Rotenberg asked the British court not to divulge the terms of divorce from his wife

Businessman Arkady Rotenberg asked the Supreme Court not to disclose the details of his divorce agreement with his ex-wife Natalia. The couple divorced in Moscow in 2013 and after that for several years decided in court property issues.
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Entrepreneur Arkady Rothenberg asked the Supreme Court of Great Britain to allow him to keep the details of the divorce agreement with his ex-wife Natalia in secret.

"Rotenberg asked the court to allow him to challenge the decision of the Court of Appeal of July 25, 2017, in which it is ordered to publicize the details of his financial agreements with his ex-wife, Natalia," said head of the press office of the Supreme Court of Great Britain Sofia Linehan-Biggs.

Earlier, "Open Media" reported this with reference to its source.

The decision of the Court of Appeal of July 25, 2017 obliged Rotenberg to disclose the contents of financial arrangements concluded during the divorce proceedings.

In August 2015, RBC reported that Arkady Rotenberg's ex-wife initiated a lawsuit in London to obtain compensation. The names of the participants in the divorce proceedings were encrypted: the documents of the appellate court indicated that "Russian citizen R.", who fell under the EU sanctions in connection with the Ukrainian conflict, tried to resolve the issue of alimony payments to his wife and children living in the UK. The sanctions imposed on Arkady Rotenberg prohibit persons in the territory of the EU (including Great Britain) from conducting any financial dealings with the persons involved in the sanctions list.

In July 2016, the court in London recorded the end of the divorce proceedings of Rothenberg, the details of the decision were not made public.

In September 2016, The Guardian wrote that the newspaper The Times tried to challenge in court the decision to keep secret details of the agreement on the divorce of an unnamed "rich foreign businessman" with his wife. In particular, the newspaper required to disclose his name. The editors of the publication managed to win in court, but the plaintiff appealed the decision, referring to the need to preserve the secret of the personality of underage children.

The case materials were kept secret until the decision of the Court of Appeal. In July, the court allowed to disclose the details of the trial. Now Rotenberg challenged this decision in the Supreme Court.

Arkady Rothenberg ranks 39th in the ranking of the richest Russians according to Forbes. His fortune is estimated at $ 2.6 billion.