Russian citizen Lohova seized more than 3 million pounds from London Sberbank by court action for bullying

Chief Trader of the bank David Longmuir called her "crazy."
Russia's Svetlana Lohova seized at the London office of "Sberbank CIB" 3.1 million pounds (about 4.6 million dollars) for the humiliation and the discrimination, the "Russian service of the BBC."

"Sberbank CIB" - corporate and investment banking, the bank created after the acquisition of the company "Troika Dialog". A graduate of Cambridge Lohova worked in the London office in January 2012 after a nervous breakdown she went on vacation and did not return to the workplace. Sue, she referred to the harassment at the workplace.

Last October, the court found Lokhov injured. It was found that its former chief, chief trader of the bank David Longmuir, called her "crazy" and accused her of cocaine use.

Former colleagues also put forward against her in drug addiction even during the proceedings. The decision states that the charges pronounced in women address the court, were unfounded and only used to put pressure on former colleagues, because it was obvious that these statements will cite in the press.

Now Labour Court declared the amount of comcompensation that relies Lokhova for "deliberate attempts" pressure on it in the workplace.

Will the compensation total amount more from the BBC material is unclear. However, the position of Lokhova known that it is not just insulting and destroyed her reputation, depriving chance of finding a new job in the financial sector.

The former head of Lokhova David Longmuir no longer works in the "Sberbank CIB", he quit in the past year by mutual agreement. Earlier, he admitted that indeed allowed to address Lokhova inappropriate comments, but it does not explain gender discrimination and personal hostility.