Rotenberg's competitor: new projects and new conflicts of Marina Sechina

Marina Sechina, former wife of the CEO of Rosneft Igor Sechin, continues to collect assets.
Origin source
In July 2016 it became known that it belongs to the developer CJSC "FTSSR" a project portfolio of more than 0.5 million square feet. M. But the former owner of CJSC "FTSSR" - the company "GVSU" Center "billionaire Boris Rotenberg - did not agree with the fact that it pushed out stroitelngo project, and began to plead. As has found out "Co" is not the only project for which argued Sechin and Rothenberg.

Finish the over Polonsky

CJSC "FTSSR" exists since 1993 and during that time has built about 1 million square feet. m - mainly in Moscow. Previously owned by Peter Ivanov. In July 2016 Marina Sechin became chairman of the board and owner of CJSC "FTSSR". This was confirmed by Dmitriy Antonenko, director general of JSC "Management Company" Management. " UK "Management", also owned by Sechin, now managed by CJSC "FTSSR", which became famous thanks to the scandalous unfinished - LCD "Kutuzov mile" (now RC "Triumphant").

In 2005, the company "Avanta", part of "Mirax Group" Sergei Polonsky, undertook investments with FTSSRacce to the project of complex reconstruction quarters district Fili-Davydkovo a total area of ​​912,000 square meters. m worth $ 1.2 billion. But in the crisis of 2008 the project was shelved, and FTSSR terminated the contract with the "Avanti". Today there is a trial of Sergei Polonsky, who is accused of embezzling 2.5 billion rubles. from real estate investors "Kutuzov mile". Peter Ivanov also suspected of fraud, and it is not available for comment. Several companies have tried to finish after Polonsky LCD "Triumphant", including the "IMS-5" and GVSU "Center". General Director of "IMS-5" Obid Yasinov says: "We have calculated and decided that to our advantage: it was necessary to pay off with real estate investors, to pay the city a share of 30%, the exact numbers right now I do not remember." Partners Sechin on agricultural assets Denis Zalewski, Andrew and Yuri Voronkov Abaluevu project also appeared unprofitable. GVSU "Center" began to build the 18th Corps, but was never finished and interest holders have not received housing. Sergei Polonsky GVSU called "Center" raiders seized "Kutuzov mile", and even announced in 2011 the seven-day hunger strike.

To presentschemu time in the LCD "Triumphant" erected three buildings with a total area of ​​107 700 sq. m. The last body was handed over in 2014, and then the construction of "Triumphant" was not conducted. It was only in May this year JSC "FTSSR" has received permission to build two more buildings with a total area of ​​76 000 sq. m.

"JSC" FTSSR "intends to build equity holders 13 000 square meters. m RC "Triumphant" at his own expense, is still the apartment is not got 92 co-investors, "- said the" To "Dmitriy Antonenko. Among the planned to the construction before the end of 2018 -. Housing a total area of ​​about 190 000 sq m now a square meter in one of the buildings sold for 250,000 rubles, this housing premium.. In total, the "triumphal" Project Company "FTSSR" to build about 500 000 sq. meters of housing. The volume of investment is not disclosed. And developers do not intend to dwell on this, today he chooses sites in Moscow, in the area of ​​three stations in Sochi and Kaliningrad.

Meanwhile GVSU "Center" claims against the company Marina Sechin. The basis of the arbitration court two lawsuits reported by 257 million rubles. One orx 8.9 mln., satisfied. This is the penalty for failure to obtain a building permit and for violating prison term equity contract. GVSU "Center" planned in the 2015-2016 biennium. invest in the construction of the 15th and 16th Corps LCD "Triumphant", hoped to build them as a general contractor and get an apartment, in which it has invested. But the JSC "FTSSR" has not fulfilled its obligations on time. The two companies did not comment on the situation. And this is not the only conflict of the former wife of Igor Sechin and GVSU "Center".

The battle for the "Source"

In November last year Marina Sechin and partners began to control the company "Kosmosaviaspetsstroy". Almost simultaneously, JSC "Scientific-Production Enterprise" Istok "them. AI Shokina "agreed to go to the world and to extend the state contract with the company worth about 300 million rubles. Under this contract, "Kosmosaviaspetsstroyu", for example, charged with delivering the stands, which are tested sverhchastotnye devices for fighters.

Sechin received "Kosmosaviaspetsstroy" by the ex-head Backgroundservisbanka Alexander Volovnik. Contracts of this company with enterprises "Rostec" and "Roscosmos" worth about 100 billion rubles., Told the "To" sources close to the deal. Of these, "Istok" SPE account for 57 billion rubles .; 15-20 bln. - On CVTs "Technology" them. AG Romashin (Obninsk), 10 billion rubles. - Federal State Unitary Enterprise "TsNIIMash" (Korolev), 7 bln. - On the FGP "Center of it. MV Keldysh ".

"NPP" Istok "- a world-renowned manufacturer of microwave devices for radar systems for military and civil purposes. At the same time the major share of public procurement by NPP "Istok" for construction and installation work and supply of equipment worth about 42 billion rubles. can get all GVSU "Center", in any case, the data on contracts is in "Kontur.Fokus" service basis. However, in the basis of public procurement could find only two, worth about 10 billion rubles., - For the supply of equipment and construction and installation work. In addition, GVSU "Center" in these competitions was the only participant. Another two government orders NPP "Istok" - on the general contract for construction work StoaBridges 7.6 billion rubles. - Fighting "Kosmosaviaspetsstroy" GVSU and "Center". In December last year, "Kosmosaviaspetsstroy" tried to challenge the refusal of the customer from the contract for 5.6 billion rubles., Complained to the FAS, but lost. These contracts will likely also will write in the active GVSU "Center", where new purchases will be carried out. Meanwhile, "Kosmosavispetsstroy" received claims worth over 4.6 billion rubles. contractors and today through the Arbitration Court seeking the observation that in the future may make it difficult to work with state orders.

In December 2015 the billionaire Boris Rotenberg, brother of billionaire Arkady Rotenberg, a friend of President Vladimir Putin, became chairman GVSU "Center" of the board. After that he appeared large orders from the NPP "Istok", included in "Rostec". For GVSU "Center" is an opportunity to significantly increase your business: from the general contractor, recently more than specializing in residential construction revenue dropped from 19 billion rubles. in 2014 to 11 billion rubles. in 2015. People started to buy less of flats in Moscow and the Moscow region, where building DHWThe "Center". With new revenue GVSU state orders "Centre" can be almost doubled to fly. The elder brother of Boris Rotenberg Arkady became king of the state order - according to Forbes, in 2016 his company received state contracts for 555.5 billion rubles. Now the kings of the state order have a chance to get there, and Boris Rotenberg. About the previous agreements on 57 billion rubles. with "Kosmosaviaspetsstroem" in the "Source", seem to have forgotten. Yuri Voronkov and Andrew Abaluev partners Marina Sechin company "PAC" (manufacturer of vegetable oil), decided that the struggle for state orders meaningless, and withdrew from the "Kosmosaviaspetsstroya 'founders, and on August 30 they followed suit itself Sechin (service data" Contour .Focus"). Denis Zalewski, co-owner of the Vologda agricultural holding (company also Sechin) believes that the partners had a different understanding of the financial situation, and so they stopped participating in the project. Now 51% of LLC "Kosmosaviaspetsstroy" is located at the institutions of the Volgograd businessman Dmitry Klimov.

Law Spring-Sechin

In August this year became co-owner Marina Sechin aboutproject company - LLC "ADM specific solutions and technology" ( "ADM SpetsRT") with revenues in 2014 of 125 million rubles. and a net profit of 19.1 million rubles. According to the "Kontur.Fokus" service, with Sechin - 25% "ADM SpetsRT", 70% - Andrei Abramov, owner ADM Partnership. Perhaps this is the first company in which the share of Sechin below the control, and the first company in which the co-owners do not have her permanent business partner, Kabardino-Balkar businessman Khizir Atakueva.

The main owner of "ADM SpetsRT" and a new partner Marina Sechin Andrei Abramov with 16 years designing engineering systems and data centers. His company ADM Partnership - one of the largest data center designers.

Spring Law opens new opportunities for ADM Partnership, as its implementation will require the construction of new data centers, and new orders can come from the company. Under this law, from July 1, 2018, Russian telecom operators and Internet service providers are required to keep all traffic customers - calls, letters, files, conversations. "While we do not understand how the law will be technically implemented by Spring, but in the autumn, apparently ZackChica will understand, we are ready to take part in the design of the data center ", - says Andrey Abramov.

Marina Sechin receives assets guaranteed by the market or the state order. "Kosmosaviaspetsstroy" was just such a company, but the military state contracts were needed and GVSU company "Center" Boris Rotenberg, and she got them. Himself Igor Sechin, when he was deputy prime minister also had to give Rotenberg brothers - in 2011, both found "Vedomosti", on behalf of the FAS Igor Ivanovich was unable to complete the verification of Rotenberg "North European Pipe Project". Meanwhile, the family Rotenberg and "Rostec" (NPP "Istok" - the apple of discord between Sechin and Rotenberg - part of the "Rostec") binds the total business. Igor Rotenberg, the son of Arkady Rotenberg and "Rostec" founded the company "RTITS" that collects a fee from the truck for "Plato" operator. However, and Sechin and Sergei Chemezov, the head of "Rostec" - "the people of the inner circle of President Putin," in any case, such a characteristic gave them the Ministry of FinanceThe United States, which introduced sanctions against them.