unpaids customs fees and taxes are measured in billions rubles. The resulting "hole" in JSC "Bank Growth" reached a value of tens of billions of rubles. A credit institution is still formally kept afloat solely by money from "obnalnyh" banks of their own group - OJSC "Tveruniversalbank", JSC "SKA-Bank", JSC "Cedar", JSC "BaykalInvestBank". Meanwhile, customers and investors of these banks, as well as of the "Bank of Growth", are already experiencing significant difficulties when trying to close the accounts and take their money.

To According the information informed sources, the implementation of the scheme for the withdrawal of assets from "The growth of the bank," accompanied by "expert" on such activities Alexei Korneshov. This banker is known as the former Chairman of the Board "Sibekonombanka", which in 2007 license has been revoked for various violations. The same Alexey Korneshov served on the board of directors and a shareholder of "Commercial Bank" Bank CFT ", in which the regulator revoked the license of this year. Thushide themselves the facts of the use of illegal schemes FIM Bank were in sight of the TFR and the FSB, conduct searches and other investigative measures in a credit institution.

Is the Korneshov by Alex of the son is the former's head of the department of the 5th Moscow State University then Contents Technical (Moscow the Main Territorial the Administration) of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, by Alexander L. The Korneshova, the which, in turn, Became known for "the racket protection" raider seizure of the bank "Intelfinans" in 2007 (the which, in Particular,, Reported is even the Government "Rossiyskaya of Gazeta" about the role of the father and son is Korneshovyh to Improve to criminal the Financial Schemes and the collapse of the Russian banking system in the media Written a lot, but seems to chronicle the family "feats" is far from complete - .. especially in view reveals the facts of "the growth of the bank's" recent history.

Recall: the Bank of Russia has restricted the activities of "Bank growth" this year a record number of stringent requirements (for information, such regulations were five). Thus, the regulator banned the issuance bankovscal guarantee of "Growth of the bank", limited attract deposits, and recently introduced a ban on the opening and reorganization of the branch network. Meanwhile, "The growth of bank "became known in the market is the desire to connect to itself, by the so-called restructuring of several banks with a dubious reputation. The group of" Growth ", in particular, includes the NSCA" DEM ", CB" Soyuzprombank "CB" KIP-Bank ", NGO" Financial services "NSCA" RBC "-. with all of these organizations revoked license From day to day revocation of licenses are expected in other structures of the holding company - JSC" AKKOBANK ", JSC "Tveruniversalbank", JSC "SKA-Bank", JSC "Cedar", OAO "BaykalInvestBank".

However, despite the ban on the central bank to attract new investors, "The growth of the bank" and its branches almost to this day continue to take deposits of individuals, bypassing and thereby violating the indication control. Observers compared the situation with the history of "MOSOBLBANK", which is also in violation of the installation the Bank of Russia to the last day of its work continuedreceive are public money, which, as you might guess, vanished without a trace from deposits. In both cases, a blatant violation of the law occurred, as they say, under the noses of the supervisory department of the Central Bank, which is headed by Ruben Amiryants, but until the summer of 2014 was in charge of the deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Mikhail Sukhov. It is obvious that a malignant tumor formed on the body of the already frail domestic banking system as a "holding company" Bank Growth ", could not progress without the involvement of corrupt officials control. The only question is whether the political will of the leadership of the Bank of Russia will be enough to be called by their names and surnames in the history of large-scale fraud "Growth bank."