Ruslan Gorring, Deputy Head of Rosgeology, Finished His Workplace

The deputy head of Rosgeology, Ruslan Horring, lost his post because of a scandalous video in which a top manager swears, talks about the company's employees and high-ranking acquaintances.
At the same time, an in-house investigation did not reveal any violations of labor relations or facts of disclosure of commercial information.

Rosgeologia terminated the contract with the first deputy head of the company Ruslan Gorring after a video was published on the Internet with his participation, a Rosgeology representative told Kommersant. A top-manager during the online game Player unknown`s battlegrounds used obscene language and also threatened other participants. After the game was over, Ruslan Horring, having forgotten to turn off the camera, discussed with the interlocutors of the Rosgeology staff, and also spoke about the upcoming meeting with the Forbes list participant Michelson. Perhaps we are talking about the head of NOVATEK Leonid Michelson.

Earlier, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment reported that the head of the ministry, Dmitry Kobylkin, dismissed Ruslan Gorring and reprimanded the head of the state holding Roman Panov. The ministry said that the Ministry of Environment is going to conduct an inspection of the block and the projects that Mr. Gorring supervised. But, sources familiar with the situation explain to “Kommersant”, according to the legislation, only its immediate leader, that is, Roman Panov, whose signature is under the documents, can be dismissed by an employee, and the board of directors can reprimand him.

“Decisions regarding the head of the holding are made by the company's board of directors. At present, the board of directors has not made any decisions regarding the leaders of the holding. Also, to date, there are no financial checks in the company, ”the company explained to“ Kommersant ”.

In turn, Ruslan Horring told RBC that he “left himself that very day.” According to him, the video was “personal communication with friends in personal time.” “Twisted the facts as it was more convenient for them. Customers are cool, someone didn’t like the way we act tough in the interests of the company, ”asserts Mr. Gorring.

Ruslan Horring (according to the Daily Storm, his name was Ruslan Ganizhev, he changed his name in 2012) was born on August 30, 1978. He graduated from the Moscow Suvorov Military School and the Military University of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, in 2000–2011 he served in the ranks of the Russian armed forces. Since 2011, he has held senior positions in several foreign companies and foundations. Since 2015, he has been the first deputy general director and head of the operational unit of Rosgeology. From October 2018 - First Deputy Head of Rosgeology, Head of Development and Commercial Activities.

At the same time, as explained to “Kommersant” in “Rosgeologiya”, the investigation conducted by the company did not reveal any violations of labor relations and disclosure of commercial information by Ruslan Gorring. The press release was posted on the Rosgeology site, but the last hour it doesn’t work due to a hacker attack. According to RIA Novosti, the page with the biography of Mr. Gorring on the Rosgeology site has already been deleted.