Ruchyev sold "Morton" to the co-owner of PIK Group

The president and the largest shareholder of PIK GC, Sergey Gordeev, bought Morton Group, the largest housing developer in Russia. The deal will allow the entrepreneur to control almost 14% of the market of industrial property in the capital area.
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"Gone challenges"

President of the "Morton" Alexander Brooks companies and other shareholders out of the company's capital by selling its shares to Sergey Gordeev, the largest shareholder of PIK Group. This RBC told two sources close to the government of the Moscow region. Gordeyev and Brooks also confirmed this information.

According to them, the deal, which includes the entire developer unit GC "Morton 'business has already been closed. Its amount they did not call. "The amount and other parameters of the deal were not disclosed, but I am satisfied with the agreements reached", - said Gordeev RBC. However, he stressed that it was "strategic investment", which is financed entirely out of their own funds without attracting loans.

Terms of the deal suggest that Gordeyev will take over the obligation to pay the debt of GC "Morton", which, according to Brooks, is "about 22-24 billion rubles.". For comparison, in early 2015 debt load group was 1.5 times lower and amounted to about 15 billion rubles., But subsequently increased by the purchase of newconstruction sites.

All six shareholders "Morton", the largest of which is the Brooks will also receive cash. Distribution of share capital the company never revealed.

Given the size of the credit burden, "Morton" net value of the company's assets may be zero, according to managing partner of Colliers International Nikolai Kazansky. "However, given the interest in Sergei Gordeyev synergistic effects which can be achieved by controlling both developers work, the size of cash payments could amount to 3-5 billion rubles." - Suggests Kazan.

"I have received funds will be more than enough for the development of high-tech businesses, which are not included in the deal with Sergey Gordeev" - Brooks RBC said.

According to him, the sale of real estate development business, "Morton" side began to discuss in the summer. "This decision was due to the fact that, in principle, we have already achieved in development of all, what can be achieved - Brooks explained. - Missing calls, so we decwhether to focus on high-tech business. "

In particular, the entrepreneur intends to develop the business of the company "Galen" for the production of high-tech materials, as well as focus on the development of transport technologies, such as light-rail. In them, he sees "great growth potential" and "the main point of growth."

Technopark project development MIPT is also not included in the deal, which is planned to build IT-Cluster in an area of ​​approximately 400 sq. m. m. In laying the first stone in the summer of 2014, the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin said that more than 60% of the area of ​​the project is already reserved for future residents.

"Morton" will continue to develop as an independent brand, without being combined with the business of the Civil Code "PIC", emphasize the participants. "There is no conflict of interest is not created - Gordeyev said. - I acquire assets for personal benefit, at their own expense and the company intends to develop as an independent brand with its own strategy. "

At the same time Brooks during the transition period will remain in GC "Morton" and continue to claimreceive are actively involved in its management. The duration of this period will depend on the decision Gordeyev said RBC Brooks himself.

The first and third

PIK Group has introduced a 665 thousand sq. M in 2015. meters of housing, taking third place among the largest Russian developers, according to INFOLine. To take first place, "Morton" built 947 thousand sq. M. m. Given the fact that last year in Moscow and the Moscow region, where the company's work was introduced 11.7 million square meters. m, their combined market share was 13.7%. At the same time in Russia as a whole, where 49.5 million was built in 2015 square meters. m of housing industrial method, the share of companies accounted for less than 3%.

From January to August 2016, "Morton" was introduced only 434 thousand. Square meters. meters of housing. However, the total volume of the input end of the year should reach about 1 million square feet. m, promises Brooks.

The volume of sales of "Morton", is expected to increase significantly. If at the end of 2015 it amounted to 59.2 billion rubles., But this year should amount to 71 billion rubles. Since the beginning of January to September 2016 the company's revenue amounted to 45.3 billion rubles., 30.5% higher than that of the sameHeat-last year - 34.6 billion rubles.

Among the largest group of projects - LCD "Luberetskiy" neighborhoods "Putilkovo", "Butovo Park", "East Butovo" and "Novorizhskoye quarters." Total today the company in an active stage of construction are 5.3 million square meters. m of housing in Moscow and Moscow region. At the same time the company's land bank allows you to build 8 million square meters. m.

Sergey Gordeev is one of the founders of the company "Rosbilding" that specialized in mergers and acquisitions. After her elimination, he created the company Horus Capital, which was engaged in reshaping the industrial buildings for commercial real estate. In late 2010, he sold the Horus Capital Boris Mints assets for $ 900 million, of which Gordeev had to get about $ 310 million (the rest of the amount is a debt).

On the proceeds Gordeev acquired a stake in GC "PIK", which was later brought to 29.9%, becoming the largest shareholder of the company. Another 16% - from businessman Alexander Mamut. 9.8% of the shares of the co-owner of "Safmar" Mikail Shishkhanov. In freebraschenii are 44.3% of the shares.

This pic - not only business Gordeeva. A Luxembourg company Horus Fund SA it develops its projects in commercial real estate. The core is the recently opened shopping center (mall) River Mall area of ​​258 thousand sq. M. m in the area "Avtozavodskaya" metro station. Also previously businessman announced plans to develop projects TPU "Salaryevo mall" on 460 thousand sq. m. meters, the SEC "Podolsk mall" (120 thousand sq. m.) and "Yaroslavka mall" (230 thousand sq. m.). However, in March 2016, "Kommersant" wrote that the site under the "Yaroslavka Mall" area of ​​21 hectares for sale. This document reissued on the site for housing. Earlier in the sale was put up land for the construction of the shopping center in Podolsk. TPU "Salaryevo mall" is also not yet started to be built.

Also to December 2015 Gordeev intended to develop JSC "United Trading House (TH)" Yasenevo ", which has four department stores" Yasenevo "," Youth "," Dobryninsky "and" Belgrade "total area of ​​46.3 thousand sq. M. m, and thentractive centers "Favorite" (37 thousand sq. m.) in the South Butovo and "Versailles" (30 thousand sq. m.) on the streets of Minsk. Subsequently, however, the businessman decided to sell these projects. A potential buyer could be BIN Group, wrote "Vedomosti". The parties have not confirmed. This RBC said a source close to the government of the Moscow region.