Rotenberg's factory: who Nike and Adidas entrust their goods to

The eldest son of billionaire Boris Rotenberg buys one of the leading Russian manufacturers of sportswear and souvenirs.
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Roman Rotenberg, son of Forbes list of the participant Boris Rotenberg, is going to buy "Sewing and print production Rossport" produces sportswear and souvenirs. "The transaction is in the final stage," - said Forbes himself Roman Rotenberg. CEO and co-owner of the factory Alexei Zuev confirmed this information.

The amount of the transaction or Rothenberg, neither Zuev did not disclose. Zuev SPARK data confirmed that in 2013 the company's revenue amounted to 83.8 million rubles, and the profit - 2.3 million rubles. In the past year, he says, the financial performance remained "at about the same level."

"SPP Rossport" created in 2004, two sports manager: Zuev, who worked previously for many years in football and basketball CSKA Moscow, and Ivan Dimov, former employee of the Russian outfit center Adidas. They rented a 20 square near Moscow Dedovsk. m, which began to explore the technology of printing on textiles. A year later we opened in the same sewing and embroidery shop, as well as an office in the Luzhniki Stadium. Now the company has two factories with a total area of ​​3500 square meters. m - in Dedovsk and Kostroma - where they can sew form for lByh sports and symbols applied to the finished equipment.

In addition to equipment, "SPP Rossport" produces souvenirs - baseball caps, scarves, pennants - and does prints for all sports clubs in the country, said Zuyev. For example, FC "Spartak" contract with the [technical sponsor] Nike, but the equipment comes "almost empty", that is, without names and player numbers, sponsor logos, and "SPP Rossport" under the contract with the club coordinates the design, causing logos, performs prints. Club customers have more than a thousand.

According Zueva, the company has a lot of competition, but unlike the "SPP Rossport" working with all kinds of sports, they are specialized, "Ray" - in hockey, "SportEkip" - in basketball, "Fansport" - in football ... And more , unlike competitors who operate under their own brands, "SPP Rossport» produces no name, says CEO. Therefore they are trusted and Nike, and Adidas. They believe that the factory will not reveal the secrets of their design and technology, and will not be a direct competitor to equip the marketapplication. In the autumn the company will begin to brand volleyball form Japanese Mizuno, which played the Russian national team.
Roman Rotenberg, held several high positions in the hierarchy of hockey - the vice-president of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation, a member of the board of directors of the Continental Hockey League (KHL) and Vice President of the St. Petersburg SKA - began to look closely to the company in 2014. Then, according to Zuyev, they completed a rush order SKA, Rothenberg and liked the quality and timeliness of execution.

Shortly thereafter, says CEO, Rotenberg called, and when they met, the proposed transaction.
Roman Rotenberg became interested in sports business as early as 2011, when he created a network of shops Vitawin sports nutrition. Initially it was assumed that the main buyers may become KHL clubs, but then, according to him, it became clear that more effective work in retail. Today the network includes 68 stores across the country.

After transition vice president of marketing at CAS, which is shortly before the led Gennady Timchenko, Rotenberg started to develop stores Hockey ClubClub. Their supply is partially provided his company "Sportkontsept" who bought goods in China and Turkey, as well as in one of the largest on the market Atributika & Club Eugene Larikova companies (according to SPARC, revenue for 2013 amounted to 197 million rubles, net profit - 22 million rubles). "Atributika - is also our competitor in the direction of souvenirs - Zuyev said - but after buying" Sportkontseptom "factory we aim to press Atributika in this segment." In any case Rotenberg can not refuse, at least on imports.

sports marketing department head of the University "Synergy" Andrey Malygin estimates the Russian market of the sports goods "of $ 5 billion in retail prices."
At the same time 80% of the market - are goods for the mass sports audience. Experts, he explains this divide players into four groups: the owners of brands like Adidas; b2b factories that take orders from brand owners; distributors and retailers.

On the basis of this qualification, after buying "SPP Rossport" Rotenberg can combine the capabilities of its Fabryand, distribution and retail, serious saving on operating costs. For building a vertically integrated group it is not to be missed only its own brand.