Rotenberg will receive trillions to save the Russian economy

"Natsproektstroy", created on the basis of the assets of the family of Arkady Rotenberg, can become a general contractor for major road construction projects. The total cost of the projects is 6 trillion rubles.
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The joint venture of the Arkady Rotenberg family and VEB.RF "Natsproektstroy" may become the general contractor of infrastructure projects in the field of road construction as part of the plan to rescue the Russian economy. Nikolai Tsekhomsky, First Deputy Chairman of VEB.RF, spoke about this in an interview with Forbes.

“I don’t exclude it,” he replied to the question of whether Natsproektstroy will receive the functions of a general contractor in the implementation of the Roads of Russia project. - There are such contractors in any country. Somewhere - state, somewhere - quasi-state. "

Trillions of projects

The government developed a plan for economic recovery at the end of May. Its cost for 2020-2021 is approximately 8 trillion rubles. Of this amount, 1.6 trillion rubles, the government plans to spend on eleven projects in the framework of road construction. The total cost of these projects is about 6 trillion rubles.

The most expensive - worth 4.8 trillion rubles until 2024 or 1.4 trillion in 2020-2021 - migrated to the plan from the Safe and High-Quality Roads National Project. It involves large-scale construction and repair of roads in the regions, as well as measures to improve road safety, for example, increasing the number of cameras.

A representative of Natsproektstroy told Forbes that "in the part of the program that concerns the development of transport infrastructure in the country, there are projects that are potentially of interest to the company." “After the completion of the process of creation,“ Natsstroyproekt ”plans on a general basis to participate in competitions for those objects that will meet our competencies and criteria for selecting projects,” he added.

A spokesman for Arkady Rotenberg declined to comment.

The remaining ten "road" projects of the anti-crisis plan involve the construction of roads previously included in the comprehensive plan for the development and modernization of infrastructure. Most of all, it follows from the plan, the government plans to spend on two sections of the transport corridor "Europe-Western China" (EZK) - the high-speed highway "Moscow-Kazan" (610 billion rubles) and bypassing the city of Togliatti with a bridge across the Volga (120.8 billion rubles). rubles).

Earlier, a representative of Natsproektstroy confirmed the company's interest in general contracting for EZK. In the structure of "Natsproektstroy" in June, the company "NPS EZK" was established.

Competitor to foreigners

In addition to NPS EZK, Natsproektstroy also includes two more companies - NPS DZOK and NPS Aksai.

The name of the first one can be deciphered as "Far western bypass of Krasnodar", this project involves the construction of a section of the M4 Don highway, which would connect it with the exit to the Kerch bridge.

Aksai is a city in the Rostov region, around which it is also planned to build a bypass on the M4 highway - this project with a total cost of about 90 billion rubles is also included in the economic recovery plan. Arkady Rotenberg's Mostotrest is already operating on the M4 sections in the Lipetsk and Voronezh regions, whose assets are planned to be transferred to Natsproektstroy.

Earlier "Vedomosti" wrote that "Natsproektstroy" can get contracts for the construction of a bypass of Krasnodar and Aksai without a tender. “We think that everything will definitely be through the competition,” Tsekhomsky told Forbes. - There are just few people who can take on such large-scale projects. This is either a foreign player or Natsproektstroy. In fact, it may turn out that no one will come to such a competition, except for foreigners. In any case, Natsproektstroy will unite private Russian players and involve them in the implementation of projects. "

Railway interest

Arkady Rotenberg's Stroyproektholding company and VEB.RF agreed on the creation of Natsproektstroy at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in 2019. The initiator was VEB.RF, Tsekhomsky told Forbes: “Today, even the largest Russian player, Mostotrest, is not among the top twenty world leaders. We want to join forces and create a company that will not only be a contractor, but will also be able to attract funding for the project. "

Now "Natsproektstroy" belongs to ZPIF "Legion" under the management of the company "Evocorp". Over time, said Ruben Aganbegyan, the head of Natsstroyproekt, the place of the Legion in the joint venture will be taken by the structures of the Rotenberg family. As RBC wrote, the value of assets contributed to Natsproektstroy may exceed 100 billion rubles. VEB.RF will pay for its share (43%) in cash, while the Rotenbergs will pay the same share in assets. Also, a certain professional investor with a share of 14% can become a shareholder.

In addition to Mostotrest, the joint venture will include TEK Mosenergo, owned by Arkady Rotenberg's son Igor. The partners are also interested in joining the joint venture of the 1520 group, a major contractor of Russian Railways. The head of Natsproektstroy Ruben Aganbegyan told RBC that negotiations with the shareholders of 1520 are underway, but the process is influenced by the criminal cases brought against the former and current owners of the group - Valery Markelov and Boris Usherovich. The entry of 1520 into Natsproektstroy opens the way for the joint venture to contracts for railway projects from the economic rescue plan, for example, the reconstruction of the BAM and Transsib (680 billion rubles) and the development of railway infrastructure in the Central Transport Hub (520 billion rubles).