Rostec head's old friend will help the corporation to conquer the insulin market

Rostec headed by Sergey Chemezov, together with Vitaly Maschitsky, an old friend of the head of state corporation, will become a significant player on the market of state orders on insulin. Previously, Rostec entered the market of vaccines and other medicines for state procurement.
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Businessman Vitaly Maschitsky headed the board of directors of JSC "National Company immunobiologicheskaja" ( "Natsimbio" wholly-owned "daughter" of "Rostec"), he told RBC his representative. Appointment took place on August 6 should be in the list of affiliated persons "Natsimbio".

Maschitsky primarily focus on the strategic development of the company, said the representative of "Rostec". One of the main tasks will be conclusion Maschitskogo "Natsimbio" notable position in the insulin market, said a source close to the businessman: "mature technology, industrial base and replication."

Develop "Rostec" insulin production commissioned by President Vladimir Putin. Together with the government of the state corporation is to create near Moscow Pushchino complex complete cycle for the production of insulin and its analogues, should be the president's orders, published last week. The project will be implemented on the basis of JSC "SPC" Bioran "announced" Natsimbio "the next day after the release orders. "Natsimbio" and "Bioran" signed an agreement on nMeren in July, said a source close to one of the companies.

insulin sovereignty

"Creation of the complex [on the basis of" Bioran "] was conceived back in 2006, but progress was extremely difficult," - admitted CEO "Natsimbio" Nikolay Semenov. His words contained in the press release. There's also stated that "Bioran" was created with the support of the government of the Moscow region.

All this time the employees' Bioran "working on the technology, explained the minister, RBC Investments and Innovations Moscow region Denis Butsaev: developed strains of bacteria that are necessary for the production of its own substance. According to him, the development are in the final stage.

"Bioran" has four patents on strains of insulin and its analogues, the company said in a report in 2014. In Russia, insulin is produced mainly from imported substances, the report indicates the president of "Bioran" Armen Sadgyan. Only two local companies can produce the full cycle insulin: JSC "Geropharm-Bio" and the Institute of Bioorganic chemistryAcademician MM Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Ovchinnikov. But these organizations for two produce only 30 kg of the substance, and the annual demand of Russia - up to 500 kg, writes Sadgyan.

It is the capacity of 500 kg per year, that is, for all the country's needs, and plans to "Bioran". This will be a full cycle plant Butsaev stresses: "There must be made and the substance and the drug."

Thus will be charged a "threat of insulin depending on the state," expects Sadgyan. Now the market is imported, recognized Semenov, it accounts for "more than 95% in insulin requirements."

DSM Group estimates the entire insulin market almost 11 billion rubles. for the year 2014. The top 3 sales included Novo Nordisk, Sanofi-Aventis and Eli Lilly (4,1 billion to 4 billion and 2.1 billion rubles. Sales respectively).

"We are considering the possibility of entering into the share capital of not less than NPO" Bioran "than a blocking stake", - said the representative of "Natsimbio". Participation "Natsimbio» in «Bioran" is not accidental. "Rostec" created the company in late 2013 to "ensure national suvRussia erenitet in the production and supply of drugs. " A year and a half later, the project has attracted Maschitskogo. By a similar scheme developed several projects involving "Rostec" and a businessman.

With the experience of other

With a fortune of $ 650 million Maschitsky enters the second hundred of the richest Russian businessmen, according to Forbes. In belonging to him "Vi Holding" is Vimetco company (in 2014 its revenue was $ 1.9 billion, a net loss of - $ 266 million). Through her Maschitsky controls aluminum plants in Romania and China.

The first independent business Maschitsky built back in the mid-1990s in the supply of wood. Then he engaged in construction and oil business. In 2003, it sold its oil assets of Yukos, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and the group "Alliance" Musa Bazhaev, and part of the proceeds invested in the aluminum industry.

In addition to their own aluminum and development projects Maschitsky actively cooperates with "Rostec". The state corporation claimed its management experience, explained RBC representative of "Vi Holding". In addition to theOh, the general director of state corporation, Sergei Chemezov and Maschitsky friends with the youth, telling the latter in an interview with "Vedomosti".

Together with the "Rostec" and VEB "Vi Holding" is developing a platinum project "Darvendeyl" in Zimbabwe. In the interests of "Rostec" owned Maschitskomu "Vi Holding Development" is engaged in buildings of the former Tushino airfield.

Also Maschitsky head of the board of directors of several structures of the state corporation. In addition to "Natsimbio" is "RT - Building technologies" Kaliningrad Amber Plant and Trans-Baikal mining company. The first company engaged in the evaluation and sale of non-core assets "Rostec". And the last two - a monopolist in the amber and jade industry. The first in both companies sign "Rostec", and after a while the chairman of the board of directors became Maschitsky. All chances to become a major player in its market and has "Natsimbio".

States Supplier

The "Natsimbio" serious ambitions in the market of public procurement. The government has already appointedthe company the sole supplier of medicines for the FSIN on 2014-2016 years (this is at least 3.4 billion rubles.) and vaccines for the national immunization schedule in the years 2015-2017 (still about 3 billion rubles. This year, taking into account a 30 per cent share of Russian supply). A month ago, the president instructed the government to establish a state procurement sole supplier of drugs against HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis. This idea Chemezov, who asked Putin to appoint a monopoly "Natsimbio". And last week, the President ordered the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Industry to study the need for the monopolization of public procurement of insulin - almost 100% of the drug purchases made through the budget. "In the case of setting such a task" "Natsimbio" will be ready to fulfill it ", - assured the representative of the company.

According to DSM Group estimates that in 2014 the government spent on the purchase of insulin, drugs against HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis 43.4 billion rbl., Or almost 15% of the drug of the state order.

In total, "Natsimbio" claims at least 80 billion rubles. in the state procurement of medicines. "This is 25% of the public procurement market and 8% of all Russian marketsand drugs ", - explained in an interview Chemezov" Vedomosti ". The entire volume of public procurement is estimated at "a little more than 300 billion rubles.".

For this "Natsimbio" plans to launch more than ten full-cycle production, and investment in their development up to 2020 will amount to 25 billion rubles.

"Natsimbio" development strategy envisages the involvement of private capital, said a company spokesman. She did not rule out that the own resources in the development of the company can invest and Maschitsky. "Vi Holding" will participate in the project, said a source close to the Maschitskomu, not explaining details.

Without the financial support of the state project, most likely, too will not remain. All orders in the same week-old Putin instructed Vnesheconombank (VEB) to consider the issuance of the loan on the project of insulin. Negotiations are currently under way, the representative of the bank, adding that the comment on the details prematurely.

What is the "Natsimbio"

Now "Natsimbio" includes manufacturers of vaccines NGO "Microgen" (seven production sites), Open « Fort "(factory in Ryazan) and JSC" Synthesis "(Kurgan), a manufacturer of prosthetic MPO" Metalist "and the State Research Institute for the biosynthesis of proteins.

Media reported that "Natsimbio" vaccine manufacturers will "NTpharma" (the main owner - "Rosnano", 49%) and the Federal State Unitary Enterprise PIPVE them. MP Chumakov, as well as the unfinished plant for processing of blood products in Kirov "Rosplazma".

Dangerous monopoly

"As a supplier, the company [" Natsimbio "] does not seek to engage in development, and, in fact, consolidate the assets, or creates a situation where everyone is forced to sell it, and it will be a reseller," - he said in an interview with RBC CEO Solopharm and founder of the network "Lenta" Oleg Stallions.

The company will become a distributor, who will coordinate the state order, agrees director of development RNC Pharma Nikolai Bespalov. He believes that their own capacities in "Natsimbio" only enough for the production of vaccines, and the rest of the drug holding will buy from other producers. actuallyThe created additional layer, summarizes Bespalov.

In the medium term, the company completely abandon the distribution of imported products and will supply products of own manufacture, saves representative "Natsimbio".

The monopolization of the public procurement of insulin has not yet been approved, said the official social bloc of the government. "First of all preferences have to be producers," - insists the source of RBC. In addition to "Geropharm", which already has a full-cycle plant in the suburbs, run the power range of 400 kg of the substance in 2017 and plans to "Medical synthesis".

Market participants emergence of a powerful competitor does not frighten. But the monopolization of the market is not so much hurt as patients and Budget. "Now in Russia insulin five factories: three Russian and two - with Western capital, is the sixth, and the consumer will have more choice - says the chairman of the board" Medical synthesis "Alexander Petrov. - It is unlikely that the government wants to monopolize the market of essential drugs, consumers who claimto react differently to products from different manufacturers. "

The market should be at least two or three drugs, called today the chief endocrinologist of the Trinity and the Novomoskovsk district of Moscow Nikolai Demidov at a press conference at Interfax. Insulin may cause an allergic reaction, he explained. . In Moscow, 90 thousand people are in need of insulin, and even 1% of allergic reactions - a huge number of patients, noted Demidov: there must be an alternative for them. The monopolization of harmful and government customers, said CEO and co-owner of "Geropharm" Petr Rodionov: "Competition leads to lower prices." "The desire of the state one thing: that the funds are spent effectively," - soothes official of the social bloc of the government.