Russia will spend billions of rubles to strenghten the border in the Crimea and Abkhazia

Annexation of the Crimea, help to the unrecognized republics of Transcaucasia and Eurasian integration have increased the burden on Rosgranitsa. It will spend a few billion rubles on the construction and repair of two dozen checkpoints.
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Outposts in Crimea

Annexation of the Crimea to Russia in 2014, required the creation of the peninsula from the ground up checkpoints across the new Russian state border. "Last year, we added 12 checkpoints in the Crimea", - told RBC head of public policy management Rosgranitsa Lyudmila Likhachev. By law, the checkpoints established by the decision of the Government or an intergovernmental agreement with the adjacent side. "Given the political situation, reaching agreement with Ukraine and the signing of an intergovernmental agreement on the establishment of our new borders crossing points became impossible," - said Likhachev, it took an act of government.

Placements checkpoints, according to the representative Rosgranitsa, chosen on the existing directions of the traffic between the peninsula and the mainland, taking into account the availability of infrastructure on the Ukrainian side. While the main burden falls on the six points. The first, she says, began to operate three car - Armenian, Perekop and J.Anka, later two rail - Armenian and Djankov, as well as air to Simferopol airport.

Furnished in 2014. checkpoints set of modular, pre-fabricated structures. "We have now a much more decent conditions than on the adjacent side. There - the gate and houses, and from the Russian side - modern buildings, where there are off-site locations for duty, rest rooms and eating. All this new and comfortable ", - stressed Likhachev.

Federal target program "State Border of the Russian Federation (2012-2020 years)" in the Crimea, the planned construction of permanent buildings, which will provide enough space for all the state control bodies with modern equipment, said Likhachev, construction will begin in 2017.

The amount of allocated funds opened at the June press conference in Moscow, the head of Konstantin Busygin agency. According to him, work in the Crimea, the federal program provides 6.9 billion rubles. The cost of a third checkpoint - construction work, the rest -equipment, he said.

The cost depends on the type of checkpoint, said RBC "Rosgranstroy" Senior Alex Shestopalov, fixed costs an average of 350-400 million rubles. Marine checkpoint in Makhachkala will cost 800 million rubles, and the car in the Kaliningrad region, with a bridge over the Narva -. 2.3 billion rubles.

In Abkhazia by train

Leads Rosgranitsa work and the modernization of border crossing points on the borders of Russia with Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which has concluded agreements on closer integration.

The busiest border crossing point between Russia and Abkhazia is a car Adler. "Rosgranitsa reconstruction of the checkpoint was carried out, but in the summer the tense situation it is saved now. At the last meeting of the presidents discussed what can be done, how to restart the flow, "- said Likhachev.

At the last meeting held in Sochi Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov, decided to carry out border controls in suburban trains,which move from Adler to Gagra. Procedure earned from 20 June. Stop the train is necessary, but at border control will take minutes to 30 minutes.

It will be renovated and automobile checkpoint Adler promises Likhachev: plans to build an additional lane for the entry of buses, so they do not block the movement of passenger cars, also addressed the issue of creating additional lanes inside the checkpoint, but until the necessary funding is not allocated.

Action only on the Russian side is not enough. "We need synchronization with the adjacent side. Representatives of the Abkhaz authorities are very interested, "- said Likhachev.

For the same model develops cooperation with South Ossetia. Planned reconstruction of the checkpoint Lower Zaramag.

How much spent on border

In 2003-2011, 110 billion rubles were spent on the improvement of the state border. In September 2011, Vladimir Putin announced at a meeting in Sochi, which until 2020 to allocate 134 billion rubles for the resettlement of the border. According to the newspaper "Vedomosti"; It is almost five times less than the requested Rosgranitsa, the FSB and the Federal Customs Service. In this return to the issue and possibly to increase funding in the financial and economic bloc of the government border agencies pledged over three years.

In 2014, the federal target program "State Border of the Russian Federation" was introduced by the Accounting Chamber in the FTP list, which were funded by less than 90% in 2013.

In April 2015 the head of Rosgranitsa Konstantin Bulgakov said in an interview with RIA Novosti: "In the coming year to the fore the economy. It is necessary to solve the problem of limited financial resources. " He explained: "The money was less than 35% of what was planned. The funds from year to year less and less. " According Busygina in 2015 for the construction and repair checkpoints allocated 3 billion rubles, including 43 million -. At the Crimean facilities.

Equipment checkpoints recently conducted using mostly domestic equipment, an official in stresses.

But the funds are not enough: at the press conference said Bulgakova lack of funding: in particular, the agency does not receive 50% of the funding for the maintenance of checkpoints on the borders of Russia.

Eurasian barriers

Establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEC) also requires the strengthening of external borders, in which Russia is helping partners. "The Russian government is very interested in the development of the Customs Union and the Eurasian Economic Union, in this regard, great attention is paid to Armenia and Kyrgyzstan, in particular the border crossing points at the external borders of these countries. For us it is a new topic, before we were not involved in setting up checkpoints on foreign territory, "- said Likhachev.

In Armenia, according to her, it is planned to open a representative office Rosgranitsa and three sledges packaged quarantine post will be equipped for the work of representatives of the relevant departments.

In Kyrgyzstan, according to Likhachev, an urgent need to create the necessary conditions on the border crossings - at the external borders of the state (with China), but as long as everything is in the development stage.

OKRussian assistance to Kyrgyzstan Azan logical: if you do not equip checkpoints and the border with China, he devalued the EAEC as continue unregulated supply of Chinese products, but at the very republic funds for these works there, said the deputy director of the CIS Institute Vladimir Zharikhin. As with Kyrgyzstan, and Armenia everything is done by agreement with the government, so to speak of Moscow's intervention is not necessary, says Zharihin. The United States, he said, are also present on the borders of the North Atlantic alliance to a much greater extent than Russia on the borders of its allies - is in a certain sense, the legacy of the postwar world.