"Rostegh" introduced a semblance of Skype for officials

This is the third attempt of the state corporation to create a protected video chat.
Rostekh said that it had introduced the Russian analogue Skype - the Aves-S system for state structures and corporations. Rostekh held a presentation of the new platform on June 6 in Innopolis.

The representative of "Rostecha" in conversation with "Vedomosti" announced the full name of the system - Iva Aves-S, it is a secure video conferencing server that uses Russian cryptography for data transmission, which was developed by the specialists of the Research Institute "Zoom" (part of Rostekhno holding RosElectronics ). The system can be used for closed meetings, the exchange of confidential information, emergency videoconferences in emergency situations, court hearings on video communication, telemedicine. It allows you to correspond in a chat, while several employees work on documents, show presentations, and videotape.

The client part of the system - the application "Iva VKS" is available in the app stores of Google and Apple, in the last correspondent of "Vedomosti" was able to download it. The application, it says in its description, was developed by the Russian system integrator "Haytec". A representative of Rostecha confirmed that Heitec was a strategic partner in the development of the application.

"Rostekh" not for the first time promises a cryptographically protected corporate messenger. In June 2016, RT-inform's subsidiary Rostekha announced that it had developed a corporate messenger that, in addition to exchanging text messages, supports voice, video, group chats and conferences called the "Secure Instant Messaging Platform".

A year ago, Rostekh said that Bulat (JV Masshtaba and subsidiaries of Rostelecom), in partnership with OMMG Technology and Mind Labs, was creating a Russian analogue of Skype called Bulat, without access to the Internet. This analogue was supposed to combine the possibilities of telephony and messenger, reminds the owner of OMMG Technology Sergey Kravtsov. "Bulat" has invested in this development of about 250 million rubles., "Rostekh" reported. The partners presented the technology to Bulat a year ago, says Kravtsov, now "Bulat" at the stage of restructuring, its fate is not clear.

The development of a secure messenger went in two ways, the teams competed, says Rostekha representative. Messenger "scale" was conceived as a more secure solution, and "Bulat" - for a wider range of consumers. But it turned out that the product of "scale" better market prospects and it was him, and not "Bulat" brought to the stage of the serial product, sums up the representative of the state corporation.

Iva Aves-S system allows to work both through the Internet and through dedicated channels, now passes certification, after which through Iva it will be possible to transfer even information containing state secrets. The decision is 10-15% cheaper than the foreign analogues, but not Skype, but corporate products of Cisco, Polycom, etc., assures the representative of Rostech, there are first sales, and the entire state corporation introduces the system for 100 customers in a test mode.

Make Skype analog easy, says managing partner of Leta Capital Alexander Chachava, two or three successful corporate communication systems exist in Russia and about a dozen - in the world. The corporation, Chachava believes, as a rule, does not cope with the development of new products, but if Rostech has gone on the path of licensing a successful commercial solution, the project can become popular.