Russian businessman's yacht was stormed from the sea and from the air

Why the third arrest of Sergey Polonsky in Cambodia happened.
At the end of this week in Cambodia, he was arrested by the infamous Russian developer Sergei Polonsky. This happened on May 15 in a non-working day (from 14 th to 16 th in the country's official state holiday - the birthday of the reigning King Norodom Moni Singh).

The special operation was attended by police and soldiers, who with boats and a helicopter landed on the boat Polonsky, was anchored near the island of Koh Danlong located 40 km away from Sihanoukville. By the way, round the clock security is also provided Yacht businessman Cambodian military, armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles (in the country banned private security companies, but it is not forbidden to conclude agreements with the army, and this took Polonsky). During landing Cambodian police guard weapons did not apply.

Businessmen and other detainees were taken to the neighboring island of Koh Tang, which is one of the military bases, where a helicopter flown in Sihanoukville, and the next morning were taken to the capital Phnom Penh. Since 2012 (when the businessman has left Russia) it is the third arrest PolonskyCambodia.

Director of the Investigative Branch of the Immigration Department of the State Oak Heyseyla said Polonsky was detained in connection with the fact that he has more than two years overdue visa. At the same time, the London lawyer Sergei Vladi told the "New", that the reason for his arrest - contrived.

"Polonsky regularly extends visa at the migration service of the country. In addition, from May to August 2013 he was in Israel. And since Polonsky returned to Cambodia two years have not passed, "- Vladi said.

According to London-based lawyer, Polonsky's extradition to Russia is currently not possible "to deport Polonsky in Russia, should be abolished Cambodia's Supreme Court decision that dismissed the request of the General Prosecutor's Office for the extradition."

The same opinion is shared by the Cambodian lawyer Polonsky Benson itself, which is already involved in the work on preparation of documents for the appeal against the detention of his client. However, according to Vladi, a businessman can simply expel from the country, but that he WMSie not fly to Russia and fly, for example, in London.

"We have already prepared all the documents for the application for Polonsky political asylum in London," - said the "New" Vladi. Basis for this - corruption motivation of the criminal case initiated in Russia against Polonsky, the lawyer said.

The criminal case number 28163 on Sergei Polonsky filed under Art. 159 of the Criminal Code ( "Fraud"), he is suspected of stealing money holders LCD 80 "Kutuzov mile". Meanwhile, as told to "New" Russian lawyer Polonsky Slavik Brsoyan, in December last year, the Moscow Arbitration Court issued a decision according to which the money (2.1 billion rubles), listed by the developer Polonsky "Kutuzov mile" - the company FTSSR - was more than enough to fulfill all obligations to the equity holders.

"This decision is based on the expertise, appointed by the court - dashing said. - It is resisted on appeal and has already entered into force. That is, money is not the event of theft etc.olschikov Sergei Polonsky.

Experts who follow the criminal case of a businessman, in turn, believe that the current arrest may be linked not so much with the excited criminal case in Russia, but with the processes that Polonsky is in London - amongst his opponents a lot of influential people.

citizen of Latvia Kaspars Chekotins and a Russian citizen, Umar Archakov: With Polonsky three yacht crew members and lawyers were arrested. It is noteworthy that Archakov recently been investigating the circumstances of a criminal case against Ukrainian Rada MP Nicholas Knyazhytskyy.

In March of this year I was in the investigative Knyazhytskyy Interpol database. In search of the deputy allegedly declared Cambodian authorities, which in relation to a criminal case of rape. According to the laws of this country, considered rape sex with minors, and to institute criminal proceedings is enough evidence of "victim".

Archakova lawyer found out that the criminal proceedings instituted against Knyazhytskyya statement of the girl who has more than once become "victims" of similar criminal cases, in addition to the day of the "rape" was the deputy in Ukraine.