Russian Church's Bank financed the business of the organizer of the Crimean blockade

Enterprises of one of the organizers of the energy blockade of the Crimea, Lenur Islyamov, turned out to be the borrowers of Peresvet Bank. 
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The bank "Relight", 49% owned by the Russian Orthodox Church, funded by the structure associated with the Crimean Tatar Mejlis businessman Lenur Islyamova, from the data SPARK. He was a client of "Peresvet", confirm the Crimean businessman and former manager Islyamova. The press service of "Relight" refused to call the bank's clients, citing banking secrecy. According to one of the businessmen working in the Crimea for a long time, it is with Islyamova may be associated current difficulties "Peresvet": Tuesday Bank has limited the issuance of the cash sum of 100 000 rubles per customer per day.

Prior to joining the Crimea to Russia Islyamov was selling cars, transportation and media business. He founded the company "Queengroup", "km / h", was the owner of the Crimean Tatar TV channel ATR. In the spring of 2014 Islyamov served as vice-premier of the Crimean government, but a few months later was dismissed, and then left the republic.

In January Lenur Islyamov was on the federal wanted list. He and the two leaders of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, Mustafa Cemiland Refat Chubarov, were among the organizers and macrobiotic food blockade of the Crimea. Islyamov commanded Staff "Public blockade of Crimea" and calls for the establishment of the Crimean Tatar army. Most of the companies previously owned Islyamova and now have passed to his relatives and partners are at different stages of liquidation and bankruptcy. In summer, the Moscow Arbitration Court declared Islyamova bankrupt and his wife for two claims Savings Bank by 1.16 billion rubles each.

"Relight" Problems

Problems the bank "Relight", according to the finding 44 place in terms of assets (204.2 billion rubles), started at the end of last week, when the channel "Rain" reported that the bank predpravleniya Alexander Shvets, a few days did not show up at work and his whereabouts are unknown. The bank later denied the information about the disappearance of the head, saying that Sweden was ill. Executive Officer has been appointed vice-president of the bank, Paul Panasenko. But on Tuesday, the bank started with liquidity problems. Then the shareholders of the bank issued a joint statement Prepvnosti support the bank.

As the data SPARK, the bank "Relight" served at least three related Islyamova Company: Moscow car dealer "Queengroup" (from May 2014 the owner of the listed Elvira businessman spouse), the Crimean Carrier "Simsititrans" and showroom "Km / hr Cherepovets "where a businessman listed as the owner until February 2016.

Moscow "Queengroup" technique gave a pledge "Relight" in 2012, from the data SPARK. But in 2014-2015 the company entered into several contracts. In total the bank has pledged nearly 200 pieces of equipment "Queengroup". The company itself is being dissolved because of multiple debts. According to the latest reports published by revenue "Queengroup" in 2014 amounted to 1.9 billion rubles, the net loss exceeded 690 million rubles.

Engaged in passenger transportation in the "Simsititrans" Crimea became a client of "Peresvet" in 2014, one month after officially re-registered in Russia. nearly 190 buses and several cars laid in the bank company. Summer2015 m of the owner of the company replaced 100% passed father Lenur Islyamova Eden. In June this year, the carrier was deprived of the license, and the property sealed, wrote "Kryminform".

One of the big businessmen, operating in the Crimea, of Forbes confirmed, that the group of companies controlled by Islyamova - client "Peresvet". He said that the group has completely passed on the service in the "Relight" in the autumn of 2015 after the Central Bank revoked the license of "JUST Bank" entrepreneur. A former top manager of one of Islyamova company also confirmed that the structure of the group credited in "Peresvet".

Last time "Relight" actively interested in law enforcement agencies, adds Crimean businessman. "Bank for the past two years most hooligans on the market, particularly in the Crimea", - he jokes.

Phones "Queengroup" and "Simsititrans' on Wednesday did not work. Islyamov did not respond to calls and messages Forbes. The representative of the Russian Orthodox Synodal Department for interaction with the public and the media of Forbes said, it was "not their problem" and that the department has not yet know who authorized them zanimatsI. The head of the financial and economic management of the Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan of Ryazan and St. Michael Mark Forbes did not respond to calls. In the "Expocentre" (which owns 24.4% of the bank) of Forbes said, that clients such as Lenur Islyamov and his company, the bank "Relight" no.

Among the clients of "Peresvet" several well-known Russian companies. Previously, "to" reported that the major bank deposits held JSC "Airport" Pulkovo ". According to SPARK, "Relight" issue bank guarantees "RAO ES of the East" and Spetsstroy entities of the Russian Federation. In 2012 the company "Rosnano", together with subsidiaries "Peresvet" created an international "Nanoenergo" fund, but in the spring of 2015 through the state corporation "daughter", "Rusnano Capital Fund SA" has filed a lawsuit against the Cyprus bank and belonging to him of the Criminal Code "Sberinvest", RBC reported. "Rosnano" defendants accused of illegal withdrawal from the fund of $ 90 million, which were transferred to the accounts of five Russian companies "Relight". The press service of "Rosnano" of Forbes reported, that the lawsuit is pending in the Cypriot court, is finalnyh decision on it is not rendered.