Russia in Syria: top view

Results of the first month of the Russian military presence on the Syrian land and in the Syrian sky.
September 30 began the Russian military operation in Syria. Aviation Russian Air Force during the month struck at hundreds of facilities terrorists "Islamic state", but in the international arena, these actions are not always welcomed, and not all of them. "Power" has summed up the first results of the Russian military on Syrian soil.

By the operation in Syria - the de facto first full-fledged military maneuvers since the "five-day war" in Georgia in 2008 - Russian Defense Ministry started preparing long before the receipt of the official address of President Bashar al-Assad and the meeting of the Security Council of the Russian Federation on 29 September in which it was finally decided to assist Syrian troops in the fight against terrorists. According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov's upcoming air strikes on the positions of the terrorists, Vladimir Putin informed President Barack Obama is still in a meeting "on the margins" of the UN General Assembly in New York. Obama's answer was brief: "We're expected."

According to the "authorities", increasing the forces and means at the point of logistics in Tartue started in August-September, when the large landing ships "Novocherkassk", "King", "Saratov", "Azov", "Caesar Kunikov", as well as the cargo ferry "Alexander Tkachenko" loaded to the eyeballs in Novorossiysk special equipment, ammunition and fuels and lubricants, and went through the Bosporus to the Mediterranean sea. Skopje point sufficient number of weapons (aircraft shells, bombs and missiles "air - ground"), the military had to solve only one task - to relocate aircraft. To do this on the background of the exercise "Center-2015", which involves more than 150 aircraft, was objectively difficult. Under this guise, Russian fighter Su-30cm, front bombers Su-34 and Su-24M, Su-25 flew to airfields Krymsk and Mozdok, and after bypassing the Caspian Sea (or the airspace of Azerbaijan), as well as Iran and Iraq, traveled to Syria. By 30 September at the airbase Hmeymim near Latakia was created a full-fledged mixed aviation group of more than 50 machines: to the aircraft by the time added Mi-8 helicopters and Mi-24P, they stillop strikes at Syrian provinces, which are located on the territory of militants from the "Islamic State" and "Dzhebhat en-Nusra".

According to Defense Ministry data, in the period from 30 September to 22 October, the Russian pilots performed 934 sorties with Hmeymima (of which more than a hundred - at night) and killed at least 819 objects. Most strokes applied with precision missiles X-29L class "air - surface" and corrected bombs KAB-500S, whose maximum deviation from the target, according to the military, is not more than 5 meters. According to the source "authorities" in the military-industrial complex, due to the increased demand for military supplies arms due to the operation in Syria corporation employees "Tactical Missiles" were forced to go to work in three shifts. To deliver the goods in Tartus Russian Navy urgently bought from Turkish shipowners eight transport ships quickly enrolled in the lists of auxiliary vessels to give them military status: large landing ships alone with the load no longer cope.

According to updated data of the RF Ministry of Defense, the main blows of the Russian armed forces are applied mainly in the provinces of Aleppo, Idlib, Deir ez-Zor, Raqqa, Latakia, Palmyra, Damascus and Hama. According to Russian intelligence, it is there for the majority of the militants command posts and positions (in particular, the fortified areas and mortar outlets), armories and training camps. The first attack immediately drew criticism from the Westcountries. "We would welcome constructive Russian position, if it will be engaged in the fight against" Islamic state ", - said US State Department spokesman Mark Toner.- We saw that they were beaten by terrorist purposes". "Russia in Syria is cracking down on the group" Islamic State, "" - noted the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan. "Eight of the 10 air strikes inflicted by Russia, does not come to the objects" Islamic state ", and the moderate Syrian opposition, including the Syrian free army" - echoed British Prime Minister David Cameron. A representative of the Syrian lookout for Human Rights Rami Abderrahmane claimed that "since the start of operations killed at least 300 civilians, including dozens of them died in the first day of the missile strike Russian bombers Su-24 to the city center talbiseh" . On October 22 the Pentagon's representative accused the military of Russia in the application of aviation cluster munitions in areas where there are civilians.

Due to the growing demand in the supply of militaryArms Corporation workers "Tactical Missiles" were forced to go to work in three shifts

The Russian military, none of the allegations have not admit that the recent statement by the US military spokesman of the Defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov called absolutely absurd and unsubstantiated fantasies. According to a source "authorities" in the General Staff, the selection of targets for destruction it is not only based on their own Russian data (environment monitoring virtually around the clock carries electro-optical reconnaissance satellite "Persona" the N2 and unmanned aerial vehicles "Orlan-10"), but also on the information received from the operation allies - Iran, Iraq and Syria. In order to coordinate the country's actions have created an information center stationed in Baghdad: its main function is to collect, process, summarize and analyze current information about the situation in the region. Heading center will be officers of the armed forces of the four countries on a rotation basis for three months (the Russian side is currently the commander of the 6th Army Combined Armsth General Sergei Kuralenko).

According to General Kartapolov, before hitting on every object destruction is preparing a special form, it is carried out computer simulations of upcoming strikes, and only after that the final decision to kill a particular purpose. "We beat only for the projects for internationally recognized terrorist groups Our planes do not work in the southern regions of Syria where, according to our information, there are the formation of the Syrian Free Army." - Retorted Kartapolov.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly stressed that the Russian Air Force's military operation in Syria is absolutely legal, because it is held at the request of the legitimate head of state, while the United States, France, Turkey and other countries strikes at Syrian territory without any legal grounds. To speak of full-format cooperation is very difficult now, because the United States have set themselves the aim of not only the fight against "Islamic state", as the displacement of Assad, convinced the military-diplomatic source "Power". However, little progress is still there: for example, artronami agreed all the technical issues to ensure the safety of Syria, in addition, the Russian side still expects to receive data of the US military, which are called the coordinates of the location and is denoted as an action, and residential areas.

Several times there were international scandals, not directly related to the bombing. For example, 3 October at 12:08 local time on the Su-24M made a short call at Turkish airspace near Hatay Province. Russian military officials have explained the incident by bad weather conditions, but the official Ankara did not accept this answer: Erdogan said that he could reconsider the question of purchases of Russian gas. Later, the Turkish fighter jet shot down near the border with Syria drone, allegedly of Russian production - Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu pledged that, if necessary, military and also go with the aircraft. The Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation any drone belonging to the armed forces have categorically denied.

The fact that Russia does not intend to participate in the land of the military operationAnd in the Kremlin and the Defense Ministry have stated from the beginning. The military contingent is present in Syria, the source said "authorities" in the General Staff: it is based on contract servicemen of the 810th separate brigade of marines (Sevastopol) and the 7th Air Assault mountain Airborne Division (village Raevskaya). However, according to him, their main task is to a greater extent in the protection of objects, but not in combat operations against Islamic radicals.

In fact the first time in modern Russian history is fighting for the Doctrine of the Italian General Giulio Douhet. He also published a book "of the air" in 1921, which described the leading role of aviation in war, believing that air strikes on key enemy targets can lead to victory. And the Russian armed forces to the Syrian operations conducted maneuvers in a completely different way: gradually getting rid of the inherited from the Soviet past model of reference of a global war, with a focus on the land component (using shock armies, corps, battalion), the armed forces still involved disparate forces.

Estuffy military Political Science Association Alexander Perendzhiev notes that Russian soldiers encountered during operations in Syria, a number of difficulties. "The problem is the lack of interaction with the western coalition, moreover, each target can be destroyed so as not to start with the aggravation of the local population, - the on.- As part of the military component there is still a lot of work, some picture develops over the rainbow, than it actually is. " According Perendzhieva, the problem lies in the low advancing government army Assad: "The participation of the Russian Air Force in operations in more moral support Bashar al-Assad, gives him hope that Syrian territory is exempt from the terrorists."

According to unofficial information, create support troops of Bashar Assad would soldiers of the Revolutionary Guards, however, on the participation of its representatives in the collision information has yet been received. The very first large-scale offensive in the territory, captured by terrorists "Islamic state", started on 8 October. Told Nachanik General Staff of the army and the armed forces of the Syrian General Ali Abdullah Ayyub. The troops were advancing on the militants' positions in the valley of Al-Gab and the mountains northeast of Latakia. It was emphasized that the special role played in the operation of the 4th Corps of the Syrian army assault, up to this point in the hostilities did not participate directly.

The Kremlin, however, acknowledged that without the land part of the operation to succeed would be impossible. "No matter how many bombs you can not get success, we initially understood and planned these operations only in coordination with the Syrian armed forces, - told reporters at the forum" Valdai-2015 "of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov fact, with anyone who sincerely wants to counter obscurantism terrorists who cut off heads, raped women, and the like. "

Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences Constantine Sivkov believes that because of operational tasks, which were set at the beginning of the Syrian operations, while none achieved "Russian aviagruppirovka working at the limit of efficiency, pilotdemonstrate the highest level of training, but the promotion of the Assad army merely local - of our troops in Syria for the conduct of hostilities is not enough, and Assad forces have neither sufficient ammunition, no professionals to quickly conduct an offensive. "

Last week in Moscow to meet with Vladimir Putin flew Bashar Assad. And he made it quite an unusual way: by plane Il-62M Russia's Defense Ministry, proceeded on October 20 flight Lattakia - Chkalovsky airfield and 21st flown away in the opposite direction. The content of the negotiations the parties did not disclose Putin stated a "serious positive results", which reaches Syria in the fight against international terrorism in recent years, and in response to Assad thanked him for his assistance in this struggle. On the "Valdai-2015" Sergei Ivanov said that the heads of state discussed issues of interaction of the Russian Air Force and Army Syrian forces, and expressed the opinion that a ground operation against "Islamic State", "Dzhebhat en-Nusra" and other terrorist groups in Syria should be carried out Syrian army andurdskimi militias. However, a clear answer to the main question - how long it will last for another - until no one and did not hear.

"Syria solution can only be found with the Russian"

How in the world have responded to the Russian operation in Syria.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel:

"The decision (on Syria) can only be found with Russia" (1 October at an event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the reunification of Germany).

British Prime Minister David Cameron:

"It is absolutely obvious that Russia does not discriminate between the IG and legitimate Syrian opposition groups. As a result, they support the butcher Assad and help him ... that is a terrible mistake for them and for the world" (3 October before the Conservative Party conference in Manchester ).

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad:

"The coalition, made up of Russia, Syria, Iran and Iraq, is obliged to win, or region will be destroyed" (4 October in an interview with the Iranian channel Khabar TV).

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

& quot; I brought to the Russian leadership (information) about their goals in Syria. This is primarily the safety of my people and country. Russia has different goals, but one does not interfere with the other "(4 October in an interview with CNN).

Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev:

"The fight against the IG, including in Syria, it is in the interest of Kyrgyzstan, and in this regard we support the application of Russian air strikes on Syria LIH ... Until this was some kind of game: LIH bombed, and at the same time it expand and strengthen "(4 October in an interview to" Interfax ").

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko:

"We need to understand what it means for each of us Russian aggression in seemingly distant Syria, and how these steps are absolutely irresponsible, brought us closer to the Third World" (7 October during a speech to students in Kiev).

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan:

"Russia in Syria is cracking down on the group" Islamic State, "How many times have they said:".. For us, all opponents of the regime - the terrorists "It seems their main goal - to buildit base in Latakia and to increase its military presence in Syria "(8 October in an interview with reporters aboard the presidential plane).

US President Barack Obama:

"Syria was the only Russian ally in the region. Today, instead of relying on the support of Syria and maintain its military base, Putin is throwing all his forces, just to barely maintain his only ally" (October 9 in an interview with CBS television channel).