Rotenberg's hand in the pockets of the Kerch bridge builders

Strange things happen with the construction of the Kerch bridge, which is conducted by Stroygazmontazh owned by Arkady Rotenberg. 
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It's no longer a secret that the construction site there is something wrong, and it's not misrepresented that for the construction of a unique object came from a company which does not have any experience in carrying out similar work. Owner "Stroygazmontazh" something dark with money: it exposes the state accounts despite the fact that tens of billions of rubles lie motionless in kaznecheystve. He reports about the (supposedly) works carried out at the site, but does not make them pay. This is much like a wrecking and sabotage.

According to "Vedomosti", with reference to the site of public procurement, «Stroygazmontazh" put the state another account. The act of acceptance of work performed from 25 May to 25 June, by 2.3 billion rubles. signed by the general contractor and the customer. In June, the facility built temporary structures, piles concreted road and rail bridges. This is the third act of jobs that do not go to the expense paid in advance. Exactly the same acts charged in April (3.7 billion rubles.) And May (2 bln.). Information about payment of work on the site is not - the last payment order dated 30 butber.

According to the state contract "Stroygazmontazh" I received an advance of more than 48.9 billion rubles., Of these funds are sufficient for the construction before the customer pays the current work, the representative of "SGM Bridge" ( "daughter" of "Stroygazmontazh" manages the project). However, the work is not going to the expense of an advance, he did not comment.

Acceptance of the works carried out in the repayment of the advance payment and future payments, said a representative of the customer - PKU "Management of Federal Roads" Taman "(under the jurisdiction of Rosavtodor).

The money is there to pay, insists a representative of Ministry of Transport. In the treasury account of the customer's building - control federal roads "Taman" - is more than 57 billion rubles, intended for the payment of the contract in the current year, he continues.. Payments begin after the completion of the transfer procedure, the contract for the maintenance of the treasury, said the representative of the Ministry of Transport.

Change need an order defining "Stroygazmontazh" as the sole provider Startedunder the state contract to 228.3 billion rubles. It states that the contract requires the expansion of bank support, and not the treasury, which translates to a contract the government to ensure that the intended use of the money.

Changes will be approved before the end of June, reported earlier by the Ministry of Transport. Events for changes continue, says he is now. The order will be changed in the near future, probably early next week, says the deputy prime minister Dmitry Kozak, in charge of the construction. On Wednesday, it was conciliatory meeting at Kozak with the Ministry of Transport officials, the Federal Road Agency, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Development and representatives of the contractor, told the meeting. The meeting was the decision made, confirmed by a representative Kozak, the current building is fully secured financing.

For payment delay can be set fine, says partner of law firm Hogan Lovells Alexander Dolgov. State contract provides for responsibilities of both parties, but the parties do not see any reason for the onset of the respective otvebility, the representative of the management of federal highways "Taman".

Transfer to treasury support should not cause problems for bona fide contractors, even if they have to open a special account in the Treasury, Dolgov said. Now this way of expenditure control through nominee accounts, consider and commercial banks, he said.