Rotenberg moored to the Crimean cottage Matvienko

In the luxurious residence on Cape Aya, which is associated with Yuri Kovalchuk and Valentina Matvienko, a berth for hundred-meter yachts appeared. And off the coast of Crimea for the first time was seen the yacht Rahil, attributed to Arkady Rotenberg.
Origin source
A luxury mansion in the Batiliman tract in Sevastopol began to be built in 2007 in Ukraine, when the territory of the Cape Ayia recreation center of the Ukrainian state-owned enterprise Ukravtodor was privatized by structures associated with the son of then-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych Alexander.

After the annexation of Crimea to Russia, they wanted to demolish Yanukovych’s cottage as a squad that went beyond the boundaries of land allotment. But soon the decision was canceled, and the mansion with a plot of 3.5 hectares was put up for auction.

In 2016, the building of the "Yanukovych's dacha" was bought by the St. Petersburg LLC "Chance", owned by the bank "Russia" controlled by Yuri Kovalchuk. In 2017, the buildings and the land beneath them were transferred to Bere LLC, whose general director is Pavel Zaitsev, partner of the shareholders of Russia on non-profit projects. In particular, Zaitsev is the general director of NP Development of the Market for Effective Investments, owned by co-owner of Rossiya Bank Gennady Timchenko and Petr Kolbin, whom the media is Putin’s long-time friend. Zaitsev is also a co-owner of NP “Revival of Marine Traditions” and NP “Revival of Traditions and Culture of Suburban Leisure“ South Park ”together with Dmitry Mansurov, member of the Board of Directors of Russia, and Nikolai Shamalov, co-owner of the bank.

Locals call the residence "Matvienko's dacha". The speaker of the Federation Council was seen at a construction site by employees of neighboring recreation centers and builders who worked at the facility in early June 2018. The press service of the Federation Council denied her involvement in the estate.

Since 2016, the cottage has been completely rebuilt: the mansion has been expanded, the roof has been replaced. In addition, another front-glazed building was built on the shore, and in front of it there was an embankment with a berth for mooring yachts up to 100 m long.

And the other day in the vicinity of Yalta, the luxurious 62-meter yacht Rahil was first seen. Formally, it belongs to a businessman from St. Petersburg, the owner of the contract company "Green City" Grigory Bayevsky. But the real owner of the yacht is the niche edition of the billionaire SuperYachtFan billionaire Arkady Rotenberg.

The ship was built in 2011 at the Italian shipyard Azimut-Benetti Group (Livorno shipyard) by order of the British billionaire Graham de Zill. The yacht was originally named Amnesia and was assigned to the port of Georgetown. But even before launching it was sold to a new owner for $ 60 million and received a new name Nataly - as the media suggest, in honor of the second wife of Arkady Rotenberg Natalia. After the Rotenberg divorce, the owner of the yacht renamed the ship to Rahil.

Since 2014, the yacht assigned to the port of Sochi has not left the Black Sea due to the danger of an authorization arrest.

The yacht was seen in Gurzuf, on the raid of the Yusupov Palace and near Koreiz, where one of the Rotenberg sanatorium structures located near the Crimea is located - the famous Dulber Palace. It was built in 1897 for the Grand Duke Peter Romanov, a magnificent park was laid out around the estate. In Soviet times, a sanatorium worked in the palace, where representatives of the party elite had a rest, in Ukraine it was part of the structure of the Verkhovna Rada’s affairs. After the annexation of Crimea to Russia, the sanatorium was nationalized, and in 2018 it was sold at auction for 702 million rubles.

Structures associated with Arkady Rotenberg also bought the Miskhor and Ai-Petri sanatoriums in Crimea. In addition, people close to the oligarch are building a residence on Cape Sarych - the southernmost point of Crimea. Two kilometers from it is the famous “Gorbachev’s dacha” - a state residence, on which, apparently, someone is also resting now: Crimeans complain in social networks that people in camouflage uniforms and without identification signs forbid them to climb the Ilyas peak -Kaya, along which the well-known tourist route "The Great Sevastopol Trail", created under the auspices of the government of Sevastopol, passes far beyond the region. This has already happened before: armed people deployed tourists walking along the cliffs of the main ridge of the Crimean Mountains, and forced them to delete photos and videos taken from viewpoints in direct visibility from state residences.