Russian brands did not make it into 100 most expensive brands for the first time since 2008

For the first time since 2008, no Russian brands were included into the ranking of the most expensive brands of the world, which has been compiled by research network Millward Brown over the last decade. The devaluation of the ruble is to be blamed.
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TOP-100 without Russia

The research network Millward Brown, a member of the British communications holding the WPP, has prepared the next, tenth, the top 100 most valuable global brands. Leader of the rating this year was the Apple brand, valued at $ 246.992 billion. Over the past year, it has risen, according to Millward Brown, 67%. A year ago, in the first place was Google c $ 158,843 Bln.

Not a single Russian brand in the new Hall of Fame is not, although a year ago, Sberbank held it 75th place (its brand was valued at $ 12.637 billion), and MTS - 80 ($ 12.175 billion). The input threshold of the first hundred of this year is $ 11.044 billion. In such a sum estimated brand located on the last line of the Scotiabank. Thus, Sberbank and MTS brand is now worth less than $ 11 billion.

Russian brands appear only in the industry top ten most valuable brands in the oil and gas sector. brand of "Gazprom" Price over the past year, according to Millward Brown, has decreased by 17% to $ 5.179 billion, "Rosneft" - 10%, to $ 5.001 billion in the industry's top 10 gas monopoly is now ranked ninth (a year ago. - the 7th), in the largest Russian oil company -Recently (last year - the eighth). In 2014, the top ten also present brand Lukoil, valued then at $ 4.772 billion.

How are brands

Brand valuation is based on the cost of owning their company, calculated as market capitalization, taking into account debt and existing cash on the accounts. Authors ranking determine the contribution of the brand to the company's financial results - here are taken into account consumer preferences, in particular attachment to a particular brand. The basis of the study appear that worldwide spends Millward Brown. Expressed as a percentage of brand contribution is multiplied by the value of the company.

ruble summed

Russian brands have left the first hundred since reduced the attractiveness of the companies, their owners for shareholders, explains Anastasia Kurovskaya, vice president of Millward Brown Optimor. She recalls: international investors interest income in dollars, not in local currency. In the year since the previous ranking publication, the ruble against the dollar fell by 46%, to 49.9 rubles. for $ 1.

The fact that the oil and gas industry in tenke still remained Russian brands, largely due to the fact that "Gazprom" and "Rosneft" in the export earning in foreign currency, while the major costs are in rubles, said Kurovskaya. The "Gazprom", as indicated in its financial statements under IFRS, 2014 revenues from the sale of gas in Europe, crude oil and refined products increased in ruble by 7% to 2.912 trillion rubles. In dollar terms, revenues in this segment fell by 12%, to $ 75.44 billion The "Rosneft" oil sales abroad last year in ruble terms increased by 16% to 2.458 trillion rubles, in dollars -.. Decreased by 4% , to $ 63.675 billion.

The capitalization of "Gazprom" on the London Stock Exchange for the year that has elapsed since publication of the previous rankings, dropped, according to Bloomberg data, 31%, to $ 68.061 billion, "Rosneft" - 27%, to $ 50.934 billion.

Press-service of "Gazprom" and "Rosneft" does not comment on the Millward Brown evaluation.

Sberbank and MTS continues Kurovskaya, the situation is less satisfactory: these companies and major income and expenses are denominated in rubles. In addition, the Savings Bank, according to Kurowski, very high flooriticheskie risks: this is the main bank of the country, and it can be charged with solving the problems of other credit institutions.

Own funds (capital) of the Savings Bank last year, according to its financial statements under IFRS, increased by 7% to 2.02 trillion rubles. In dollar terms, the decline of 11%, to $ 55.331 billion. MTS revenues in ruble terms increased by 3% last year to 410.758 billion rubles., Decreased by 15% in the dollar, to $ 10.641 billion.

Sberbank's capitalization on the London Stock Exchange for the year with the publication of the previous rating Millward Brown has declined, according to Bloomberg data, 42%, to $ 31.868 billion, MTS on the New York Stock Exchange - 40%, to $ 11.407 billion.

It is the fact that the brand value is calculated in foreign currency, and due to the lack of Sberbank brand to a new ranking should be clarification of his press service. She stresses that to affect brand value in the currency of the financial indicators, including assets. At the same time, it stated in the reply of the Savings Bank representatives at RBC query performance brand perception of bank customers in Russia improved. Specific figures confirming this thesis, the press service did not lead.

Related toPURPORT given in MTS. According to internal research, the brand MTS for the year strengthened its position in all countries of presence, insisting the press-secretary Dmitry Solodovnikov operator. According to him, the brand value growth is due to the diversification of the business - the development of retail, financial services.

Interbrand said goodbye to Russia

Along with Millward Brown a hundred of the most expensive brands in the world and is published annually by Interbrand agency, part of the US communications holding company Omnicom. Last fall, his approval rating topped the Apple brand with an estimate of $ 118 863 000 000 Russian brands in the global top 100 by Interbrand never fall:. According to its methodology, the agency rank companies that provide one-third of revenue operations outside their home country. No owner of a large domestic brand this requirement is not responding.

But for several years the rating of the most expensive Russian brands produced the Moscow office of Interbrand. Last time such a top-40 was released in November of 2013. The first place then took the brand "HARQ Roma", estimated at nearly 1.262 trillion rubles. ($ 39.541 billion at average exchange ratesB for 2013). In second place was MTS to 192.107 billion rubles. ($ 6.021 billion), the third - "Beeline" with 155.473 billion rubles. ($ 4.873 billion). Last year, Interbrand has closed its office in Russia. Further publications of the Russian rating is not assumed.

case history

For the first time in the top 100 most valuable brands according to Millward Brown World Russian brand came in 2008. It was the MTS brand, valued at $ 8.077 billion, and then taken the 89th place. All subsequent years, MTS has been a regular rating. The following year, a hundred and entered "Beeline". In 2009, the value of the brand was $ 8.884 billion (72 th place), in 2010, it has already dropped to $ 8.16 billion (92 th place). In 2011, the "Beeline" in the rating is not entered. Was replaced by Sberbank, has got 99 th place with $ 8.355 billion.