Rostek may become an investor in Irkutsk airport

Previously, Vekselberg's holdings, Deripaska and Trotsenko showed interest in the asset.
More than 7 billion rubles. will cost the construction of a new passenger terminal at the airport of Irkutsk, the press service of the government of the Irkutsk region said, citing the governor Sergei Levchenko. It is necessary to build a terminal in two years.

Investors will be JSC "International Airport Irkutsk" (operating airport, 100% owned area) and JSC "Ramport aero", the report said. Ramport aero owns and manages the Zhukovsky airport, which opened in May 2016. The blocking package Ramport aero belongs to the structure of the state corporation Rostek, 75% minus 1 share - from the Lithuanian holding company Avia Solutions Group and its shareholders.

"We are considering the opportunity to participate in the construction of a new airport terminal in Irkutsk. Ramport Aero also participates in the negotiations. Talking about specific parameters of participation and details is extremely premature, it is necessary to study the economics of the project in detail, "says a representative of Rostecha. The representative of "Ramport Aero" declined to comment.

Novaport (Romana Trotsenko airport holding company) will also participate in the project of the new terminal, the press service of the regional government reports, without revealing details. It is planned to create a company for the construction of a new terminal, its shareholders should be Ramport aero, Novaport and the operating airport of Irkutsk, confirmed a person close to one of the parties.

Irkutsk Airport is one of the few large airports that still belongs to the state. 100% of the shares were transferred from the federal property to the regional in 2015, with the proviso that the region will find an investor for the construction of a new airport outside of Irkutsk on the terms of public-private partnership. The investor needs to be selected by the competition. Also the region should organize the reconstruction of the operating airport.

The interest to the project was demonstrated by all the major investors - Airports of the Regions of Viktor Vekselberg, Oleg Deripaska's "Basic Element" and Roman Trotsenko's Novaport. Governor Sergei Levchenko wanted to create a joint venture with Novaport and transfer the shares of the airport to him without a tender, but other holdings and the Federal Antimonopoly Service sharply opposed them.

"We have already warned the regional government against intentions to circumvent competitive procedures. This can be qualified as a violation of the antimonopoly legislation, the responsibility for this kind of violation is serious enough, up to the criminal one, "the head of the Office for Combating Cartels of the FAS Russia Andrei Tenishev told Vedomosti.

"Rostegh" has always followed what is happening in the Irkutsk region and has always been interested in the airport, says the airport holding company manager. The manager of another holding company knows about Rostekh's interest in the project. One of the interlocutors explains the interest in the fact that the general director of Rostek, Sergei Chemezov, is from the Irkutsk region.

The airport of Irkutsk needs expansion, it simply suffocates in the growing passenger traffic. For 7 billion rubles. it is planned to build a new terminal with an area of ​​30,000-40,000 square meters. m, says the top manager of the airport holding. In 2017, the airport received 1.97 million people - 19% more than in 2016.

"In 2017, the governor said that he would like to attract a pool of investors to the project, but in what form it can be done and with whose participation, it is unclear. Now nothing can be said about our possible participation, "- says an employee of Novaporta (the request to the reception room has not been answered yet). "Our position remains unchanged: this project is of interest to the market and the investor for it should be selected on an understandable and transparent competitive basis," says a representative of the Regional Airports. The representative of the "Basic Element" did not respond to the request. If Rostek decides to go into the project, no one can compete with it, the source in one of the holdings is sure.