Rucompromat review for May 30 — June 3

Meanwhile in Russia the FSB and other law enforcement agencies all of a sudden have started a crackdown on glided youth and some high-ranking officials
At the end of May in Moscow "Lukoil" vice-president's son Ruslan Shamsuarov was put under 15-days arrest on charges of reckless driving and disobeying police orders. Because of his high status Judge has to rely on newly formed Rosgard (Russian National Guard) to make an arrest. We congratulate brave soldiers on their first successful operation.

Shamsuarov and his friends were chased by police cruisers through the streets of Moscow for more than an hour. While officers tried to stop his Mercedes Gelandewagen which, on top of everything else, hasn't had license plates, Shamsuarov also has streamed his exploits on the Internet. Soon after an arrest was made various articles have started to pop up in russian media. Those articles speculated about accusations of sexual crimes against "Lukoil" bosses. Some spectators thought all that may be signs of organized campaign against Russian oil monopolist.

Similar operation against illegal racers with lucrative background was also conducted recently in Sankt-Petersburg. Operatives of FSB and Investigation Committee have had to resort to threats of physical violence in order to subdue the offenders. Among them was Evgeniy Prigozhin - famous oligarch, real estate and media mogul and also Kremlin food supplier. According to some reports Prigozhin's money was also used to finance a certain firm that conducts covert media campaigns in russian social networks.

In other news. Road construction always was a pretty expensive enterprise in Russia and it continues to rise in prices with each passing year. Kerch-Simferopol-Sevastopol highway in recently acquired Crimea is a good example: the first draft budget of this project was 41,6 billion rubles, however now it's expected to rise up to 130 billion.

15-volume report about shenanigans in energy company "Transneft" will be presented to president Vladimir Putin during upcoming session of Presidential anti-corruption committee. "Transneft" directorship is suspected of making illegal profits from oil pipeline rental, and also of gerrymandering with dividends that company obliged to pay in state budget.   

Citizens of siberian city of Surgut may face tough times in the near future. Currently Surgut is a house to headquarter of "Gazprom Pererabotka" - a subsidiary firm of "Gazprom" that is a russian energy TNC. But now "Gazprom Pererabotka" is reportedly packing bags and preparing to move in Sankt-Petersburg. What fate awaits about 9 000 local workers is remains to be seen.

Russian billionaire and owner of Brooklyn Nets basketball team Mikhail Prokhorov is about to lose almost half of his wealth (about 3 billion US dollars) because of bad bargain. He was forced to sell world's largest potash producer "Uralkali". Troubles for Prokhorov begins after RBC-media holding that also belongs to him have started to publish articles about financial affairs and wealth of Vladimir Putin and his kin.

However the title of most unfortunate russian official of the month goes to mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev. His was handcuffed and brought to Moscow on charges of machinations with city renovation contracts that brings him about 7 billion roubles.