Russia ranks 1st in growth in the number of millionaires

The total wealth of Russian millionaires increased by 20% in 2016.
The growth of financial markets, which has been going on for more than a year, leads to the emergence of an increasing number of millionaires and an increase in their status, according to the World Wealth Report 2017. The annual study on people with large fortunes (having a minimum of $ 1 million for investment) and the asset management industry was presented by consulting company Capgemini.

According to her data, in 2016 the growth of the aggregate wealth of the rich has accelerated, making 8.2% against 4% a year earlier, and reached $ 63.5 trillion. The number of millionaires increased by 7.5% to 16.5 million, while in 2015 - by 4.9%.

A number of markets showed significantly better results, primarily Russia and Brazil, notes Capgemini. At the same time, Russia was the first in the world in terms of growth and the number of millionaires, and their condition (about 20% in both cases) after a slight decrease in the indicators in 2015. In Russia now, according to estimates by Capgemini, 182,000 millionaires (in 2015 there were 152 000), the country is on the 15th place in the world. Meanwhile, in South Korea, whose population is almost three times less than the Russian, 208,000 people who can allocate $ 1 million or more for investment. In Canada, which also showed some of the highest growth rates, there are 357,000, in the UK 568,000, in China (4 th) - 1,129,000, in the USA (1 st place) - 4,795,000.

In second place in terms of growth in the number of rich people after Russia - Brazil (+ 10.7% to 164 000). The spurt of these two countries in the world table of ranks is largely due to the strong rise of their stock markets and the strengthening of national currencies against the dollar, which is used to calculate the size of the state.

As follows from the surveys that Capgemini conducted among investors and managers of their fortunes, stocks are the main asset that millionaires invest in. At the end of 2016, they had 24.8% of the portfolio on the stock market (and in the second quarter of 2017 this share increased to 31.1%). At the same time, more than 90% of investors said that the shares make "a significant or most significant contribution to obtaining investment income."

In 2016, the stock markets of Russia and Brazil showed significant growth. In the latter case, investors, inspired by the impeachment of President Dilma Roussef, hoped that Meshel Temer, who headed the country, would be able to achieve the end of a two-year recession by means of economic reforms and improving the investment climate. As a result, the Bovespa index rose by 38.93%.

 In Russia, the MICEX index soared by 26.8%, and the rapid growth occurred at the end of the year - after the election of Donald Trump on November 8 by the US president. Investors then hoped for better relations between the two countries. But this did not happen, and in the first half of the Russian market collapsed. On Thursday, the MICEX fluctuates at 2080 points, while last year completed at a level of 2232.7 points.

Rich investors usually diversify their portfolios, investing not only in the national market, but last year the stock markets around the world showed good growth. Thus, the stock index of developed markets MSCI World rose by 5.3%, and developing MSCI EM - by 8.6%.