Russia could have spent about 38 billion rubles on the operation in Syria

Russia could have spent at least 38 billion rubles on the military operation in Syria,RBC calculations indicate. Since the beginning of the campaign, the costs might have grown by almost half.
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Over 167 days of Russia's military campaign in Syria, the cost of one day of the operation could grow by almost half, RBC considered based on the data that reveal the Defense Ministry, and expert evaluations.

At the end of October 2015 the cost of one day of the operation amounted to approximately RUR 156.3 million. (Or about $ 2.5 million at the exchange rate at the time), RBC counted in the investigation, "How much Russia spends on the war in Syria." The calculations take into account spending on combat missions, salaries and daily maintenance of the military, the delivery of goods as well as transportation costs.

Since the beginning of the campaign group of Russian troops has grown from 50 to 70 aircraft at the airfield were Hmeymim latest Su-35 and was deployed military air defense corps, including the C-400. All this could increase the cost of one day of operation to about 230 million rubles. ($ 3.3 million at an average rate since the beginning of the operation), it follows from the calculations of RBC. Common to operation in Syria costs can be estimated thereby to 38.4 bn. (Or about $ 546 million).

Bloomberg agency, in December 2015 reported, citing a source in the government, that Moscow will spend on military action in Syria2016 of at least $ 1.2 billion, or $ 3.28 million per day, which roughly corresponds to RBC estimates.

"This is a very approximate figures, but I would agree with that assessment," - commented RBC calculations director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Ruslan Pukhov. In general, the cost of Russian military action proved to be very moderate, the expert said: "A series of exercises for a year costs more."

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The bulk of military expenditures has fallen to combat missions. In total, during the operation the Russian planes, including the latest Su-35 multifunctional bombers Su-34 and Su-24 and Su-25, carried out 8659 sorties (Ministry of Defence data for 27 February). These expenses could amount to about 33.7 billion rubles., RBC calculations indicate.

In Syria, combat missions are divided into three categories according to the radius of the flight range of the airbase - near, intermediate and far. According to official reports operations (RBC studied locality mentioned bombing areas), about 80% of flights was done within a short range (a flight takes less than 40 minutes), the others flights on racesmiddle distance and long-range accounted for no more than 20% (duration - from one to one and a half hours). Given the sources of ammunition and RBC experts estimated the approximate cost of combat mission within a short range of 3.5 million rubles, far -. 5.5 million rubles.

The second item of expenditure - launch cruise missiles. Total transactions 48 cruise missiles "Caliber" was launched in Syria. The cost of launching a rocket experts were compared with the earlier launch of "Tomahawk" US counterpart and evaluated at least $ 750 thousand. Thus, the demonstration of the latest missiles could cost the Ministry of Defence in $ 36 million, or 2.4 billion rubles. (Based on days at the rate of rocket launches).

Other expenses

During the campaign, the Russian military lost three soldiers: Turkey downed pilot of the Su-24, the Marine as part of the rescue operation and a military adviser, who was killed by mortar fire. Payments to relatives after the death of each soldier amounted to 3 million rubles. In addition, equipment was destroyed - bomber Su-24 and Mi-8 helicopter. According to Forbes, their value can consistvlyat about 390 million rubles. and 1.1 billion rubles. respectively.

The exact number of Russian soldiers stationed in Syria, were not disclosed. As of the end of October, two sources of RBC, close to the Ministry of Defense reported that the number of Syrian troops in 1600. In November, Reuters reported, citing its own sources wrote that the Russian contingent in Syria has been increased to 4 thousand. Man. The only additional payments from the budget paid for Russian military involvement in the Syrian operations - a per diem for travel to the territory of a foreign state, a member of the HRC explained RBC Sergey Krivenko, dealing with protection of rights of military personnel. According to calculations made on the basis of the Ministry of Defense orders to pay per person, the amount of additional allowance for each of the Russian military for participating in the Syrian operations amounted to $ 18.6 per day. Based on the number of military (1600 - November 2015 and 4 thousand people -. On February 2016 inclusive), the cost of personnel for all of the campaign could reach about 800 million rubles. (The average exchange rate for the timeI campaign).

More about 1 billion rubles. Could make transport costs, the estimation of which is the cost of daily flights of aircraft IL-76, AN-124 from Mozdok in Latakia, as well as the use of cargo ships to deliver goods grouping sea.

The cost of the withdrawal of troops from the base Hmeymim difficult to determine, since it is still unclear what forces will remain at the airport in Latakia, and which will return to the places of their permanent duty. Also unclear the fate of deployed air defense systems.

Officially, spending on the Syrian campaign is not voiced. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, responding to a question on the cost of the operation in December, said: "It's a secret." He only said that "the use of Russian armed forces completely fit within the parameters of the budget of the Ministry of Defense." "They did not ask for an increase in defense spending," - Prime Minister added.

Defense Ministry also does not advertise information about the cost of operations in Syria. At RBC request sent on Tuesday, ministry's press service did not have time to provide comment.