Rotenberg and Timchenko share proven personnel with Gazprom

The concern took the contractors to the leadership of its new subsidiary.
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Top managers of three major contractors of Gazprom - Stroygazmontazh (SGM), Stroytransneftegaz (STNG) and Gazprom Automation (GA) - have occupied executive positions in the company Gazstroyprom. This is Gazprom’s "daughter", which should become the new single supplier of the gas monopoly precisely due to the consolidation of contractors. This was reported to RBC by eight sources close to these companies.

Among the personnel changes, which were told by RBC interlocutors:

Elena Plotnikova, SGM Finance Director, in winter became the Deputy General Director of Finance for Gazstroyprom;
in December 2019, the co-owner and CEO of the GA Dmitry Zhuravlev became the first deputy CEO of Gazstroyprom;
a similar position - the first deputy general director of "Gazstroyprom" - in April 2020, took the head of STG Ivan Sibirev.

In addition, the general director of Stroygazmontazh has recently changed. The company was headed by Vera Loseva, Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance of Gazstroyprom, said two people close to the SGM. According to one of them, Loseva became CEO last week - June 16.

How Gazprom was going to buy up contractors

In the spring of 2019, it became known that Gazprom decided to return the once sold-out assets of contracting organizations and companies created by private players, sources told RBC. For this, the monopoly created Gazstroyprom. He was supposed to buy large players from Arkady Rotenberg (SGM), Gennady Timchenko and partners (STNG), as well as Gazprom Automation from Avsholum Yunaev and Dmitry Zhuravlev and others. For the first time, Gazprom officially recognized plans for the consolidation of contractors on the basis of Gazstroyprom in February 2020 - in a memorandum on the placement of Eurobonds. But specific companies were not disclosed in it.

So far, only the purchase of Stroygazmontazh is known for about 75 billion rubles. In November 2019, the fact of the transaction was confirmed by a representative of Rotenberg. But the final buyer was not Gazstroyprom, but the Stroyinvestholding company, which was established by Olga Safonova on the eve of the deal. However, Gazstroyprom gave her a loan for this deal, Interfax wrote.

Gazprom owns 49% of Gazstroyprom, and the remaining founders are entities indirectly related to Gazprombank and individuals unknown, one of which is a bus driver, the BBC reported.

Despite gaining a position at Gazstroyprom, all top managers retain their current posts, say RBC interlocutors. For example, Plotnikova is still listed in the SGM, say two people close to the SGM and Gazstroyprom. Zhuravlev is still the general director of Gazprom Automation, follows from SPARK data. But he regularly travels to St. Petersburg, where the Gazpromstroyprom office is located, and has recently spent even more time there than in Moscow, where the GA is located, two people close to Gazprom Automation say. Sibirev, who continues to lead STNG (SPARK data), now oversees his East Siberian projects in the Gazprom subsidiary, a source close to Gazstroyprom told RBC.

Representatives of Gazprom, Gazstroyprom and Stroygazmontazh declined to comment. RBC sent inquiries to Stroytrasneftegaz and Gazprom Automation.