Rostelecom has no decency

Semipublic Rostelecom may end up in the list of dishonest suppliers.
Expensive and poor quality. This is the motto for a long time it is time to adopt the "Rostelecom", one of the largest telecom companies in Russia. Perm state state institution "civil protection", which at one time had the imprudence to give "Rostelecom" state contract to perform works on the reconstruction of the regional automated centralized alerting the civil defense system, terminated the contract with the company.

The CCU "Civil protection" stated that the contractor is not enough that he made numerous number of defects, so more and decided to eliminate "schools" is not necessary. In general, his work "Rostelecom" is not actually fulfilled. But this time, the company may lose much more - the right to participate in tenders for state contracts for the next two years. The customer has already applied to the Federal Antimonopoly Service with a statement of "Rostelecom" inclusion in the register of unfair suppliers.

The contract for the civil defense warning system reconstruction for 84.4 million rubles "Rostelecom" won in late 2014. In October of the following year the company work passed. That's just it turned out that the work is done, they say, "anyhow". In particular, the Executive contrary to the terms of the contract are not carried out a joint notification of the regional system of inter-regional system, and equipment assembled with the design documentation violations.

The customer demanded to remake and to finish the work according to the agreements. In "Rostelecom" has been a year (!) To fix all the flaws, but it made it so was not. In the end, "Civil Protection" broke the contract, having to pay the company's only half of the amount - 42.3 million rubles. As explained in the FAS, in the register of unfair suppliers can get not only the Perm branch of "Rostelecom", and the whole company as a whole. And then the telecommunications company will be able to forget about the participation in the public procurement carried out on the territory of Russia for the next two years.

In fact, the reputation of "Rostelecom" is that once the company would inevitably have appeared at customers in the "black list". However, a more performance you can expect from the company, which on its own orders, ready to save - first of all, on the quality. In particular, last summer, "Rostelecom" held a tender for the purchase of Internet equipment. The final price in comparison with the starting was reduced from 45.3 to 24.1 million - that is, almost twice!

Experts commenting on these wonders of enterprise mobility, announced that the percentage of reduction of prices is doubtful. They also expressed confidence either "Rostelecom initially overestimated the price of the tender (given that the company - half state and that to pay for deliveries is her looks" corrupt "), or the equipment supplied will be different from that specified in the contract for the worse.

He manages telecom "monster" Sergei Kalugin. In the presidential chair, he almost dosidel to a four-year term. However, during that time there was so much associated with the company scandals that Mr. Kalugin can be regarded as "president-longevity." But as the surviving company with such a leader, and why Kalugin has not yet received the prefix "ex" - a question.

"Achievements" of Kalugin

Mr. President knows how to fix the problem underfulfilled indicators when it comes to the development of the state billions. Performance is simply removed. Recall that last year the Audit Chamber presented the results of verification of spending by the Ministry of Communications and "Rostelecom" for the 2014-2015 year. And came to some interesting conclusions.

We are talking about the federal target program "Electronic Russia", under which created the so-called e-government. The only artist - "Rostelecom". Money - the budget - the program was "vbuhali" Nemer. Almost 20 billion rubles spent on the creation of the program in 2002 and 2010. And from 2011 to 2015 has 11.3 billion rubles was spent on the operation of the system, in the framework of the "e-society".

The program had only three indicators to measure performance. Two of them on the basis of 2013 was narrowly missed. And when in 2014 the Ministry of Communications to "edit" state program, Shortfall "Rostelecom" indicators ministerial officials simply "thrown out." As the saying goes, there is no performance - no problem. Note that "Rostelecom" on a par with the Ministry of Communications, although the tasks are not fully complied with, but the money is "mastered" in full. Under the leadership of Mr. Kalugin telecommunications company itself to "work off" received government billions did not - hired by subcontractors.

"If part of the operation of e-government the cost of works carried out directly PJSC" Rostelecom "is 25% of the amounts of public contracts, the portion of about 10%", - the report says the deputy head of the joint venture Finishing Faith. Just why the budget should be wasted in unnecessary, in fact, the mediator, who was to do the work itself, but the money was decent and decided to employ "laborers"?

Even too "decent", as it turned out, despite the fact that commercial tariffs of "Rostelecom" has already been laid down the company's profits, the Ministry of Communications generous hand "attacked" another 10%. As a result, "Rostelecom" "warmed up" for the extra 37.4 million rubles - and this is only for 2015 and half of 2016! But it is necessary to consider that "Rostelecom" - the state only half. Federal Property Management Agency owns 48.71% of ordinary shares, VEB - 4.29%. The rest is privately owned. It turns out that "raskarmlivayutsya" for the budget account and private purses!

By the way, the contractors are in effect and perform for the "Rostelecom" most of the work, the company always pays on time. During this "Rostelecom" even got a scolding from the Prosecutor General's Office. Trying to advance to protect themselves from the claims department "is not a ride." The company previously had the right to unilaterally change the terms of payment, even under previously concluded contracts, it was enough signatures CFO. But the prosecutor's office considered this a violation of the Civil Code. is required to eliminate.
With the quasi-property semi "Rostelecom" also refers loosely. For example, even when Kalugin, the company has put out of service equipment at 317 million rubles. But the state treasury balance was not transferred - all good just lying around in warehouses of "Rostelecom" ...

Against the background of all events the question remains now only one: why Mr. Kalugin still runs the company?

Consumer attitude

If the "gingerbread" parastatal company eats in large quantities, the method of "carrot" on its activities, it seems, is not particularly affected. "Rostelecom" is punished by the supervisory authorities on a regular basis. From the latter. Rospotrebnadzor YaNAO conducted an audit on the treatment of service consumers and found numerous violations. In particular, the agreement of the consumer for the provision of telematics services there was no word on the details of communication issued by the operator of the license, was not found there as well, and describe the subscriber line, a number of technical indicators and the rules describe the tariff of telecom services, and more. In particular, the rights and duties of the Executive.

It is fair to say that the "chaos" in "Rostelecom" is going on and precursors Kalugin. For example, Alexander Provotorov, the penultimate chapter of the company, together with the dismissal received and "golden parachute" for 230 million rubles. In 2012, law enforcement officers have found that in the four years before that with a balance of "Rostelecom" disappeared more than 20 apartments. Next later I found out, much like a criminal. Apartments have been rewritten on the long-dead people, and then resold to private hands. Interior Ministry officials believe that fraud has been organized without the involvement of "Rostelecom" workers - probably not the rank and file. So the company lost 100 million rubles.

In 2009-2010, the gentlemen of "Rostelecom" roll up for polubyudzhetny account in Vancouver - experience for the Olympics in Sochi to adopt. Together with them, rolled up, and officials from the Ministry of Communications. For the trip was booked charter and expensive hotels. In this case of 48 25 members of "Rostelecom" were not. Walking as a walk, so 13.9 million rubles spent on flights and 38.3 million rubles - for hotel accommodation. Well, all the "little things" such as buying a ticket to the event, not reported in order to travel.
It can be said that the change of the leaders of "Rostelecom" does not alter the glorious traditions. Clearly, it is time to take away Sergey Kalugin and start a new tradition, opposed to the motto "expensive and of poor quality."