Rothenberg is more: the third representative of the family became a billionaire

Forbes estimated the state of co-owner of the "Platon" Igor Rothenberg in 1 billion dollars.
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Igor Rotenberg, the eldest son of Arkady Rothenberg, in the early 2000s managed to work in the Ministry of Property and Railways, and only then came to the family business. It is true that in 2006, when Igor Rotenberg became chairman of the board of directors of the managing company "EnVi Engineering", the family business was not as large as it is now.

Only in 2008 Rothenberg bought 5 companies of oil and gas construction from Gazprom for $ 400 million. Based on these five companies, the Stroygazmontazh holding was created, which became the largest contractor in the infrastructure construction market: in 2008 its revenue was 6.9 billion rubles , according to the results of 2016 - 276.4 billion rubles. In an interview with Forbes, Arkady Rotenberg said that he owns 51% of the holding, and the remaining shares belong to his brother (Boris Rotenberg) and his son. Also Igor Rotenberg was the younger partner of his father in another infrastructure construction company - Mostotrest, which builds roads and bridges.

In 2010-2011, Rothenberg's family business expanded: they became owners of TEK Mosenergo (design and construction of energy facilities) and Gazprom Drilling (one of the largest drilling companies in Russia). And in 2014, RBC published an investigation of the ties of the company "EnPiVi Engineering" Igor Rotenberg with a distillery business and vodka brand "Putinka".

After the introduction of sanctions by the United States and the European Union, the Rothenbergs divided the assets. Igor Rothenberg became a full-fledged owner of Mostotrest, TEK Mosenergo, Gazprom Drilling and TPN Real Estate (the company now owns six major shopping centers in Sochi, Krasnodar, Kiev, Novosibirsk and Moscow). In an interview with Interfax, Arkady Rothenberg claimed that they had agreed with the son about the parameters of the deal two years before the sanctions, and the deal itself was a market transaction with the use of cash and a loan.

In 2015, the system "Platon", which charges a truck with a weight of more than 12 tons for traveling on federal roads, has been activated. The introduction into operation of the system was accompanied by protests of "truckers". 50% of the company-operator "Plato" belong to Igor Rotenberg. Protests of the residents are accompanied by another project by Igor Rothenberg - "National Antimony Company", which wants to build a plant for the processing of antimony concentrate in the city of Asbest of the Sverdlovsk region. Now the company is suing the city council of Asbest for changing the rules of land use. Friends of Igor Rotenberg told Forbes that he repeatedly complained about the difficulties of doing business in Russia.