Ruble creates demand: crisis spurred sales in Russian shops

The consumer boom is unfolding in Russia. By extensive shopping the population is trying to save the savings from devaluation and prepare for future growth in prices for imported goods.
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Depreciation of the ruble and rising prices for imported goods has caused an excessive demand in Russian stores. Consumers are trying to invest their savings in the purchase of vehicles and equipment. Forbes interviewed electronics retailers, watches and cars say that in recent months demand has increased an average of two times.

"We note the significant increase in demand for TV and large household appliances. Only last week the sale of TVs compared to the same period last year increased by more than twice ", - says Head of Public Relations Media Markt chain in Russia Anna Trofimova. In the segment of large home appliances, according to her, sales also doubled.

Representatives of major home appliances, and note another trend: consumers are buying more expensive goods as in TV and in the categories of large home appliances, and telecommunications devices.

According to the "M. Videos »Julia Zotova, the trend observed in recent months.

Confirm the sharp jump in demand and "Technosila". "If inEarlier this year, the growth in these categories stagnated or did not exceed 3-5% compared to 2013, over the past eight weeks in-store sales increased by more than 40%, and the Internet have shown in some weeks double growth ", - says CEO "Technosila" Ilya Timchenko.

In "The Messenger" we were told that since the beginning of November increased demand for all the gadgets except advancers Apple smartphones. Lack of demand for the iPhone retailer connects with a deficit of the goods: the party devices obtained by the "old" prices, almost completely sold out by November 20-21. "Sales of smartphones and tablets has increased by 10-40% over the same period last year, both in quantity and in terms of money, depending on the price range and the type of devices," - summarizes the representative of the "Messenger" Sergei Tikhonov.

Consumers are willing to buy and expensive watches. "If you compare the sales of the previous year with sales for the year, the increase is about 40%", - says CEO of Breitling in Russia and the CIS Arsen Balayan.

The TAG Heuer (part of the LVMH Group) observed an unprecedented influx pokuPatel, many of whom are foreigners. "We fix a clear increase in sales compared to the same period last year. In percentage terms, it is about double digits, "- says CEO of TAG Heuer in Russia Oleg Kaidalov. Despite the increase in sales, all of watch brands will be forced to raise prices, albeit very gradually, he said.

High demand is fixed and the largest car dealers.

"Snapping up everything from Mercedes, Audi and Land Rover and ending with Mazda, Mitsubishi and Škoda with the Hyundai", - said the head of the department corporate communications, "Rolf" Svetlana Branitskaya. Sales last month exceeded the results of the November 2013 th to 41%. During the first 11 months of 2014, according to the company, sales grew by 13%, to 80 000 vehicles.

Almost two-fold increase in demand and a company representative tells AVTODOM (official dealer of BMW, BMW Motorrad, MINI and ALPINA exclusive representative in Russia), Konstantin Samoilov.
But clothing is not hype is. According to Managing Director of Esper Group Daria Nuclear, consumers are waiting for sales to begin soon. "In the villageenezhnom terms of demand, compared with December of the previous year is below 4%, November to November - an increase of 2.5%. All the hype in the cars left! "- Laughs Nuclear.

"Excessive demand on clothes there. Demand has fallen dramatically, as evidenced by retailers of all segments ", - I agree the commercial director of Fashion Consulting Group Anush Gasparyan. According to estimates Fashion Consulting Group, stores Turnover fell by an average of 20-30%.

Retailers attributed the current situation to a sharp drop in the ruble exchange rate. The national currency weakened against the dollar from the beginning of the year by 66%. The fall has accelerated sharply in September - from 37 rubles to the dollar to 55 rubles.

"Buying a car premium segment can be regarded as an investment. Buying a car, the buyer can predict how much the car will become cheaper. In addition, there is a limit below which the price will not fall ", - said Konstantin Samoilov from AVTODOM. According to him, the crisis has not touched on the secondary market of cars, so invest in the purchase of expensive cars is beneficial.

"The reason for excitement is understandable - consumers hedge risks in rublesBefore coming price increase in 2015 ", - confirms the representative of" Rolf "Svetlana Branitskaya.

In "The Messenger" believe that many customers prefer to shop, predicting a possible price increase in the near future. "Someone perceives purchase gadgets such as the flagship of the segment as a unique form of" investment "money to depreciate due to the devaluation of the ruble," - Sergey Tikhonov said.

The same opinion is shared by Arsen Balayan from Breitling. "First of all, we associate the increase in demand with the cost of production, which is currently lower by 15-20% compared to the European prices. Of course, it affects the exchange rate ", - he explains. On December Breitling began a smooth increase in prices by an average of 6%, but the cost of hours will still be lower than foreign.

As the price of home appliances, is projected to "M. Video ", in 2015, they will rise by 5-10% for computers and notebooks - by 15-20%, on the phones - by 5-15%, and TV - by 5-10%.

Technique local assembly will rise by an average of 5% - 95% washing produced in Russiax machines, televisions 92% and 80% of refrigerators.

Prices for clothing, according to Daria Nuclear, for the new season to grow by 20% in March - by 10%.