Runaway banker Sergei Pugachev seriously compete with the Russian Themis

Ex-Senator asks the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation to revoke the decision to recover from it 75 billion rubles.
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The beneficiary of ZAO International Industrial Bank (Mezhprombank, MPB), former senator Sergei Pugachev, filed an application with the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on the cancellation of the arbitration award, which did not reconsider the collection of 75.6 billion rubles from him and other top managers of the bank, according to court materials.

The Moscow District Court of Arbitration in July confirmed Pugachev's refusal to reconsider the recovery of funds on newly discovered circumstances. The applicant appealed in the cassation decision of the Moscow Arbitration Court of October 26, 2017 and the decision of the Court of Appeal of February 15.

In the opinion of the lawyers of the ex-senator, the trial was held with numerous violations of the law, and today's ruling will be appealed against in higher instances. In addition, he then said that a complaint was being prepared in the ECHR.

The applicant's press service previously reported that Pugachev, as the plaintiff, had repeatedly applied to notify him of the date and place of the hearing, "but neither he nor his French lawyer who was required to participate in the trial were notified that the examination will take place exactly today". In his opinion, on October 19, 2017, the capital arbitration court made a deliberately unlawful decision without notification and the presence of the plaintiff and his lawyers.

The newly discovered circumstances for the applicant is the fact that "on September 15, 2016, the court of appeal established that the Moscow Arbitration from July 9, 2012 to July 15, 2015, considered petitions and petitions within the framework of the bankruptcy case by the illegal composition of the court, namely, alone ".

Capital arbitrage in April 2015, on the application of the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA, bankruptcy trustee), attracted Pugachev and other top managers of the bank to subsidiary liability. The court found the defendants guilty of committing actions that led to the bankruptcy of the credit institution, in particular, the issuance of deliberately non-repayable loans and the withdrawal of liquid assets.

The arbitrage decided to collect 75.6 billion rubles from Pugachev to pay off the bank's debts, including about 68.5 billion rubles, in solidarity with the last chairman of the bank's board, Marina Illarionova, and about 7.2 billion rubles, in solidarity with two other former chairmen of the board Alexander Didenko and Alexei Zlobin. Higher authorities have upheld this decision of the court.

At a meeting in July 2016, the representative of the DIA reported that work is continuing to recover from Pugachev and other top managers of the bank 75.6 billion rubles. The decision of the Moscow Arbitration Court to recover this debt is recognized in a number of countries, the representative of the agency noted.

On November 30, 2010, the BCH was declared bankrupt. When considering the bankruptcy case, it was reported that the register of bank creditors included claims for 85 billion rubles.