Ruslan Baysarov will finish the construction after Polonsky

The businessman will manage two skyscrapers next to the Moscow City.
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As we found out "Co", a businessman Ruslan Baisarov headed "International Development Center" (IDC),. The corresponding entry appeared in the register, according to the "Circuit-Focus", 2 June. "IDC" The company erected one of the most ambitious projects of the notorious businessman Sergei Polonsky - Mirax Plaza (now the "Suvorov Plaza").

In addition, IDC has built MFC President Plaza. Until recently, the MCD time led one of Sergei Polonsky Dmitry Lutsenko partners, minority shareholder and former chief financial officer defunct development company Mirax Group today. Ruslan Baysarov not only topped the IDC, but is likely to become part owner of office buildings owned by the company. To date, both complexes virtually empty and there are almost no tenant, as because of them go litigation, including in the High Court in London. International company Colliers, Cushman & Wakefield and a few not so large brokers have tried to lease MFC "Suvorov Plaza", but they did not work out, terminated contracts with them.

Changing the signs and isadeltsa

"Suvorov Square" is composed of two glass towers (47 floors and 41 floor) plus two 10-storey buildings, connected by a two-storey stylobate. The project Mirax Group, complex "Suvorov Plaza" had to be connected to the business center "Moscow City" Monorail. "To date, it puts only one ten-storey building on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, d. 32 the total area of ​​45 000 sq. m, - says Julia Mantis, senior director of Cushman & Wakefield research - three more buildings are built, the higher tower on 47 floors is not glazed. Now rent is dealt a total of 17 000 sq. m '. Second desyatietazhku redesigned due to the fact that we had to change the border area - she fell in the railway area. The whole business center planned to deliver in 2015-2016 years., But to date there are only tenants in the finished building, but how and by whom, and in what time frame will finish building the remaining facilities is unknown. Investments in the "Suvorov Square" could reach, according to the calculations of Konstantin Kovalyov, managing partner of the Blackwood real estate, $ 920 million, of calceta $ 2,500 per square meter, and the present value of the ruble. But how much has already been invested, and how much will it take to bring the next Sergei Polonsky project to its logical conclusion, nobody knows.

Construction Mirax Plaza MFC launched founder Sergei Polonsky Mirax Group in December 2006. In 2007, the company "Gaspromstroy" acquired in the business center of 102,000 square meters. m of office space. The deal, according to unconfirmed reports, was $ 650 million. At that time it was an absolute record in the Moscow commercial real estate market. The previous record deal with commercial property in Russia was considered by Vneshtorgbank purchase 63,000 square meters. m in the "Tower" Federation "in the same Mirax Group two years earlier. During the financial crisis, construction stopped in 2009, and Polonsky suggested Ziyad Manasir and Ananiev brothers (PSB) to become the project investor. Promsvyazbank Ananiev brothers bought in the housing And Mirax Plaza about 15,000 square meters at his office. M. Shares of partners divided as follows: 77.5% in Manasira (from lawsuits should be that "Stroygazkonsaltinga" (SGK)) and the Ananiev brothers, 22,5% - Sergei Polonsky.

In November, 20'10 Polonsky took out a loan - $ 6.5 million - from the PSB for the completion of Mirax Plaza, expended of which $ 4.5 million, the IFC is not completed, and since 2011 has ceased to service its debt. In 2012, the loan was to be repaid, but as found "Co", it is not closed yet.

With a credit institution had agreed to allocate $ 300 million for the completion of the MFC, but the credit was not highlighted, and PSB demanded repayment issued $ 4.5 million of which for the completion of the construction is not enough. In addition, Sergei Polonsky intends to sue its partners in the above-mentioned share of 22.5% in this project, because it was not framed properly.

He filed a lawsuit in the High Court in London, where the owners have already applied PSB with a claim against Mr Polonsky himself, who does not serve and did not return the loan, issued at the completion of the Mirax Plaza. Dmitri Lutsenko also a conflict with "Stroygazkonsalting". Last filed a lawsuit, demanding to acquaint him with the financial statements for the III and IV quarters of 2014, but after some time the lawsuit was withdrawn, and the IDC came Ruslan Baisarov, which previously belonged"Stroygazkonsalting". We calculate luxe offices.

In April of this year, 100% of the shares "Stroygazkonsaltinga" in equal shares were at Gazprombank and fund United Capital Partners (UCP) Ilya ShCherbovicha. Prior to the transaction, 74.1% owned by SGC Ruslan Baysarov the remaining share owned by partners Manasira - Michael Yakibchuk (7.9%), Alexei Likhachev (14.4%) and Rose Prilep (3.6%). Ziyad Manasir came out of the capital of the company he founded after being sent an open letter to Igor Sechin, the head of the commission on the fuel and energy sector, that "Gazprom" does not pay his contract. After that, the SGC was not Gazprom's contracts, and banks and contractors in the last 12 months, presented the company's claims by more than 53 billion rubles. Baysarov with the task of "restoring" Gazprom's contracts also failed, he originally bought the SGK to control the construction of the railway Elegest - Kyzyl - Kuragino (he has a license to develop Elegest coalfield). And in the end, "Stroygazkonsalting" was from Gazprombank and UCP. "GTS has the best park equipment in Russia for the construction of gas pipelines and gasoh infrastructure "- praised the company Stanislav Anikeev, the new head of the SGC. Indeed, it is about 14,000 pieces of equipment -. Bulldozers, stackers, etc., and even tunneling shield Herrenknecht S-791 EPB Shield for the construction of the metro. Asked whether this park 53 billion rubles. SGK and bankruptcy, the company could not answer.

Paying "Stroygazkonsalting" "live" money for such debt is likely to become the new owners. ZAO "The International Centre for development", which Baysarov was in control, looks like a calculation of the new owners' Stroygazkonsaltinga "with Baysarov. Pay cash for such debt difficult. The fact that these office buildings are empty, it is not surprising. "The situation on the property" Suvorov Plaza "vague, it repels potential tenants, - says Konstantin Kovalev. - The buyer asks for a discount of at least 30%, today is a square meter can be sold no more than $ 3,000. " The total vacancy rate remains high in the "Moscow City" - 339 000 sq. m, or 39.5%, according to Denis Sokolov, head oftdela Research Cushman & Wakefield. While there are courts, the situation with the sale and rental will be difficult for Baysarov. He himself refused to answer questions "Co".

When Ziyad Manasir invested in Mirax Plaza, problems have arisen from the developer Mirax Group. In 2013-2014. problems appeared in "Stroygazkonsaltinga" due to a conflict with "Gazprom". "Suvorov Plaza" Will Gazprombank and UCP used to "Stroygazkonsaltinga" or still somehow, none of the three companies is not said. Currently, "Stroygazkonsaltinga" office is also located in the "Moscow City", in the "Tower 2000". Here, the company occupies 13 of the 26 floors. Here it is and Ziyad Manasira office phone reception coincides with his phone "Stroygazkonsaltinga". Manasir after the sale SGK another clinic opened in March this year with his partner, a French dentist Francois Najjar, according to the register ( "Kontur-Focus"). About his other transactions is not known, although, according to some reports, he sold the GTS for $ 5 billion, and on the other, deal with Baysarov for the sale of 44.1% has not been completed.

Not a single Mirax Plaza
ZAO "The International Centre for development" was the customer of another MFC - President Plaza. His projected Sergei Choban and Sergey Kuznetsov (now chief architect of Moscow), the owners of Speech. In 2009, co-invest in the project proposed GC "Tashir" billionaire Samvel Karapetyan with a share of 55%, but in the end the project was implemented by shareholders' Stroygazkonsaltinga ". 17-storey tower President Plaza area of ​​196 000 sq. m was put into operation in 2014. Currently, the business center is empty 93% of areas are vacant. He considered for the company "Transneft" the purchase of the central office building consultants estimated at $ 1 billion, but the deal never took place. "Transneft" buys Evolution Tower tower in the "Moscow City", which began to build the ex-wife of Moscow Mayor Baturina. «Evolution Tower less than half the President Plaza, probably including this circumstance could be a reason to choose" Transneft "is this building," - said Julia Mantis.

Ruslan Baysarov no stranger to the construction business, while his other projects more modest in scope. It implements two development projects at home in Chechnya in his native village Veduchi he intends to build a ski resort and a five-star hotel with a hundred rooms at the Grozny sea, near Grozny (see details in the "To" on May 5, 2014.). In Veduchi work on the property has not yet begun: the republic's authorities are building infrastructure - roads, power lines, gas pipeline, as reported by "Co" in the state corporation "Resorts of the North Caucasus." In Grozny the sea the hotel is being built, the sea is singing fountain, on the ground - a mosque, sports complex, two beaches (one male, one female). Satisfied Are Ruslan Baysarov such a "divorce" from "Stroygazkonslatingom," he says.