Rostourism will send Russians in the footsteps of Putin

A route will be developed along the places of the president's rest. It is planned that it will be several regions of Siberia.
In Russia, a national tourist route will be developed to the places where the President of Russia likes to relax. “We receive a lot of requests from tourists about where our president travels - people see unique places on TV and also want to go there, get to know their country better. Therefore, Rosturizm and leading tour operators of Russia have come up with an initiative to create a new national tourist route to the places where the president likes to rest, "Rosturizm told Interfax. As noted, the draft "presidential" route will be considered at the next expert council of Rostourism this year, it is planned that it will be several regions of Siberia. The head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova also congratulated Putin on his birthday and thanked him for supporting the tourism and hospitality industry. “We at Rosturizm wish that in your busy schedule there was always time for rest, travel and new routes in our country. P.S. Following numerous requests from tourists, the Rostourism team is already working on a national route to your favorite places, ”she wrote on her Instagram page.